This Dark Redemption

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  1. Alariel sighed as the carriage trundled along the path. Outside, the scenery was lush with trees and shrubs, the early summer weather prime for what he was traveling for. Ahead of him, in his own carriage, was his father, the ruler of the elven kingdom of Alintia, while behind him, in four separate carriages was his brothers.

    Wishing that he and his father were the only ones in the royal family attending the peace summit, Alariel fiddled with the hem of his jacket, an intense boredom filling him. It felt like forever until the driver stopped and opened the door.

    Silently, Alariel got out, smoothing down his jacket. They stood in a large clearing, the royal caravan wrapping around a large grouping of tents. The largest stood in the center, resplendent in the noontime sun. The trees were lush with reds and yellows and oranges, and a full-blown autumn breeze blew through them. A truly great day for a peace summit, if ever there was one. Alariel watched his father get out of his own carriage, and approached him.

    "Father, did we have to bring my brothers?" he asked, gesturing towards them. Their ages ranged from five to sixteen, and Alariel felt that none of them were mature enough to attend the peace summit. Besides, he was the crown prince, he was the only one who needed to know how to act at a peace summit. Still, if it hadn't been for his father, there would be no need for this peace summit.

    For a quarter of a century, Alintia had been at war with a country that shared its southern border, and after the death of millions, the two rulers were finally attending a peace summit. Hopefully, peace could be attained, and, as Alariel's father hoped, perhaps he could arrange a marriage between one of his younger sons and one of the other king's children to further strengthen the peace.

    His father patted Alariel's shoulder before saying, "Of course. Perhaps they will learn some decorum and some bravery. Or a marriage could be arranged, and they will learn compassion."

    Sighing, Alariel walked away, deciding to take a walk. He walked around the grand tent, brushing back his long, black hair. On the other side, the other country's men were setting up, and Alariel, not wanting to cause a scene, hung away from them, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched them work. They were a curious sort, and Alariel thought it odd to be looking at people he had been taught were enemies since he could read. Here, no one had weapons, in order to preserve the peace, and it made Alariel feel very vulnerable. He was used to always having an armed guard nearby, to protect him, and now, he was being allowed to walk alone amongst strangers, former enemies of Alintia.

    It was curious, to say the least, and Alariel was excited to finally interact with people and explore without a guard always within three feet of him.
  2. Luka had wondered what kind of people they were. His kingdom had always been at war with the other. He sat idly by in a tent waiting for the Alitians to get there.
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  3. As his people began setting up their camp, Alarien took his time strolling about the other peoples' camp, trying to be inconspicuous. Not many could recognize him as the crown prince, since he looked more like his mother than his father. As such, he was able to pass through without being bothered, for the most part. Of course, he was an elf, and got his own fair share of dirty looks, but no one dared to say anything to him.

    However, as he was walking along, minding his own business, a burly-looking man bumped hard into him, and he felt down. Spitting out a curse, he glared up at the man and quickly got to his feet, and looked like he might attack the man.

    "Knife-ears aren't welcome here," the man said, the slur making Alarien's cheeks burn with anger.

    "Get out of my way," Alarien growled back, not wanting to cause a scene.

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  4. Luka poked his head out of the tent wondering what the commotion was about.
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