Thirty Days

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  1. Anna glanced around at their small group before looking up the road again. It was time to leave the small house they'd taken refuge in; time to move on and attempt to find some help before the awful sickness that ran in their veins killed them.

    How'd they find each other? She was sure they each had their own story, but as for her she had wandered into this tiny house in a stupor. She couldn't stay in the house where her family lay dead; that wasn't a home anymore. It was a tomb. At first she'd just wandered the streets, ignoring the thick tears that dripped down her face. For a long while she'd stood in the road and just wondered.

    What was the point of trying to stay alive? What was the reason to keep moving? Why not just lay down and die? She had no reason to live anymore. Her husband; her baby girl; both had been lost. What more was there. Then, as these dark thoughts crossed her mind, she saw something. A child, a little boy no older than her own daughter, laying by the road. His face was flushed a bright red with the fever, and his delirious eyes never stopped roaming.

    "M-mama. Mama, it hurts." His arms and face were covered in long, bloody scratches and cuts. "Mama, where are you? I-I-I'm so cold." The poor wretch was clearly in the last stages of the infection. Most likely he'd be dead by tomorrow. Still, She pulled him close and wrapped him in her arms.

    "M-m-mama?" he asked shakily. She couldn't stop the tears that dripped onto his bloody face, and nodded. "Of course." She lied. "Mother wouldn't leave you, would she? I'm right here." She stayed there all night with him, soothing him and standing in for the mother who wasn't there.

    As she'd thought, he was dead by morning. But that one night of soothing him was all she needed to know what she must do. She had to try and help these people. She had to try to find a way to save them. That was her purpose for living. That is why she must live.

    She shook the memories away as she turned to look at the others. They had to try and find the CDC. Only they had even the slightest hope of solving the genetic riddle that was the Thirty Day Sickness.

    "Are you ready?" She asked them quietly, hoisting the backpack with food and water in it higher on her shoulder. The CDC was a good three days from here on foot, and people were going crazy with fear. It was best to be prepared.
  2. Hiro smiled wearily and secured his own back-pack of supplies on his shoulders. He looked to Anna with a soft look and nodded in agreement. He had a lot of admiration for the young woman. She was strong willed and a kind heart. It was rare to find people like that in the world these days. She was the kind of person Hiro wished he could be. But he was weak. He always had been.

    When he had first met Anna, he had let her into his now abandoned home without a second thought. That was, of course, just the person he was. In the end he knew it wouldn't have made a difference to his fate. He was destined to meet his end just like her. Except, Hiro hadn't been found his resolve on life. He had given up. The only hope that had remained with him was that he would at least get to see his family once more before it was all over.

    He wasn't saying that Anna wasn't affected. No, she was very hard hit. It was understandable, after all she had lost everyone to this illness. The least Hiro could do was try keep her spirits high.

    "I can take yours too, it's alright." Hiro offered, gesturing to her back pack with a friendly smile. "I don't want you wearing yourself out."
  3. Anna gave Hiro a faint, rare smile. It was barely there, a ghost of what her smile used to be, but a smile indeed. "No, thank you, my dear." She said. "We must each pull our own weight, and I really don't mind carrying this." She'd taken an almost motherly liking of Hiro, and in a way taken him under her wing. True, he was only four or five years younger than her, but she still felt very protective of him, and the fragile looking girl that was with them as well. She glanced back up the road; looking deserted. "Let's get started." She said.

    For some reason, as she started to walk she found herself thinking of her favorite book.

    It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step out onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you may be swept off to.

    Truth be told, that was always a much more humorous story than she was sure theirs would be, but she supposed the basic concept was the same. If you exchanged Sauron for an invisible airborn illness. and traded in bows and swords for pain pills and fever reducers.

    Okay, so maybe it wasn't the same at all, but she still thought about it. She found herself idly wondering what character she would be. Samwise? Pippin? She'd always liked pippin. She allowed her mind to wander as they left the little town and started on their way.
  4. As they started out, Hiro couldn't help but watch the buildings they passed with a sense of curiosity and deep regret. These people had once been his neighbours. He knew each one of them by first name and gave them all cards on their birthdays. They had always been kind to him and he in return. However, now it all seemed so fake. All the hours spent chatting with the people around town, listening to their woes and rejoicing in their happiness. All the times he had helped them whether it be around the house or emotionally. Now that they were all gone, he realised that he had never truly been friends with any of them. He had mourned those who passed before him, yet he was shunned by those who remained out of fear. He in no way blamed them for this, but he would never leave a friend to wither and die alone. That's just not what friends do.

    A stray cat jumped down from a nearby fence and meow'ed at Hiro's feet hungrily. Hiro frowned looking at the stick thin tabby with its wide green eyes. He knew this cat, and he had once known it's owner. A nice old lady who told him stories of the past. No one else ever took the time to listen, but her stories were always the best and whenever she sat to tell him one, this very same cat would sit on her lap purring. At the time it had been a plump little cat with not a care in the world. I guess that changed after the nice old lady fell I'll.

    "Guess food's short on your end too, huh, Kitty?" Without hesitation, he pulled some beef jerky from his bag and dropped it for the cat, who instantly began purring and chewing on the meat.

    Hiro looked to the others with a sheepish smile. "Don't worry, it'll come out of my percentage of the supplies." He established and glanced over his shoulder at the feline they were leaving behind.
  5. Anna managed a smile at the boy as they started off again. "It's fine this time." She said gently. "But we can't do that often, okay? We may need the food later." She glanced back as the city grew smaller behind them, then turned to focus on the road again. It was surely going to be a long one, with them both growing weaker as time went on. She felt pretty normal now, but she was sure given a few days she'd be feeling the sickness, as would he.

    She pulled herself out of the morbid thoughts and turned to talk to her new companion. "So, Hiro, tell me about you. What was your family like?" She wanted to pull her mind away from her own family, and the thoughts of their impending death. Anything would be a better topic of discussion.
  6. Hiro nodded in understanding. He knew he couldn't stop and feed any stray he passed, but right now the small act made him feel somehow better about everything. It was childish, but he had always found a curtain amount of comfort in doing little good deeds here and there. It made him feel like his existence was actually worth something, not just something that would fade away like it had never been there to begin with.

    Hiro paused for a moment when asked about his family. He smiled widely, despite the pang of rejection that came with the fact he had been left behind by his own family. "They are the best. My mother, well she's a bit cranky, she yells a lot but that's mostly my fault I guess. My brother's a lot nicer though. He takes care of me, I mean, he used too. Before I got sick." His smile fluttered for a split second. "But, you know, I'm glad they left. If they got sick because of me I don't think I could at peace." He sighed lightly, muttering a small prayer for their safety wherever they were.

    "How about yours? If you don't mind my asking?"
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