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  1. It's the year 3086, and people have become very dependent on the advanced technology and medicine available to them. Sickness has been eradicated, just stories from the past of things like the flu and colds.

    That is, until today.

    What will humanity do when a new illness comes along? One that threatens to wipe out all of humanity, because their immune systems are so weak.

    The Illness

    1. It starts as a fever, small at first, Then growing higher and higher, until touching the infected's skin feels like the air from an open oven. Time: Aprox. ten days from infection
    2. disorientation; memory loss and trouble moving around. Time: Aprox. ten days after fever starts.
    3. Self mutilation. The serious harming or maiming of self by the infected. Time: Aprox six days after disorientation begins
    4. Death. The infected, if they haven't killed themselves by their self mutulation, will slip into a sleep, and simply not wake up. Time: Aprox. four days after self mutilation begins.
    From the moment of infection, you have exactly thirty days. Thirty days to say your goodbyes, to prepare yourself for death. Or, to try and find the cure.

    Infection is caused by close contact with an infected person. Our group is one who is Just recently infected. Two - five days in. The fever wouldn't have started yet, but we're growing weaker. We're trying to reach the CDC, hoping they will have some ideas as to what is going on. Maybe have a way to delay the thirty day sickness, if not cure it.

    Of course, the illness has wreaked havoc on our world, causing widespread panic and crime. The trip itself may be more dangerous than the illness.


    Days infected (two - five days):
    Background (Including how they got infected and what they used to do):
    Other (things you think we should know):


    Name: Anna

    Age: 23


    Days Infected: Three

    Personality: Anna is usually a happy go lucky and cheerful girl, one who has a smile on her face for everyone and a laugh always on the tip of her tongue. After the Illness though, she became a little somber. Her smile vanished and her usually bright eyes became dull. She's lost her will to live, but presses on in the hopes of saving others.

    Background: Anna became ill while caring for her young daughter, who just passed from the illness. Before all of this Anna was a stay at home mother to her only child while her husband worked, but now she's lost them both.
  2. Name: Nino

    Age: 17


    Days infected: Four

    Personality: Nino has never smiled - not even once. Born into a world where everything was handed to her without any real trials to go through to figure out herself Nino adapted sort of a doll personality. Something pretty to look at, easily manipulated, never speaking for herself, and content to let others walk all over her. Though, Nino has always had a quiet fire inside just wanting for something to come along and unleash the "human" part of her - could this thirty day death sentence be what brings the doll to life?

    Background: It started with just a few cut and bandages lining her mother's arms while she was an easy going high school student without a care in the world, but her mother's memory loss wasn't just something the woman could put off as just accidents anymore. By the time her mother had been diagnosed it was already too late for Nino, living with the infected had already infected the poor girl. Her mother's last words being: live. With the world seemly crumpling around her - that one word becomes Nino's everything.

    Other: By the time she could walk her father was already gone. ​
  3. Name: Hiroji Kohaku
    Age: 18 almost 19
    Days infected: 2 days
    Personality: a calm and kind boy who has never wanted anything more than to have a happy life with his family. He's shy when he meets new people but he soon opens up and shows his cheerful self. when people are sad he makes a point to go to extreme lengths to cheer them up. He has faced hardships so often duing the past few years but he has never stopped trying to be the light at the end of the tunnel for the people around him. Despite his insistence to remain with his smile, there is always a sadness in his eyes when he stops and thinks.
    Background: All of Hiroji's life he has been dedicated to pleasing his family, though his mother always treated him as the lesser of the family, as he was the child of an afair that occured shortly before her husband died in an accident. however, Hiroji has always had his older brother, Kazuki, to fall back on. one day on his way home from buying groceries, Hiroji found a child dying, abandoned in the streets. Hiroji tried to help the child but in the end it was for naught. Hiroji stumbled home and it was soon discovered that
    Hiroji was infact infected. upon this discovery, Hiroji's mother wished to leave imediately and leave Hiroji behind. she demanded that Kazuki go with her. Kazuki didn't wish to leave his little brother but he folds to his mothers will eventually, saying only 'I'll be back, and you will be okay' before he left.
    Other: Hiroji has been sickly most his life, so since the begining of the outbreak he has known it would only be a matter of time until he surcumbed, but he never showed any worry to anyone, as he had long ago accepted it as his fate
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