ThinkerRock Camp for Young Superheroes: The IC Edition

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    Camp ThinkerRock:
    Summer Camp for Aspiring Superheroes.
    [ IC | OOC ]

    Jago, & Newt Javuant, Diego Bellemont, & Claudette Jean-Pierre.

    A big grey bus roamed through the streets of a small town. It looked the exact same as a school bus, but on the side "CAMP THINKERROCK" was painted on the side in all black. The windows are tinted to the point where no one could see into them.... but the campers couldn't see out of them ether. The inhabitants of this town have seen this bus a lot. They're told that there's an exclusive summer camp in the area of the town, which only lets in certain rich people. That is the guise. The locals think it's a summer camp, when it's training grounds for super humans. What helps is that the Camp isn't well known at all. What they don't know won't hurt them. The strange things that appear to be coming out of the camp stated to be performances. Not a great excuse, but nobody asks questions. People saw the bus, and knew exactly where it was going. There were many questions about what goes on in that camp.

    Of course, the campers are going to see first hand the madness of the camp.

    The inside of the bus was simple. It was set up like any other school bus, two rows of seats. The seats are out of a fine leather and were quite comfortable. Good enough to sleep on (Likely their intention). Above the seats were racks where the campers could put some of their belongings. They weren't too used since the bus had a luggage compartment on the bus's underside.

    "Ugh..." Jago groaned, twisting his face up into a frown. He had kicked his feet up on the seat in front of him, and had his hands behind his head. Aw schucks. If they were forcing everyone to come here, couldn't they have made things less boring? Then again, maybe he was expecting too much of this place. Last camp Jago went to was a disciplinary camp, and, man, he didn't have a good time. It was like prison, but with less ass-rape. But that was when his magic powers awakened, so he couldn't complain too much. Matter fact, this place is a prison. The twins had arrested, and the big bad feds sent them here. On a big grey chariot.... So isn't that the definition of a prison? Man, the kiddy-diddlers are waiting for him at the entrance. But these fuckers will learn that Jago shields his asshole. Now that they're here, he should see about who else the twins are going to be spending time in the camp with. Might as well. Since Jago's gonna be king of this camp in no time, baby! Jago turned his head. There were quite a few kiddos in the bus, yeah. He wondered what they could do, but, then again, plenty of them looked like a bunch of lil' bitches. Jago turned his head and gave their new "friends" a good hard look.

    First bitch that caught Jago's eye was some pale ass piece of white trash. Chick looked like a bonafide emo bitch. It's an accomplishment when your face is paler than your ass. She's unimportant, since she'll be too busy cutting herself to get anything done, ha! Next up was some Puerto-Rican dude, a few years older than himself. Was pretty buff, looked like he's seen some action. At least, he has to have to get sent here. Because why else would someone like him show up here? The next girl was another black girl. Didn't exactly look like she belonged here. She was dark. Like really dark. She looked a little bit like Newt with those afro-puffs though. Unlike these other losers, she looked like she came here by choice. Then again, the quiet, meek, ones are always the first to snap. Next up was the other white person on this bus ride, and he was so unnoticeable that Jago didn't even care too much. Guy had muscle to him, a real beefcake. That was it. He wondered if he should put the Beefcake on his ass the first chance he got. Next up was a kid all the way in the back. Didn't look too confident, eh? He was Spanish like the other guy, probably Puerto-Rican. Who knows. Jago isn't an expert on the Spanish people. He was reading a Bible? Yup. A Bible-Humper. He was gonna tell everyone about the good word of the Lord any second now. Only Lord and Savior the pretty girls need to take into their lives is Jago's dick. Last but not least, there was a tiny little black girl. Definitely around ten or something. All sent here? Isn't that racist as all hell? Four black kids, and two Hispanic kids, got arrested and sent here? Pttf, man, no black kids want to go to summer camp. But hey, at least the Javuants won't be the token blacks here. There were more kids, but they were faceless until more characters appear.

    Good grief, just good grief. Looks like Camp is just gonna be "super".

    "I hate this place already." Jago slunk down in his chair, speaking to his twin sister. "Everyone looks like a bitch or a loser."

    Newt giggled a bit. She was eyeballing the Haitian girl, before she turned back to Jago, "I don't know, some of these people are cute." Before she laughed again.

    "Riiiiight, riiiiight," Jago brushed a dread out of his face. Before he thought about all the fun he could have by screwing with these people. Well, looks can be deceiving, and Jago will never do anything by sitting here. He gotta introduce himself. Make the world know that he's the big dog. Who should he start with. The wimpy kid with the Bible in back, yeah. Jago turned his head back and gave Diego a look, "Hey kid," Jago said to get his attention. "What did you do to get sent to a place like this?" A stupid question.

    Diego looked up at Jago... they were around the same age, but Jago looked like a punk. The boy had confidence around him, Diego could tell. But he kept the Bible in his hand as he nervously answered, "Uh... I'm not allowed to talk about it."

    "Pttf, whatever. I bet it was some really raw shit." Jago sat down. Looks like Bible-kid isn't going to give him that. He's gonna have to get it from somewhere else then! "How about you?" Jago pointed at Richard, before his finger went to Bianca, "Or you, My Chemical Romance, what did you do to come here? Cutting yourself doesn't count." Jago only spoke to Bianca because he had a long list of jabs to make at her. What, with looking like an emo. She'll be fun to screw with.

    '... I can tell that boy is going to be a pest. You should take him out while you have the chance' The demonic voice in Diego's head, Agni, spoke. A reminder of his sin.

    'Shut up, Agni, I don't want any trouble.' Diego replied.

    'He's gonna give it to you. In fact, look around you.' Just as Agni cued, Diego looked around. 'Every person here is for the same reason you are. They've done something bad... you're going to what amounts to be prison. They're going to take advantage of your weakness if you show it....'
    I'll be fine, Agni...

    Hehehehe... when you aren't... you know who to bargain with to fix that. Hahahahahaha.... Agni replied, before he stopped talking.
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  2. Bianca had been comfortably napping with her feet propped up on the seat ahead of her's before the brat spoke up. irked she opened an eyelid revealing an eerie golden eye "Oh i got a full fucking laundry list of why I'm going here. Let's see.... I've cut" she put emphasis on the word just to annoy the brat "other people, shot at them, smoked, robbed with a deadly weapon, mugged people who owed my boss o the day money, pushed drugs, been associated with a few gangs, assaulted with bare hands and powers, Think I even killed a few deserters. generally shit like that. want to hear the stories? I remember a few of them." she says coolly like it was no big deal, just to annoy him. She 's seen his type before in plenty of gangs. The supposed, loud mouthed, badass. The ones who also when the going got tough ran for the hills. She tracked more than few down and only spared 'em if they made it worth her while. She was going to enjoy bringing this kid a peg or two. Or all the way down, whichever came first. Casting an eye around she saw the bible thumper, which she was eh with due to while they do have good shelters and soup kitchens also had a fair number of annoying street preachers. judging by the clothes he was the latter but had a haunted look. She knew enough in a bus full of people like them it was wise not to press her luck. There were various others around, taking note of a few attractive girls before yawning stating "now if you don't mind I'm going back to sleep. my powers lead me to be more of a night time girl." she says trying to doze off. However she has a sharp ear out for him unleashing more shit at her.
  3. Shiloh had never heard that many bad words in her life. The only words she had ever heard were 'Hell' and 'Damn' and even those didn't really count because they were in the Bible and the Lord said them himself. But Shiloh's doubted that the Lord had ever said 'shit' before. That being said, Shiloh didn't really know what the older boy was talking about. She only caught a few words and even those confused her. Like how he told the girl with all of that make up, that cutting didn't count. Cutting what? Shiloh though, screwing her nose up in confusion. But she didn't dare ask. The guy looked like the people Shiloh's grandfather warned her away from. Those dirty types of people who needed to be saved by the Church before they could be properly inserted into society.

    Speaking of a Church...Shiloh hadn't had the time to ask her grandfather if the camp had it's own Church. Otherwise how was she supposed to pray? At it of course, not in it. She wouldn't dare enter a church that wasn't overseen by her gran--

    At that moment the girl that the dirty boy had pointed at, woke up and responded to him in kind. Shiloh's eyes widened as the girl unleashed even more sinful expletives than the boy and she wished she could cover her ears and block out the noises. She wondered if her grandfather would have sent her here if he knew about all of the horrible language that was being used. Probably not. He would never send her to a place like this if he knew this would happen. Shiloh thought to reassure herself.

    She wanted to say something. To ask if they could please speak more nicely, but she was too scared to even raise her head from the position it was bent in.
  4. Enrique sat in the back of the bus, he kept watching everyone in front of him. Judging, analyzing, looking for the strong and the weak. Everything he had ever been told about prisons was coming to the front of his mind, never put your back to anyone. He had that accomplished, staying in the farthest right seat at the back of the bus. No one would be sneaking up behind him. Next, either be the baddest guy, or be the guy to take down the baddest guy. Both surefire ways to ensure either love or respect. He watched as some younger douche bag start approaching the back of the bus, he was calling out to the kid holding a bible next to him. He didnt like seeing the kid being picked on but before he had time to tell the kid to fuck off the girl he'd been shit talking did it first. Enrique smirked at the girl as she laid out her rep, when he saw her lay back down he smiled. The little bastard had been flayed like a pig, unless he came out and said he murdered babies for sport he wasnt getting any badder than the chick. Enrique turned to the bible kid and extended a hand.

    "Look, I know how the nuns or whatever told you to be a good kid. I got the same speech, but the people here will tear you apart if you keep that up. Understand you gotta stand tall, and if he asks you why you are here ever again you need to tell him what you did. Regardless how bad. Now I noticed a little girl up there, I'm not much for comforting kids so if you think you can lay some biblical knowledge on her to let her know she's gonna be okay. That'd be good, if not I can go up there and try and convince her that this place we're heading isnt going to be prison."

    Enrique looked at the guy with a smirk on his face, best to make light of heavy situations especially around guys like this.
  5. Jago Andrew Javuant.

    Oh! Looky-here! Little miss badass thinks she'll scare him with a little story? Jago immediately bust out laughing. He laughed loudly enough to overpower most other sounds. He stopped, and wiped away a tear. Because this bitch is hilarious. Like a cartoon character. "Alright, Billy Badass, whatever you say!" He said with the widest smile. Saying that Jago didn't take Bianca seriously was an understatement. Because let's be real here. Anyone can say that they did this or that, but does it make it true? Of course not. Fabricated tales of badassery to make her sound cool. Pttf. If they fought, Jago would put her on her ass in a second - if she doesn't pull out her power immediately! Jago looked at Bianca for a moment. Yeah, she seemed like the type to resort to using her power almost immediately. Maybe pissing her off a little bit might work in his favor. "Pushing drugs? Mugging people? Good lord! Anyone with half a brain wouldn't believe that bullshit. Err'body knows you just got caught suckin' dick underneath the overpass to prove to Momma and Dadda you're a big girl." Oh, he wished he had a mic right now. So he can drop it! He really wanted to see how she would react to that burn. "If you really did any of that shit, you wouldn't be talking about it. Real hustlers let their actions lay out their rep, not their words. Holla!" Jago continued.

    Worse come to worse, he can handle himself. Jago has long learned to back up his shittalk.

    Diego Julius Bellemont.

    'Hehahahaha.... Does he understand a thing?' Agni chuckled in the back of Diego's head at Enrique's little speech. Does he understand Diego? Not one bit, that's for sure. If anyone attacked or exploited Diego, they will learn how hot hell burns. Silence does not mean weakness. Agni knew if any of these kids had any sense, they would keep their heads down. Opposed to pointless flexing and shit-talk contests about who is the strongest. The flames of Agni... the flames of atonement, burn the hottest.

    Diego didn't want to tell anyone what he did to get here. If they attack him, then that's fine with him. He did everything to get here, so he should get what he gave out to others. That's his punishment. And his alone. "Um, I'm fine. I can handle myself. But, thank you." Diego muttered in response to Enrique. Not coming across as arrogant. The guy had good intentions, far as Diego could tell, but what the boy did would cause him more trouble later on. So, it didn't matter if a few bad apples make him their target. Still, there was another matter at hand. The little girl that Enrique had mentioned. Diego noted that she was a little black girl... He wondered what the hell she did to get sent to this place. He had hoped that, whatever it was, she could find solace for her actions. While he wasn't going to announce that he was a killer, he was going to talk to Shiloh. He closed his Bible, and held it in his hand, using his other hand to grace the cross around his neck. "I'll go talk to her, thanks." He stated as he stood up, he took two steps before walking. "I... didn't give you my name. It's Diego." He waved goodbye before speaking.
    'We'll be seeing a lot of him....' Agni said as Diego walked away. Riding along in Diego's head was a pain in the ass, but he didn't want to manifest too early and reveal himself. 'You and him are likely two sides of the same coin.'

    Maybe. Maybe. It was a little early to tell. What was on Diego's mind was how he was going to go about approaching this girl. He wasn't sure if he should. Diego pushed those thoughts out of his head after he realized something. While he deserved punishment, it doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to help other people. But, by the time he could back out, he had already approached Shiloh. "Oh, hey." He said, "I'm Diego. I noticed you were..." He trailed off.

    '... She looks like a brat.' Agni said.

    'Shut up and let me think....' Diego replied to the voice in his head. Before he decided, "Mind if I sit down?"
  6. Shiloh jumped when one of the older people approached her. It wasn't the loud dirty boy, who was actually yelling louder than before, it was another boy. Someone who she had seen when she first got on the bus, but had never looked back at when she sat in one of the seats closest to the driver. She wished that there were other kids her age there, at least then it would be easier to talk, and maybe she could even make a friend.

    When the guy asked if he could sit next to her, Shiloh said nothing but scooted to the side to give him space, but it was then that she saw the cross around his neck and she narrowed her eyes and pressed herself against the bus wall. She eyed the cross warily with a mixture of suspicion and hope. On one hand, he might be like her grandfather and be a good person. But on the other hand he might accidentally touch her with it and then she didn't know what she would do. Her grandfather had instructed her to behave, but what if someone attacked her? Was she still supposed to behave and not fight back?

    It was then that she noticed that he had introduced himself and she regarded him for a second before answering in turn. "My name is Shiloh, what did you notice?" She added that last bit just to cut to the chase and so he wouldn't get comfortable. She didn't want him sitting there forever, blocking her only exit with his cross. Why had he come over anyway?
  7. Can't see out and must likely can't see in, but he still stared into it. It was habit. He would get on, head towards the back (if not the little backseat with little bit of room.) He loved that seat because he could still talk to people and be social but there wouldn't be another occupant to have to worry about. Rich would often, slowly scan the environment. Not like a robot, but enough to gather random bit of info. They were on their way to a camp to be trained, and he wondered if he was the only one who actually volunteered to come here, instead of in handcuffs.

    Then cue in the loudmouth. Classic. At it wasn't difficult to find out which person is which with someone like that around. They tend to rile up some of the other extroverts and the introverts throw up their walls and try to deflect. Of course, that doesn't lead to much real knowledge but it is a good start. As the kid pointed, the Rich just kind of...watched. And quickly, the attention was off of him. Good. No need to throw his cards out until it was his turn to play. Leaning his back to the window, the kid continued to spew nonsense before the "emo girl" piped up.

    Not surprising that at least one of them was the one with a violent history. Observe, observe, and repeat. It was what he liked to do. Gain more knowledge on human behavior...and maybe even catch weakness for later. And the genius decided to come back for more. He was trying to call her bluff, and it made Rich smile and cross his arms. While, she may very well be lieing, do you really want to take that risk? Especially, if she was telling the truth? Truth is stranger than fiction. This exchange would be enlightening, either way. Rich was even thinking about how funny it would be if he just made the bus stop, from a sudden weight change. Hilarious.

    And someone went by, he looked friendly enough. Nervous guy. Priest? Holy Men always kicked ass in Dungeons and Dragons. Calling angels and vanquishing zombies. Those two might get along well.

    With the yelling, he was wondering what the hell the bus driver was doing, but he couldn't see them very well. He looked to the guy in the back seat, and motioned towards the speaker with dreads. He made a face as if to say "Can you believe this guy?"
  8. Enrique watched as the boy called Diego went and sat by the girl, he was happy that the kid has the guts to go comfort a little kid when she was scared. Enrique couldnt have done it. He didnt like little kids, but he really didnt like seeing them in emotional trouble. Some kid who had been sitting nearby was giving Enrique a weird feeling. He kept looking around, not in any particularly suspicious way just kind of looking around. Enrique and the guy heard the loudmouth starting up again and the guy turned back to Enrique with an expression that mirrored what Enrique felt on the inside. Enrique leaned towards the dude and spoke.

    "This talkative fucker is gonna be one of the biggest problems at this 'camp'," Enrique said with air quotes, "I was telling Diego, the religious kid, that if we dont give him any ground he cant get fuck with us. I'm not terribly enthused about the possibility of him thinking he can fuck with us whenever he wants."

    Enrique said looking at the kid, he just kept on talking. Enrique looked back at the guy and stuck out his hand for a shake.

    "I'm Enrique, my buddies call me BoomBoom. I'd show you why but in this bus I think it'd wind up starting a pretty bad fight."
  9. "Agh-- taci. Shut up!" Christopher dropped his head against the foggy window to his right, an annoyed grimace carving deep grooves into his cheeks. He had been lucky enough to hop aboard early on, claiming a decent spot near the front right side of the bus. But it hadn't saved him from the obnoxious arguing between the others on the bus. Friendly banter would have at least been easier on his ears. Chris had been anticipating the immaturity of the kids he'd be riding with, he always anticipated. But it didn't make things any better.

    He had no interest in their posturing; their stories were hollow and their attitudes struck him as mocking, rather than of any true concern. Or perhaps that was Chris's hidden ego rearing its head and reminding him that he was better than all these kids, but he wasn't so quick to appease such a beast.

    Chris turned around in his seat to face the kids piled up in the bus behind him, the expression on his face dampened somewhat by the bright red bandanna that wound around his head and covered his eyes. While he couldn't see them, the way his aura brushed against them told him as much as he needed to know. A lot of kids, some much younger than himself. A couple his own age, whom he hoped were decent enough for him to talk to. He didn't have any high hopes.
  10. Sitting a few rows from the front, was a blonde teenage girl looking into her black compact mirror. Gripping her MAC lipstick, she touched up her lips coating them in a nice magenta color that went well her her eye shadow. Her hair glowing from the sun, Zoe sat up straight with her legs crossed in a fitted hot pink cocktail dress from Dulce and Cabana. If the dress was any higher you could see all her no no bits. On her feet were 6 inch black Louboutin pumps with its signature red bottoms. She was confident in what she wore and would never walk outside looking like a bum. So much for everyone else on the bus who looked like they shopped at the Good Will store. Coming from a privileged family, she was able to wear all the expensive designer brands she loved. With a curvy body like hers, which was a mixture of diet, exercise, and hormones she could fill out any outfit nicely. Zoe definitely looked like a Goddess in her eyes. She didn't always think of herself like this. It took a lot of reinventing to gain her confidence.

    Without putting her mirror down, she dug into her makeup back for a brush and touched up her foundation a bit. While doing so, Zoe wondered how she could have ended up in a place like this. She wasn't a criminal. Sure she followed the love of her life around. Was that really a crime to get her sent to jail and this place? Through the mirror, she looked at the other delinquents. With an 'ugh' she went back to looking at herself. She had no idea how she was going to cope with this at all. The only reason she even came was because she wanted her record clean and her parents told her they would cut her money off. While reapply her makeup, she could hear commotion going on directly behind her. Someone sure did have a mouth on them. With her mirror, she looked to see who all was speaking. Some of them cute, some of them not so much. Some were loud, others kept to themselves like her. All she new was that they were criminals and had abilities like hers. Zoe wondered what they could have done. Probably things way worse than her.

    "Classless," she muttered under her breath as she dug into her bag for her lip gloss. Of course she would never say her thoughts out loud. She preferred to be her introverted self when placed in awkward situations or if she didn't know any. One thing is for sure, she knew it was going to get interesting once they found out she was trans.
  11. Diego Julius Bellemont.

    That entity in the back of his head was quiet for a once, which allowed Diego to think for a moment. Little Shiloh (Never seen that name before) was direct. Which means he should do the same, but he should do it in the right way that she isn't pushed off. Which was a tough one, since he wasn't too confident in himself. "Oh? Nothing." He started off, taking that her introduction was permission for him to sit down. He dropped his behind on the seat right next to Shiloh. He left his Bible on his lap as he sat down. "I just thought you were a little bit...." Diego looked around real fast. First to Jago, then to Enrique. ".... Uncomfortable, with all this craziness." He finished up his statement. He wanted to say assholes, but that'd be a little blunt around this girl. "But hey, I can help you if you need anything." That was the most Diego could offer. He wanted to quote the Bible, but he wasn't sure if she was a believer... And he knew that pushing his faith on others was not a good idea. They would laugh at him.

    Claudette Jean-Pierre.

    Are all Americans this chatty and overconfident? At least in Haiti, they were more humble... from what little Claudette had seen. It all had annoyed her. As she sat there, with her hands in her lap. She looked down and wondered if her outfit would be appropriate for her "first day of Summer camp". A white short sleeved dress shirt with a black tie, and a A-line skirt with black stockings. Finished off with dress shoes. Claudette looked more like she was going to a cushy rich school rather than an American Summer camp. She wanted to make some friends here, but she didn't know who to approach. Since everyone here looked so mean. Why? They were going to camp! And Claudette was quite excited. But, that power of hers told her how people felt. She thought so at least. Claudette was new to her powers, and didn't exactly know how to work them out. But she could tell Jago's confidence, and Zoe's vanity from all the way over here. There was another kid, but yet. One that wasn't too far away from where she was sitting. He had his eyes covered. Was he blind? Claudette didn't know, but he was the only one who was alone and not scary. She walked over to Chris and sat down next to him, "Bonjour," Claudette said in her thick accent. "Mwen se Claudette, yon imigran- Um, sorry, I'm Claudette." Using the good old Haitian Creole was hard. "From Haiti." She squeaked out. "How are you, mesye? I don't know why everyone is acting so mean. It's summer camp! We should be excited, wi?"
  12. Shiloh squinted at Diego in suspicion but upon noticing his bible, her cold demeanor began to warm up a little and she graced him with a small smile. "I don't need help. But I was feeling uncomfortable," She started. She twisted in her seat, so she could look back at the loud boy with the dirty mouth, and the girl with too much make up. "I think they need to welcome the light of the Lord Almighty into their lives. I'm sure that if they did, they would be much happier." She informed Diego, with a satisfied smile. She thought that if her grandfather was around, he would be proud. Shiloh then gestured at Diego's bible.

    "You're a christian, right? Are you Catholic?" Shiloh's family was Catholic and if she could be good, she would also be considered Catholic, but at the moment she was just on the fringe, according to her grandfather. "Would you like to recite a suitable psalm?" She suggested, giving him a bright and encouraging smile before the expression melted away and her previous monotonous look returned. If she could she would have recited one of her grandfather's sermons right then and there, but her grandfather had told her when she was much younger that she wasn't allowed to speak them out loud. He never explained why, but being the good girl that she was, she never asked.
  13. Chris sat back in his seat with a huff. The sooner they arrived at this camp, the better it would be for his mood. To keep himself occupied, he stretched his aura to its limits - dragging his fingers across the leather backing of his seat, listening to the voices bounce off the innards of the bus and reflect back, figuring by their tone that most were juvenile and immature. One voice struck him as strange, as if it had been something else entirely at one point before being molded into something new.

    With his focus elsewhere, the only indication that someone had sat beside him was the tilt of the seat. He turned his head towards the speaker. She seemed nice enough, her voice in stark contrast to the angry tones used by the kids at the back. "Christopher. Nice to meet you." His accent had faded somewhat over time, but it still came out faintly in his words. "I heard the others are convicts-- or something. Jailed. Maybe that's why." Despite the grey area in which his morality lied, Chris turned his nose up at pointless acts of violence that would get you landed in a compound.

    "I wish we had separate camps. I don't want to be around them."
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  14. Darcy had been slumped in one of the near front seats, sleeping. She didn't know why, but every time she got into a moving vehicle she always just drifted off away into dream land. Which of course, in this case was really stupid because half of the bus passengers were normal and the other half were criminals. At least, that's what she had assumed when she saw some of them. And that really wasn't right because it was nice to judge. But then again, judging from the argument that had woken her up and was continuing as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she may have been right to judge at this particular moment.

    Sitting up and peering around the bus, Darcy saw that some people had started to group up and she knew that she needed to find a buddy quick. Or she might get left out. Easing out of her seat, Darcy flounced over to one of the few people who weren't already engaged in conversation, a pretty blonde girl with very loud eye make up and equally loud clothing.

    "Hey there!" Darcy began, in her usual 'girl-ish' voice. It wasn't enough to fully pass for a girl, but she liked the sound of it so she often used it.
  15. Great. Just what she needed. Some religious talk. Zoe rolled her eyes as she started to put her makeup away. She had nothing against people of the Christian faith, but she knew once they found out about her their judgments would begin. She was in no mood for someone to tell her what she's doing is wrong, that she's going to hell, or that God made her a male for a reason. She's heard it all before by people who didn't understand which she just proceeded to ignore them. Zoe was tired of defending herself and the fact she couldn't help what she felt. Some people you just couldn't argue with. If some of her camp mates were going to be doing their bible talk, she just hoped they weren't the cherry picking Christians. The ones that pick and choose what to believe in and ignore everything else. Zoe knew those kind all too well and wasn't in the mood for their hypocrisy bullshit.

    After stuffing her makeup bag back into her Coach purse, she leaned her head against the window and just stared out at the empty fields. Zoe already missed home and soon started regretting her stalker-ish ways. She honestly felt in her core that she did nothing wrong, which was the scary part. Sliding her fingers through her silky blonde hair, she sighed waiting for this camping trip to be over already. She just hoped that her bunk mates weren't going to be crazy and loud like the people on her bus. If they were as rude and classless as them, she'd have to take her chances in running away. Its not like people could find her if she wanted to hide. No one could see her. Zoe also dreaded the camp uniform. She had brought plenty of cute clothes with her and she would be fuming if she was forced to wear something cheap, tacky, and ugly. That would just seal the nail right in the coffin for the teenage girl.

    After sitting in silence for a few minutes and about to drift off, she was startled by someone who chose to join her in the seat right next to her. Zoe put her hand over her chest, signaling she was just scared before chuckling lightly. It was a girl, or what seemed like a girl, who Zoe hadn't really noticed when she got on the bus. After her greeting, she really began wondering about her. After all, she did see the slight sign of an adam's apple. However, Zoe pushed those thoughts out of her head. She was the last person on earth to ever judge anyone for their gender expression or identity. Trying not to be rude, she recrossed her legs and smiled at the girl.

    "Oh hey!" She covered up the dread she was feeling of going to this camp with excitement in her voice. Normally she was a very introverted person, but she didn't to come off as that shy girl. Not here at least. They would probably eat her alive if she showed any signs of weakness. "I'm Zoe. Can you believe those guys in the back?" The last part was tone down to a really light whisper so the people behind her couldn't hear. The last thing she wanted to do was get into a confrontation. Who knew what these other teens could do.
  16. Yep. This guy just confirmed he was the loudmouth type. And seemed he was open to a fight. But first to sling some shit back to this asshole. "Well then seems that you gave away how much brain power you have, Also I'm pretty sure your pecker is smaller than a girl's is buddy." she says. She can give as good as she can take, gotta be if you live on the streets. adding in "Oh by the by i'm an orphan for one, been that way since I was about 4 I think. so old mom and pop had no say in what I became. Now then..." she says peeling off her jacket showing scars from a lot of previous fights, and started generating an aura of a street rat who has fought nearly every-day of her life and was Quite good at fighting and could take most punks on even without using her powers. "So feeling like throwing down?" she asks though casts an eye around giving a look silently saying: 'I know this is stupid, but This guy really needs to get his mouth shut, and beating him in a fight is the best route to do it.' honestly if weren't for the shit slinging she'd just ignore him. But she doesn't take getting insulted very lightly. Just part of getting raised on the streets: stand up and fight or lie down and die. And no way in hell she's dieing.
  17. Darcy nodded adamantly. "I know, it's insane." She whispered back, her eyes widening at the newest turn out. "I mean, we're all basically in the same boat right? So we should all be sticking together! I mean, how did the fight even start because I was asleep before it started and only just woke up a few seconds ago. Were you witness to the tipping point, cause if so it'd be great if you could tell me who to watch out for. I don't want to get jumped before I even make it to camp." Darcy laughed nervously, a bit of sweat gathering on the back of her neck because honestly she hadn't thought about how people would act. She'd thought that everyone would be timid and willing to share about her powers. But now that everything seemed to be hitting the fan, she was getting nervous. Since nearly everyone except for that one little kid, was a teenager, the sleeping arrangements would probably be gender separated. So...She would be in a cabin full of guys, and judging by the ones in here, they didn't seem very pleasant.

    "Oh God..." She wheezed, sort of folding in on herself. "I did not think this through..." She glanced at the blond nervously, looking like a deer in headlights. "I...Do you think some of us will get like single cabins or something?" She squeaked, her voice breaking, unable to hold her usual cheerful girlish tone and shifting back to her regular teenage guy voice. In an effort to not startle the blond by the change, Darcy gave her a shaky smile. "I'm a boy by the way. And I'm probably going to get the snot beat out of me as soon as bed time rolls around. How's that for an introduction, right?" Nervous bubbling laughter burst out of Darcy's mouth as she tried to get herself together and not freak the blond out too much.
  18. "I wouldn't expect you too. I am sure I will find out soon."

    BoomBoom? Sounds like he has a gift with a knack for destruction. He would be on the lookout for him, but the guy seemed friendly enough. Rich spotted his hand to took it, without any question. And that is probably the smartest thing he has done all day. Made a friend, that is. Hopefully, it didn't come back to bite him on the ass. He moved from the window to open up his body language and to hear Enrique much better.

    "Do you even have any buddies to call you by that name?"

    He chuckled and gave a sarcastic grin. It was a joke.

    "Not that I have much room to talk. Richard Kennedy. I don't really have anyone who calls me this, but given recent events, I have taken to calling myself Wrecker."

    As they continued to talk, the seat right in front of Wrecker began to move and groan. Rich gave it a quick glance before turning back to Enrique, and then somebody more towards the front decided to try and tell a bunch of deliquent teens, that also have superpowers, to shut up. The seat in front of him then jolted. Rich almost snorted, with his laugh. It seems that whomever was in there was also asleep. He was a bit on the smaller side.

    "Fuck it all..."

    And it was that moment that Rich realized that they had a leprechaun among them. The kid peered over his own seat to spot a situation that closely resembled a stare down. This made his rude awaking all worth it. Looking around quickly he spotted Rich and BoomBoom and leaned into the aisle. It revealed a round face and a thin, red chin strap.

    "Oi, you lads see that? A fight. Anyone wanna take bets?"

    Rich shrugged, and looked forwards again trying to gauge the situation. Part of him wanted to break it up and play peacemaker, but he also wanted the two people that were bitching and making a dick measuring contest out of their life to beat on eachother...but not here

    "Don't have cash on me."

    Wrecker stood up.

    "Hey!" He bellowed "You guys wanna beat your chest, that's fine. Stroke your own egos. Cool. Great. Whatever floats your boat. But if you two are actually going to be THAT stupid to start shit on a MOVING VEHICLE...just fucking wow. Would you mind waiting until our feet are on back on solid ground starting some sissy street fight?! It is statistically not probable that every one of us has the ability to survive this bus going of the road or barrel rolling on the highway. If you can pull your head out of your ass, just long enough for us to get to camp, HELL I will gladly even take bets. You guys aren't going anywhere and I don't think your adrenaline is going anywhere either. It's shit like not using your head that got you here. So can't it wait just a little bit longer? Please and thank you."

    With that he plopped back in his seat. He didn't know what good it will do but at they can't say he didn't try.

    The Irishman cocked an eyebrow and looked at Enrique. "Well, I think we just found our team dad."
  19. Enrique smirked listening to the guy talk, his accent was funny to Enrique. He'd only ever grown up around Hispanics and White boys. When he started talking about placing bets Enrique had to turn away slightly and let out a breath to keep from laughing at the guy. Just everything about the guy seemed to literally be a leprechaun.

    "I wouldnt mind betting against you, but I dont know what I'd do with a pot filled with lucky charms." Enrique said smiling at the guy, he meant it playfully, "I'm Enrique, or BoomBoom depending on how you want to know me. The 'Team Dad' is Richard, or Wrecker, which I'm curious to see why he's called that."

    Enrique patted the guy on the shoulder for telling the tough guys to shut up. If the wiry kid tried to start shit with Wrecker, Enrique would no doubt back him up. The guy had gumption, and gumption got shit done. Enrique noticed a cute blonde not far away and smirked at her, she was definitely a gringa but Enrique didnt get picky when it came to race. The girl seemed filled out from where he was, and certainly didnt dress like a nun.
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  20. Before Zoe could even get a word in, the argument in the back escalated into a full on scream match. She looked over the seat to see the girl stand up and challenge the African American boy who seemed to have instigated the whole thing. Rolling her eyes, she turned back around in her seat and went back to talking with her new friend.

    "To be honest, I don't even know what the fight is about. From what I know, the black guy started it," Zoe said, whispering to Darcy. The blonde could tell that Darcy was just as nervous as for this experience as she was just by the way she rambled. She couldn't blame her at all. Zoe just didn't want to inform her why she was there herself. Being a stalker is something you just don't bring up in a conversation. So if the topic were to come up on why she was there, she'd have to come up with a quick lie. For now, Zoe brought out her compact mirror and and began brushing her face again, blending out some foundation on the side of her face. "I was too busy messing with my face to pay attention to them if you really want me to be honest," she said in her sing-song like laugh.

    Zoe instantly felt a huge amount of compassion for Darcy as she expressed her concern for sharing a cabin with other boys. Being trans, she knew in the back of her head something was off and she found out: Darcy was actually a he. The blonde immediately gave a warm smile to her, putting her makeup stuff back in her bag. Zoe knew all too well what it felt like to be bullied and harassed for different, especially having to do with gender. She knew this would be the perfect opportunity to come out about her gender identity.

    "I know what you're going through, honey. Believe it or not I'm not a biological girl either. After living my early adolescent years as a girl, I started by transition at 11 taking hormone replacements. I never went through boy puberty so none of my male features surfaced." Zoe made sure to say this in a hush whisper to Darcy as wandering ears my be prying. "Thankfully coming from a well off family, my parents could afford changing by birth documents to match my gender. Now I'm legally female," she said going on. "I would say talk with the counselors about what you're thinking and maybe they'll come up with a compromise. Or just say you identify as female and they'll put you with the girls. I'm sure they're relaxed about gender identity."

    Before she could go on, another voice interjected into the argument which made Zoe jump from surprise. The voice was loud, commanding, and brute. Something that oddly she found as a turn on. Zoe looked over the seat to see who it was before her eyes widened. The guy was huge. Not in a fat way, but in a bouncer sort of way. He looked like he could crush a few skulls if you tempted him. She was glad he was taking charge of the situation before it could go any further. She could definitely see him as playing the peace maker role. As Zoe was looking over, she caught sight of a Hispanic boy eyeing her with a huge smirk on his face. It was obvious he had been watching her. She returned an awkward sort of smile before turning back around in her seat.

    As Zoe was getting comfortable, the bus hit a small bump in the road causing her purse to fall on the floor and slide to the center of the aisle.

    "Shit! Excuse me honey," she said at Darcy before dropping to her knees to crawl to get her purse. A few things had fallen out in which she proceeded to put back in her purse. Not realizing it, she was giving the whole back of the bus a full view up under her dressed. Thank god her privates were tucked tightly. It was an old drag queen trick. You would push your testicles up into their cavity and then pull your penis back in between your legs, simulating a vagina. Zoe had held her tuck in place with tape in her black panties so no resemblance of a bulge would show at all. But she knew her ass was hanging out for everyone to see thanks to her skin tight dress that was extremely too short. For a white girl, she had some junk in her trunk. Zoe quickly got up from the floor with her purse and slide past Darcy to sit in her seat next to the window.

    "Well that was an awkward introduction," she said looking over to Darcy.
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