Thirsty Experienced Vampire looking for new friends and prey

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  1. Howdy all I've been a vamp for as long as I can remember, It's down right difficult to find people who share similar desires as these. Friends or not I've only come across a few fellow vamps and only a handfull of women or men who were interested in this. So I'm online and I'm thirsty! I'm looking to make friends, and more. Reply to say what ever. I am extremely open minded.
  2. I knew a vamp many years ago. He bit my neck, left this massive hickey, and it was hell trying to convince people I had hit my neck on a door knob. Which, given who was my friend at the time... I did manage to make it believable.

    The moral of that story is, I don't mess with vamps like that anymore. Or, well, men in general, really...

    But I do welcome you to Iwaku and I wish you luck in your endeavors. Happy roleplaying!
  4. *Forces a shirt over PythonAaron's head and readies the garlic gun*

    Hi, welcome to Iwaku! You're a vampire? Cool, cool. I'm the resident Bonesinger (that's necromancer/angel of death). You should look around and check out the roleplays, get to know the rules. Have fun.
  5. *Giggles and waves slightly.* Hello, Sir. You say you're a vampire, but which one? *Tilts head downwards, and grins.* I like playing with Vampires... They make good pets.
  6. Hello, happy to see another blood-thirsty one here. Feeling remotely lonely at the moment.
    Hit me up sometime, we vamps need to stay together.