Third Person Past Tense

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  1. I feel like I just checked off most of those boxes... Hrm... :/

    In any event! Thank you for checking out my partner request!

    I'm Angel. A little about me-- feel free to skip-- I'm finishing my last term in undergrad and will be starting Grad level English classes and moving to South Korea in the next few months.... So~ I might not be on every day, but RP is a good way to keep me distracted enough to focus. Does that make sense? I've done two internships with Disney and typically am a quirky outgoing lass.

    As for characters I play, I can play the typical bad boy, strong silent type, big sibling type, ass hole, best friend who's concerned but stupid, you name it. Cliche's are boring to me, so I typically spice up the tropes most people toss around.

    I love the supernatural. Magic, religious, even meta-scifi. While I love me some slice of life type RPs they need to have some sort of supernatural flair (or at least commonality) to keep my interest.

    I write in the third person past tense form and prefer my partners to do the same. I have, on rare occasion, done first person RP's as well, but I prefer shorter posts if written in FP so that each character has the opportunity to react.

    Typically I post 2-3 Paragraphs per post, but I'm less focused on length and more focused on content. I make sure I give my partner something to work with! (Please return the favor~)

    Below are some shows that I would like to fan-RP, and below that are some typical pairings and elements I like to see.

    PM me if you want to write! If there's something you want to RP that you don't see, feel free to shoot me a line as well.

    **Anything in Blue I really want to RP!**

    FMA (Brotherhood or original)
    DN angel
    Book of Friends
    Petshop of Horrors
    SAO (sword art online)
    Dot Hack
    Chrono Crusade (or our own version of it)
    Blue Exorcist
    Witch Hunter Robin
    X-men evolution
    Sailor Moon
    Inuyasha (FILLED)
    Ruroni Kenshin
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    One Piece

    (Anything that says 'human' is open to supernatural humans)
    human x angel
    angel x demon
    human x demon
    merfolk x human
    alien x human
    merfolk x angel
    Kirin x human
    Soldier x doctor/nurse
    Teacher x parent of student
    much, much, more...
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  2. I would love to to do a Rurouni Kenshin, merfolk x human or Inuyasha rp with you ^_^
  3. Still looking for more RP partners!
  4. What kind of FMA? Is it possible of an OCxOC or OCxSomeone?

    Or a Fantasy type of Rp.
  5. OC's are always welcome. :)

    Also, I'm up for fantasy as well.
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