Thinking Of A Romance, Action, Mature RP :)

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  1. Perhaps...Plot?
  2. I may be interested as well, depending on what you've got in mind.
  3. Same as the other two.
  4. Well I've got alot of ideas on my mind but, we should all figure what we would like to all do. So all of yall psot on what yall would do in the RP and then I'll put those together and make one that I have on my mind and I'll post it here and yall give me feed back on what you think :)
  5. Hmmm... As a group rp? Maybe something that's an apocalyptic or war torn survival or something like that. Everyone is fighting for their little fragment of life and we group up to increase that chance of survival? I don't know, that's pretty basic standard TV issue movie these days, ha ha, but it could go a lot of different ways.
  6. Ditto. c:
  7. Alright that sounds fun, so who is going to be who in the RP? I'm a mystrious guy who stands alone but one of yall come and assist me :) and do we have different creatures and humans in the RP or what type? Or is it humans vs different mutated creatures and stuff?
  8. Mutated creatures would make it fuuun.

    For my character, I've been thinking I'd be a girl whom is all funky because she was affected by the aftermath of a neuclear bomb that also caused the mutants.

    Or maybe someone really dysfunctional. Like traumatized deep down inside causing really drastic behavior that she can control to the point of everyone is able to tolerate it. Maybe coughsexcough crazed.

    Its bound to change though, depending on what everyone else wants! :D
  9. That sounds good and I come across and discover you or you do something of that sort, I can already picture on what it's going to look like :)
  10. Same here~

    Tis' okay with you if we have multiple characters by the way? I'd like to have both a male and a female. c:
  11. Ummm...sure I don't mind. :) I'm not picky about my RPs, just stick to the topic and post when you can and subcribe to it and everything will be ok. Just nothing out rages on the RP like "You flew in the air with some type of power or anything like that haha" :)
  12. I will do a human female that doesn't trust anyone and follows the group from a distance until she either gets comfy or ambushed by you o.o ha ha
  13. Ambushed by whom? Me? I hope it isn't me because I can jump in out of nowhere and save you haha :)
  14. ha ha. Scare the livin' daylights out of her! But you can if you want to. Will you be starting a thread soon?
  15. Haha alright she can be ambushed by these mutant creatures and he see it from a distance and hawl ass and save her and fight them all off and then get hurt in the end haha and she stick by him until he wakes up haha. And here pretty soon :) eager to RP are we? :D
  16. Of course! Why else would I be on an rp site? xP ha ha Although, just a heads up, I will be offline for a few hours today helping a friend move but I'll be back on later tonight.
  17. Did this RP already start? I was kinda interested in being involved, though I've ever done anything apocalyptic so if you don't mind I was thinking of adding one of those "helpful when you aren't there to see it" kind of girls. Maybe someone who has to slowly wrap her mind around the loss of the internet and whatnot. (We all know that would be on our top ten of things we missed if the world were ever to end. lol)
  18. Yeah sure and no it hasn't started haha I still haven't made it yet but I'm fixing to later today just need to figure out what to call it haha :) and I do have to agree, I would miss my games and internet and what not if it did happen I would be going insane haha