Thinking of a Username change

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Should I change my username

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Well I'm thinking of changing my Username to something like Black Heart since mine isn't really fun to be called by. I was wondering if anyone would like to give suggestions or if they like that username or if I should even change my username?
  2. You do you, man.

    My philosophy is just pick something I won't dislike years down the road. One name's plenty.
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  3. Black Heart + Anime is Life—prepare for trouble, and make it double:

    Anime Heart.
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  4. I know but I like to see what others think.
    Or maybe Black Life
  5. Honestly it's only someone you can come up with. I had a different username for a good 7 years before I finally changed to the one I currently have and I have no plans on changing it. Think about it for a while, but it should be something that makes you happen and that you'll want to keep.
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  6. That is true but I'm just thinking that I want to shed out of my old skin and get new skin. I'm not good with names that's why I usually ask others for advice :P
  7. Honestly, the longer you think about it, the better one will be. My first name was horrible. I had no idea the . . . meaning of it. I wanted something themed about stars so I was "Blazed*" and I had no idea it meant being stoned for the longest time XD So when I was tried of being thought of as a stoner, I changed my name to the one I have now. It'll come in time.
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  8. I guess you were a stoner then XD. Though I do think I like Black heart it's a fun name in my mind. Though what made me think if it was my brother said I should get a better name and a year later I actually decided to think of one
  9. I changed my name once and no one knew who I was. If you do it, make sure you warn everyone.
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  10. Do i detect a neptunia fan?

    But really it's up to you to decide if ya want to change it, if you're bored of it or whatever :)
  11. My personal knee-jerk reaction to any username with "black" "Dark" "Abyss" etc. is "Incoming edgelord, prepare for wangst"

    /the end of my opinions on this

    your name, man, do you.
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  12. I'm gonna think on it before I do because that might change my mind
  13. I think either option sucks. My opinion on this also doesn't matter in the slightest. I mean, not even I really care about it. Do whatever you like. You don't need validation.

    Also I went by 'The Cry of Fallen Angels' for a while when I was a teenager and good luck out-emo'ing that.
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  14. If i was you I would change my user name.

    Pick something that suits you/your personality and that you feel you won't grow out of in a week or two :)
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