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  1. Lana
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    Run... Just run!

    Her lungs burned and her legs ached as she continued running down the worn, torn up road. She swiveled her head to look back, watching as the sickening creature continued to chase her, it's yellowing fangs bared, it's lizard like tail whipping back and forth behind it, using that appendage as some sort of propeller to keep the beast up right. There was no was she should be able to outrun this monster, not with how things were looking now. Second by second it was beginning to catch it, it's long legs taking less strides than hers, its roars echoing throughout the barren landscape, bouncing off of what was left of the few damaged buildings that were littered here and there.

    This place was in ruin. No, the whole world was in ruin. After these monsters, these beast, traveled to this world from another dimension, everything had changed. And it had happened so quickly. One minute Lana found herself sitting among a group of her friends from school, laughing, talking about how they were going to spend their summer vacation, talking about what was going to happen to all of them once they left their town to head to college. And then, sirens went off, the tornado sirens of all things, went off, despite how the sky was clear blue. They took no heed to the warning, but that had been their biggest mistake.

    Those beast, those aliens, creatures of the unknown, what ever you wanted to call them, trampled about the land as if they owned the place. Well, now they did, in a way. Everything in their wake was destroyed, every person in their eyesight was killed on instant, those beast having no mercy on any of the souls. Where did these things come from? How did they get here, and why did they stay here?

    But that was months ago, almost an entire year, and still Lana found herself wondering how she was still alive. Right now though, she suspected that this might be the end of her time. Her gun had run out of ammo long ago, so there were no chances of her fighting this thing off. There was no way she had the strength and ability to take the reptilian thing on with just the knife she had. It could easily over power her, what with it's tall stature, it's menacing jaws...

    She turned back to look, seeing that the thing was only now a few feet away from her. 'I'm going to die...' Her breath turned ragged, even more than it had been. Rapidly too, so much so that she was hardly able to get a good breath, but when something caught the corner or her eye, she turned to look A small hole had been created (more than likely from all the breakage) in one of the destroyed buildings, a space small enough for her to fit through, but not the beast.

    Quickly she made a beeline for the hole, strafing to the left quickly before diving into it. She could hear the beating of her heart through her ears as she slid through the dirt, rocks pushing their way into her skin, scraping her knees and elbows, but she felt no pain. The thumping of the beast came to a stop from where she had dove into the hole, a frustrated roar escaping from the beasts mouth, the noise rattling things around her. Lana closed her ears, backing up as far as she could as the beast's arm started to grab for her, scraping at the ground frantically. "Get away!" She grabbed her knife and stabbed the hand, feeling a sense of relief as the creature cried out and pulled back. But still it continued to say, this time snapping its jaws into the hole. It would stop at nothing to kill her...
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    (This is what my character looks like. Also, sorry it took me so long to reply.)

    Kunto was walking around and looking for a place to spend the night since it was hard to find a safe place anymore, not since they came. The lizard-like creatures came from another dimension one day and have taken over the world in a matter of weeks. Everyone thought that is was something that would be over with quickly and humans would win, but they were wrong. Now, the world is lost to the humans and less than five thousand people live on Earth anymore. The creature make life difficult by actively seeking out and killing any of the remaining humans.

    A year has passed since they came and Kunto has stayed alive for the soul purpose of helping others deal with the beasts. He may be good at killing them now, but he has the scars to prove it took a lot of hardship to get to this point.

    As he walked past some buildings that have started to crumble and fall apart or have already fallen apart, he hears a roar. He stops and listens for a little bit before he begins to run to where he heard the beast. When he gets near, he gets quiet and looks around to listen for and try to spot the creature. He soon sees the creature and then hears the scream of a girl.

    He walks up quietly behind the beast after setting his backpack down a little ways away. He slowly walks up and then kicks its feet out from under it, which causes it to fall and get disoriented. At this time, he jumped onto the creature and pulled a knife out. He stabbed the beast in the heart to end it quickly before he got off of it and dragged it out of the hole. He walked back and then knelt down by the entrance of the hole. "Are you okay in there?" He asked, hoping to hear a response.
  3. ((It's fine. (: ))

    She tried to fend the beast off, swinging the knife to a fro, wondering if it was going to scare the creature off. No a chance. If anything, her actions only seemed to aggravate the thing more, the persistence growing within the beast. It began to ram its head against the side of the building, the stone beginning to shift above Lana, causing small pebbles and rocks to fall on her head. At this rate, if it wasn't able to get a hold of her soon, then the little crevice she had secured herself in would topple on top of her.

    Either way, Lana figured she was in a no win situation.

    But, in her mind, it seemed as if luck was on her side at that moment, because as she pushed herself back against the smallest part she could fit herself into, the feeling of blood trickling down her knees only a faint thing in her mind, the beast had suddenly stopped. The ear shattering scream of it could be heard again, but it soon died down, the noise of the beast falling to the ground a loud thud, sending rocks and dust in her direction. She covered her eyes, only to open them back up when she heard the voice of a male, her instincts kicking in, making her body tense right back up, the knife clutched tightly in her arms.

    "Y-yes," She responded, hesitant. Who was the guy? Did he just... Save her? "Who are you?" She held the knife in front of her, defensive now. There was no telling if this guy would kill her or not.
  4. He waited until he heard her say something and then he smiled. Pulling a water canteen out of his pocket, he knelt down and slid it into the small hole. "My name is Kunto. Nice to meet you. You must be thirsty after that. The canteen has some water in it. It is probably warm, but I have had that canteen in my bag until just this morning. Anyways, I need to go get my bag, so I will be right back." He said before he walked off to get his bag.

    He came back soon and was looking around to make sure there weren't any other beasts close by. He soon made it back to the hole and checked on her.
  5. "Kunto..." Lana squinted her eyes as the guy squeezed his way into the little crevice, her eyes now able to get a better look at him. Why did he... Look so familiar? She furrowed her brows at the thought before shaking her head, dismissing the thought almost instantly. There was no way she had known him from somewhere before, especially since she hadn't had the company of another person with her in months, and the last time she had come into contact with humans they nearly tried to kill her. Yeah, that was the last time she trusted a band of people. Humans were beginning to grow ruthless, and while most would rather ignore you, others would attack. It was a shame really, but in all honesty Lana never blamed them. Everyone just wanted to be safe.

    Hesitantly she took the canteen when it was given to her, wondering whether or not she should trust it, but after a while she caved in and took a sip of the water, never letting her lips touch the mouth of the canteen though. The water was refreshing, very refreshing, despite the warmness of it, but she cared nothing for that.

    "Thank you, again." She handed the canteen back to him, an uncomfortable feeling welling up in the pit of her stomach. "I'm Lana." She figured giving her name was the least she could do.
  6. He smiled and then took the canteen back before putting it back in his pocket. He sighed and looked outside for a moment before he said "Well, do you mind if I stay here tonight? It looks like it is about to storm and I would rather not be hit by lightning today." He looked back over at her and relaxed a little bit. "So, your name is Lana. Hm.... You... kind of look familiar. Except, from before this all began... No. That can't be. Anyways, what are you doing all the way out here?" He said as he looked back outside.
  7. Lana thought about saying no, telling him to just leave her be and wish him luck out there in the world with all those creatures running about, but she couldn't do that. With a storm coming, the beginning of thunder beginning to roll in as the outside began to get darker as the clouds became heaver, leaving him out there could certainly be sending him to his death. Then again he had lived this long...

    Grunting to herself, Lana shook her head and sighed before she moved to the back of the little crevice, pulling her knees to rest up against her chest. This by all means was not a comfortable position, but it would give Kunto a little room for himself in the cramped space, and though she never voiced that he could stay, she figured that he would take the hint that it was all right.

    "Just... Trying to survive," she answered back, slightly distracted with his earlier statement. So, he thought she looked familiar? That was odd. "Like everyone else here in the world, I guess." She shrugged, as if the matter was nothing, though she knew all too well that it was important. "It didn't seem like there were that many of the beast in this area before, so this seemed like a relatively safe place, but I guess I was wrong. These ones are different though, the creature that you fended off I mean. Or at least I haven't seen any like that before."
  8. He looked over at her as she talked and saw that she had moved a little bit farther back. He nodded at her last statement and then said "Yeah. They are starting to adapt to our world. They are changing." He sighed and then closed his eyes. He thought about this for a minute and then said "Would you like a blanket? I have an extra one. I also have some dried meat if you are hungry." He looked at her and waited for her answer.
  9. "Unfortunately so," Lana muttered, resting her chin against the top of her knees. She winced, her fingers lightly touching the scraps that she had acquired from diving into the crevice to get away from the creature. It didn't bother too much; she had had worse injures since their world was taken over anyway, so this was nothing. Just a little scratch that would heal up within the next few days and scab over. At least it wasn't deep gash. "It makes me wonder what all they're capable of. They're smart, that much I know." Her eyes looked over of the entrance of the hole, squinting to see if there was anything in the distance. Nothing.

    She turned her attention back to Kunto, instantly shaking her head at his offer. "I'm fine, thanks. You've done enough to help me anyway." It was probably her outright stubbornness that made her decline the offer, but it was also the fact that she hated being a burden on people, even now when she probably needed help. While she might have been able to survive for this long, the was convinced it was all on luck. With the gun and ammo she had found before, only to have it useless now, and then to having him help just a little bit ago.... She wondered how she was still alive. Her survival skills still sucked.

  10. He sighed and then said "It's fine. I have plenty and I have only lived this long to help others anyways." He got into his backpack and pulled out a small baggie. He tossed it to her and then pulled out another one. He started to eat from his baggie. He thought for a little bit before he said "So, is there anything else you need? I have some other things that you could use. I have plenty of knives and I think some ammo for a handgun. I have plenty of food and water. Some first aid kits... that I might just give you. You should probably use it on those cuts and scrapes."
  11. Lana furrowed her brows before taking the baggie, the contents of food within making her stomach rumble. Right, she hadn't eaten in a while, or at least not since she last had her backpack. It's not like she had many things in the bag though; she had been running low on many of her supplies, and she had yet to find any place that hadn't been completely looted yet, or at least looted with the things that she had. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose in the process. Why did she have to forget it?

    She opened the little bag and took a piece of the dried meat out and ate a little of her, her attention turned right back into the boy. "My knees are fine; it would be pointless to waste medical supplies on these little scrapes. And the gun..." She pulled the gun out of her pants (the only reason she kept it at her waist was for easy access) and blinked at it. "I don't know if this is the right kind, but I've run out of ammo for it."
  12. He looked at the gun and then said "Well, first, I have plenty of small med kits that I made or picked up and it can be bad to let injuries stay open. Second, I might have the right ammo. Let me see the gun." He held out his hand as he he nibbled on the dried meat. He was also trying to figure out how far he was from the next abandoned town.
  13. "I've let worse stay open and I'm fine now." Again, she still figured that it would be a waste to worry about these little scrapes. They were nothing, she continued to tell herself, so to get off the subject she just dropped it and looked back at her gun.

    Again the question came up as to whether or not she should trust him, especially with weapon that could kill her. But, the same thought that always crossed her mind crossed her mind again: what did she have to lose? So she held the gun out to him and let him take it.
  14. He took the gun and looked at it for a minute before he took the clip out. He slid the clip back in and then handed the gun back to her before he reached into his bag. He pulled out the ammo and then handed it to her. "It's your lucky day." He said with a smile as she took the box of ammo. He went back to eating the meat. He didn't trust everyone this much, but he also could tell what kind of person someone is.
  15. She rose her brows at his smile, reaching over for her gun as she grabbed for the ammo as well. Huh, guess it really just was her lucky day, though the events from earlier could have been proved to think otherwise, but still. Things were beginning to look up.

    "Thanks." She loaded the gun back up before setting it down on the ground, feeling a little better about the situation now, and she even relaxed a little even though there was another person with her. It was definitely odd, but she wasn't opposed to the company either. "I don't understand," she started after moments of being silent, the quietness around them becoming unsettling to her. The thunder was beginning to get louder as she storm continued to get closer, rain beginning to fall from the sky now. "So you just go around helping anyone that you see?"
  16. He looked at her for a moment when she asked him if he just went around helping people that he saw. He nodded and then said "That is basically what I do. I try and help people survive. Of course, not everyone wants my help or just wants what I have. Also, there are plenty of those creatures out there and that keeps me on my toes just in case. If you would like, you can travel with me until we find a traveling community that would accept you into their group. I have found a couple that have asked if I wanted to stay and live with them, but I told them that I am need to go help other and try and look for something."

    He closed the bag up and stuck the leftovers in his pocket for later. He leaned back and set his backpack down. He laid in from of the entrance and gave her more than half of the small crevice to lay down in and go to sleep.
  17. Lana listened to his explanation, still finding it surprising that he would want to help other people. "You definitely are one of a kind, that much I can say, what with you wanting to help others and all." She shrugged, closing the bad that had the dried meat in it. She wanted to save it, figuring that it would be the best option, especially given her circumstances. "Not many people are willing to do that, especially now."

    When he mentioned her traveling with him until they found a traveling community, she instantly rejected the idea with the shake of her head. No way was she putting herself in that position again. Traveling committees could only last for so long, she figured, and half of people were ruthless with others they didn't know. Besides, with more people, there would be more of those creatures attracted to them, and she refused to put herself in that situation. "Traveling communities? Not my thing, at all. Besides, the last one I came across was a bust; they tried to kill me as soon as they saw me." She frowned, rolling her eyes before she turned to look away. It didn't matter now, not anymore. Still, she couldn't help but feel bitter about the situation and angry towards those people.

    "But what are you looking for? It's not like there's anything out here anymore."
  18. He looked at her and then sighed. "Well, okay. I guess the traveling community was a bad idea. It wouldn't be the first time I have had to defend myself from a group. Anyways, I am looking for something that might be the answer to ending this invasion. From what I can figure, that is the reason the creatures came to Earth because there was two meteorites two nights before the invasion started and I want to go find those meteorites." He told her as he rolled over to look at her.
  19. Lana frowned as she listened to him, trying to remember two meteorites that crashed into the earth. Nothing came to mind though, or at least she vaguely remembered hearing about the meteorites on the news, but she had pushed the news to the back of her mind, figuring that it was nothing since it didn't happen anywhere near her town. Besides, her mind was to preoccupied with graduation, as well as just trying to spend time with her friends before heading off to college with her athletic scholarship. Her frowned deepened at the thought, that sense of sorrow and dread nearly overpowering her as she thought about her friends and family, the ones that she had lost and had never seen again after those beast took over the world.

    Stiffening, Lana tried her best to calm herself down, not wanting to show any sort of weakness to the boy. It was so stupid... Why think about college when there were no chances of her going now? That was all over and done with. Her family gone, probably not alive, and if they were she had no idea where they were at...

    "But why would they come for the meteors? What would be so special about any of that?" She questioned, her voice quivering a bit before she cleared her throat, turning to look away and compose herself for a second.
  20. He thought for a minute before he sighed. "I know that this might sound strange, but I think that they were more than just meteorites. I feel like they might mean something to the beasts or might have been been carrying something inside them." He said as he looked away.
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