Think Happy Thoughts

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    When you're stressed out, upset, or just plain not having a good day...
    What kinds of things do you think about to put yourself in a better mood?
    Maybe you add to that - music, cute pictures of kittens, or motivational posters?

    Yes. I look at adorable pictures of kittens. I find it really hard to be pissy when I'm looking at adorable kittens. ._.;
  3. I watch a silly movie/cartoon or a mindless comedy.
    I think it gives my emotions and my mind a rest so that when some time passes, I'll be more mellow and relaxed to rethink my day :)

    If I can, I try to go outside, take a walk in the park or go out with my friends, even if my mood is sour, it's bound to get better much quicker if there are friends around me.
  4. Music, always. Or else video games that involve music, particularly Guitar Hero since it's more physically active and lets me take out some frustration on the strum bar.

    And also Legend of Zelda, I love mindlessly killing the bad guys over and over again :D I also just recently got Pokemon Snap so I play that to calm down as well! :D

    But mostly KITTEHS. >:D
  6. Video games with music keeps me happy majority of the time.
    Or I'm usually on Youtube watching clips that have me laughing for hours.
  7. Another thing that really calms me down is taking a walk if the weather's nice enough. Especially if I bring my iPod, which is nearly always. XP It's just nice and monotonous in a really peaceful way and lets my mind wander so I can focus on other things.
  8. I play video games.

    I write in my book.

    I listen to music.

    I read books.
  9. I see Kitti naked.
  10. i don't think happy thoughts. I do them!

    I like to hit punching bags
    I like to spar in kendo and pretend I'm a ninja
    I like to play on the piano
    I like to showboat on DDR at the mall because all these white mo-fos don't got no rhythm
    I like to read comic books
    I like to read medical journals
    I like to lift really heavy weights and get huge

    I think too much as a requirement of my job. I get happy by not thinking.