This cat is a bloody thief!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hatsune Candy, Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Look at this cat, sitting in my chair, my bloody chair! Who does she think she is? First my bed and now this? This can only be some elaborate poly to deprive me of everything I own, it has to be stopped.
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  2. My cat does the exact same thing! I'll take a picture of her the next time it happens, which will most likely be sometime in the near future...

    I swear, it's some type of conspiracy.
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  3. It totally is. It's a well known fact that cats are the most evil beings on this entire planet, stealing our chairs is only the beginning.
  4. Haha! Oh my god I can't even... XD

    Are dogs allowed in here? 'Cause my dog likes to steal my bed every night and throughout the night... >___>
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  5. My cat hogs my bed, insists on sleeping on my lap at inconvenient times and likes to jump onto my table just to walk all over my laptop when I attempt to get something actually done. Also, she has a habit of sleeping most of the time during the day and playing around with some random shit in my room, making one helluva ruckus, when I try to sleep.

    That's not the worst part though. When I paint, I do it sitting on the floor simply because I feel like it. When I'm finished, I usually just set the painting on the floor while I wash my paint brushes. One time, my cat walked right beside the painting and sat down, her back facing my masterpiece and flopped her tail right across the wet paint.

    I never learn from my mistakes and just few days ago, she walked right over another one of my glorious pieces of crappy "art".

    I swear she does all this on purpose.

    But she's also so darn cute I can't be mad at her.
  6. My cat loves taking my chair from me, it's usually cause the cat thinks its a perfect bed or something? Maybe. She's so cute though ^ ^ ;
  7. Punt the fucker and say that "you know". This action will cause a rise of anger and the cat will become clumsy from it's rage and once it's alone it'll be paranoid on what you do/don't know. Eventually everything will be revealed and you'd find out what said cat is planning.

    Or, you know, get a dog. They seem to be good at 'taking care' of cats in these desperate times.
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  8. I had a dog for most of my life, but we had to put the poor thing down because she was just simply too old to function properly anymore.
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  10. Next thing you know they'll be stealing your virgi--I'm stopping there.

    Let's go with Virgin Mobile.
  11. I don't really 'get' the "I can't use this my cat is on it" thing, can't you move the cat? I feel like I'm on the outside of a big cat-owner in-joke :/
  12. Well, in my experience, if a cat wants to be in a particular spot, that's where they're gonna be. Cats are stubborn little bastards that do whatever the hell they want; you remove them from one of their favorite spots and they're just gonna go straight back there when you're not looking. My cat has decided that she likes my chair, so now it's one of the more likely places that you'll find her at. Also, you wouldn't like to be picked up and removed from a comfortable spot when you're all nice and relaxed and maybe even napping, now would you? Well, neither do cats, some of them might even claw your eyes out if you try to move them.

    I mean, there's also the fact that it really is just one big cat-owner in-joke.
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