Thinia's Lament

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    Thinia's Lament
    Setting and Plot:

    The Empire of Light balances precariously between barely contained peace and civil war. With Emperor Andesiion ill and slowly slipping from life, Duke Emeris, Regent to the crown and caretaker of young Crown Prince Andession the second, has taken over the duties of the throne. The resistance to the regency that was already flaring up in minor pockets across the galaxy has started to blaze hotter since Duke Emeris has gained control, and the Empire is in a precarious position.

    Desperate rumors have started to circulate. Every priest, physician, and surgeon of great repute has made a trip to the City Keep of Aurora, but none have been able to cure the young and ailing Emperor. Whispers tell of crazy men offering cures out of old wives tales. Unfortunately, it is beginning to appear that the Emperor shall not survive much longer.

    But this, all of this, is of little importance to you. You have been called to the chateau ship of the Lady Thinia. Your reputation has preceded you, and you will arrive at the ship of the woman whispers and rumors say is the mistress of the king. You've been told the trip is a simple one, and the mission easy. But the true nature of the mission is something you could never have believed...


    You'll be playing an explorer, a minor courtier, or a person skilled in their trade that has reason to attract the attention of Lady Thinia in a professional capacity. Your character will be sent to retrieve something of great importance. This is a science fiction setting. However, there will be some mild magical elements. You will NOT be playing a magical character, as magic is more akin to classical alchemy in this setting than it is to fantasy magic. If you wish to play in a science fiction RP with elements of courtly intrigue and mystery, this might be the RP for you! Please, let us know if you wish to play!

    Additional Information:

    GMs: Vay and Revision

    Genre: Space Opera/Science Fiction

    Available Character Slots: Seven

    Character Classes: Explorer, pilot, courtier, mercenary, doctor. If you have another character type you wish to play, please PM one of the GMs. Characters should be good at what they do, but should not be godlike characters. They should instead be specialized characters. This will also be a mission where combat is not expected. Please do not expect to play a combat heavy character.


    1) No Hijacking of others' characters. The only hijacking will be done by the GMs in cases of absolute necessity or of players having to be absent from the RP.

    2) No out of place characters. If you are unsure of setting details, please ask before committing to the game. The setting is very courtly and full of intrigue, so please keep that in mind. This is not a roleplay for combat devils.

    3) All characters must be above the age of twenty and an age appropriate to their skills and class.

    4) Please, no super special characters. Your character should be good at what they do, as stated before. Your character should not, however, be good at everything.

    5) Be able to post at least twice a week. Any player who fails to post for more than five days will be commandeered by the GMs until the player can post again.

    6)Characters are to be, for all intents and purposes, human.
  2. Name:
    (While a picture works, please write a short description)
    (Over twenty, please)
    (Feel free to invent a homeworld, just run it by us and remember, this is an empire)
    (explorer, pilot, courtier, doctor, mercenary)
    (Keep the feel of the RP in mind. There will be lots of interaction)
    Greatest Sin:
    (Be inventive with your sin and virtue.)
    Greatest Virtue:
    (Remember to include any ships and weapons here, as well as things like money and important documents)
    Special Talents:
    (These are things that just make your character special. They are what made you stand out to Lady Thinia to be hired by her.)
    Additional Info:
    (If your talents did not gain her attention, what did?)
  3. What type of explorer are you hoping would join, a historian type ala Indian Jones or a scientific one ala Sean Connery's Medicine Man?
  4. That can be up to you. A historian would be nice to have around, so would a more scientific explorer. Either will be able to help identify things during the main quest. If you want to run an idea by myself or Vay, feel free to do so!
  5. Could there possibly be a pirate character who's been promised a full pardon by lending his skills?
  6. I am interested in this. Would it be okay to play a scientist who had a major role in a terraforming project? If no, could you please tell me what kind of a technological level is this universe at? I would really like to know that.
  7. This looks interesting. I'd love to provide a pilot (or a doctor). ^^ But a question first: how big is the ship we're talking about? Enough to fit 10 people living comfortably? Or like a really small ship that fits maybe 1 or 2 people? Or a really large ship that can fit hundreds if not thousands of people?

    And second question ... am I supposed to just post the profile thingy or ...? (I'm new and confused. ^^)
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  8. If you're familiar with Firefly, Andromeda, Farscape, or any Sci-fi show centered around a small ship and it's crew you know the feel we're going for.

    Lightning: Maybe, it depends how you portray the character and shat his skill are. Crew would not be chosen for combat prowess but a rogue or smuggler MAYBE, if our lady has a reason to believe they'll stick to their word.

    Lstorm: The scientist would need a reason to be chosen, if they were involved on the technical side of the project and could make a good mechanic then yes. As for level of technology... CULTURALLY its a lot like pre-revolution France, technologically its close to Babylon 5. Interstellar travel, space stations, large armadas are common. I'm vetoing hyperspace though, it needlessly complicates, Its safe to assume FTL operates like in Star Trek but its not important to the story.

    Shavynel: Small. 6 crew bunks each with their own room and maybe 5 passengers... approximately. Serenity from Firefly is a good enough comparison on size and capability. And yes, post a bio =D


    Theres a handy Bio Guide for anyone that needs it.
  9. Name: Radelle Sunskimmer
    Descritpion: Forthcoming
    Age: 34
    Class: Historian, who goes out to find what history left behind, no matter how remote or dangerous as long as the funding is there.
    Skills: Research, small amount of mechanical knowledge, basic "boy scout" survival skills and knowledge, can dance a mean tango.
    Greatest Sin: Radelle is actually quite lazy. This might seem difficult for an explores personality, but really if it doesn't interest her it takes a lot to get her to do even the simple test of tasks at times.
    Greatest Virtue: Honorable. While it can't be said she's never lied if Radelle has committed to someone she will move the heavens of nessisary. Perhaps that's why she's so lazy the rest of the time?
    History: Coming Soon
    Belongings: ???
    Special Talents: If a story piques her interest Radelle will learn all the details and hand it to you on a silver plater, she might even add a few physical trinkets to go along, just to show how interested she was in the story.
    Additional Info:
  10. To be honest vader I wanted to make a character somewhat like Mal from firefly haha!
  11. Sweet. I was totally thinking about Firefly when I was asking that question. And my assumption (which follows from using Firefly as a basis) is that the pilot doesn't actually own the ship... Here's my bio. ^^ I hope this is ok. I wasn't really sure what skills was for, so I threw in random stuff. ^^

    Name: Cecelia Hartell (goes by Ce)

    Description: Ce has eyes dark enough to be called black and pale skin. It gives her an unhealthy look, but she'll beg to differ. Her hair is light brown in color, and she keeps it cropped short. It keeps life simple, so she says. Truth is, though, she wouldn't mind it being longer, but she hates the fact that it's so flat. With it short, it at least looks like it has some bounce. She has a wide forhead and a strong, pointy chin. Ce stands average height for a woman, and looks as though she could probably drop a few pounds. She does make sure she's nimble enough to keep up with the ships she flies, but she is a little too fond of food.

    Age: 32

    Homeworld: Ce wouldn't say she really had a home anymore. She prefers flying. If someone were to dig into her past, they would find a planet called Sahara, the desert planet. It's known for being hot, having lots and lots of sand, and its glass factories.

    Class: Pilot

    Skills: Can fly just about any ship. Can blow glass. Can whistle a lovely tune [but doesn't anymore].

    Greatest Sin: She's the best, and she knows it, and it shows. She pretty much will only take the jobs that actually require a pilot of her skill. She's saved up enough money that she can get away with this.

    Greatest Virtue: Devotion. She hasn't got much to be devoted to anymore, but what she has, she holds to strongly. Right now, that would be her ship and her skill.

    History: Ce grew up on a world called Sahara. As far as she could tell, her life would start and end on the world. She'd work at glass just like her mom and dad. In addition, her family was religious. They kept at morning prayer even though none of their neighbors did. But as Ce grew older, she grew more and more tired of the life. She knew there was more to the universe than Sahara, and dearly wanted to get out. Against her parents will, she became a shipper, transporting the glass from Sahara to other planets. Her parents prayed to God she would come back to Sahara and stay on land. She prayed to God that she could stay a shipper.

    Her father's health started failing, and while her mother could also work glass, she worked on a commission basis. She made pieces of art whereas her father made industrial, grade A, could be your space ship's windshield glass. And being a shipper wasn't exactly a well-paying job even if Ce enjoyed it better than working glass. To support her family, she searched for other pilot positions. She hopped from job to job, and wired money home, but she didn't get to see her family as often as she would have liked. Her parents prayed that she would come home to Sahara. She prayed that their family could get by and that her parents would still be there the next time she visited.

    Then came a time when she didn't hear from them at all. By the end of the week, she couldn't take it. She walked out of the job she had and flew home only to find that her city had been swept by a fire. It was then that she stopped believing. Neither her parents' nor her prayer came true. To her, that meant there couldn't be a God. Or if there was, God just didn't care. There was nothing to come back to, so there was no reason for her to be cautious about the jobs she took. At this point in her life, she took riskier and riskier jobs until she got to where she is now.

    Belongings: Her most prized possession would have to be her own ship. It's her home. What little she owns in the world is on it. On it, she carries ownership documents and enough parts to fix the ship 2 times over if she had to. It's a quite versatile ship. It can land just about anywhere and survive just about anything. It's not spacious, but she isn't planning on sharing her home with anyone any time soon. The money she's accumulated (and really doesn't care for) sits in a bank. You wouldn't be able to tell from the looks of her or her ship that she was sitting on as much money as she was.

    Special Talents: She's one of the best pilots in space, and she recognizes it. Give her any ship and a day, and you'll find her up in the air. Give her a week, and she'll learn its tricks. Give her a month, and she'll be a real master of the ship, capable of getting it in and out of the tightest spots. She also understands the mechanical workings of a ship, but she'd rather deal with what she's got than actually fix up a ship. Luckily, she can get away with it most of the time and knows when she can't.
  12. The idea I had in mind was a cross between Mal from firefly and a custom Commander Shepard
  13. I know nothing about Commander Shepard. But a Mal-like character, provided they have a good reason to be noticed, might be okay. Keep in mind, this character has to be noticed and have reason to be trusted by a noble woman.
  14. Shavynel, your character is approved. Ocha, eagerly awaiting the rest of your sheet. Everyone else, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  15. Go for it! Let Vay or myself know if you need anything!
  16. Well alrighty then.

    Name: Olan Ternjack

    Description: Height- 5ft. 10in. Weight- 160lbs. His skin color is between Caucasian and Tan. He wears an orange shirt, black Gi pants, and black combat boots under a black trench coat. His hair is dark brown, between short and medium in length, and the top combed forward. On the front of the shirt and the back of the jacket is a circle with an odd, skeletal-type face with a wide grin (Will explain more later). They are colored black and orange, respectively. The irises of his eyes are orange, and his pupils are a piercing green. He bears no tattoos, and his body is riddled with unimportant scars. He isn't buff, but he has definite muscle tone.

    Age: 24

    Homeworld: He was shipped off world as a small child. All he knows is that his homeworld was one at the farthest reach of the Empire.

    Class: Mercenary.

    Skills: He is skilled in many forms of combat. He can be quite unassuming and deceptive when he needs to be. His instinct is uncanny. He has superb tracking skills. He has some medical training. For example, he knows how to dress a wound, but couldn't make heads or tails of heart surgery.

    Greatest Sin: His greatest Sin is his rage. He doesn't get pissed off very easily, due to his seemingly care-free nature. But as they say, "When it rains, it pours."

    Greatest Virtue: His greatest Virtue would be his sense of Justice. Even if the amount of money is grand, he refuses to work for anyone who's intentions for him are unjust.

    History: As stated previously, He was shipped off world as a small child. All he knows is that his homeworld was one at the farthest reach of the Empire. He landed on the jungle-like planet of (Insert name here, I'm no good at naming places, so if anyone can name this for me, it'd be much appreciated). It just so happens that he landed near a city housed in massive trees. The people there were peaceful, and took him in without a second thought. He was raised well, and learned many things about life.

    When he turned 16, he underwent the trials of adulthood. He was on his third trial, which consisted of a week-long journey across open plains to find a rare plant. The plant caused one's mind to broaden. On his journey home, he ran out of food, with only the plant remaining. His hunger caused his mind to become two separate entities, which argued about the plant. One side was strict, but goodhearted, while the other was carefree, but slightly devious.

    When the latter side won and the plant was eaten, Olan was altered drastically. The effect the plant had on him was different than what he was told. His two sides, which dwelled in his mind, had surfaced on the physical plane. Unfortunately, the effects were permanent. As he continued to cross the plain, a ship landed in front of him. Too awed to do anything, he was frozen on the spot. The door opened, and out stepped a man at least ten years older than Olan. The man rushed up to him and both were surprised that their eyes were the same. A trait, he later found, was only found on people from his planet. The man stared at him before knocking him out and carrying him back to the ship. Olan awoke several hours later to find that he was in space, an experience he had received once before. He explored the ship, awed by its intricacy. The man, who just so happened to walk into the same room as him, told him to sit down. After much explaining, Olan learned the truth of his world. It was gone. The man was a mercenary that was coming back to the planet for a visit, only to find debris. He offered to teach Olan what he knew as consolation. Olan accepted without delay. He promised himself that he'd find that place again.

    He now roams the galaxy as a Soldier-For-Hire, trying to find what he had lost all those years ago: His home.

    Belongings: Due to having to travel light, the reason being for certain missions from certain clients, he only carries the essentials: extra clothes, medkit, food, money, etc. He has a.... well HAD a small one-man ship, but unfortunately, due to an unforeseen dilemma involving a high-stakes card game, him being wrongly accused of cheating, and the accuser demolishing his ship, it's gone. Let's just say that the accuser didn't get away with it... Poor guy...

    Special Talents: Due to his upbringing, he has a high instinct, as well as being able to adapt to nearly any situation, thus making him an ideal leader, though he'd much prefer to take orders and go with the flow.

    Additional Info: When he wasn't needed for mercenary work, he would go and test new devices that others would create, and receive a share of the profits. Basically, he would be a Crash-Test Dummy for more than just vehicles. Luckily he hasn't had any failed tests yet, so that's good.

    I do hope this is satisfactory. I didn't want to choose a combat-heavy character, but I wanted to prepare in case there just so happens to be combat. If there's anything I need to change, please tell me so I can fix it right away.
  17. Yay accepted! And Yay! More people. ^_^ I can't wait for this to kick off.
  18. Nor can I. In all honesty, I would like to start now as is, because I'm slowly starting to forget about this RP, and I don't want to forget. I would like for someone to tell me if I need anything, besides the obvious, or if I need to change something.
  19. Name: Targas Blackstar
    Descritpion: If you were to look for him in a crowd, he would be hard to notice. He is a relatively tall man of six foot four, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds. Cropped, black hair and steel-grey eyes. He has a burn mark on the right side of his face. (Ill have a pic later for him)
    Age: Twenty-Three
    Homeworld: Thunku-IV, in the Cuarteese sector. Population: 1.2 Billion. Tech level: 3 (using the 1-5 scale, 5 is highest). Main biome: Jungle, tropical climate. Main Export: Rubber. Main Import: Immigrants.
    Class: Explorer of the stars.
    Skills: Stellar navigation and Computers are his primary skills, hes least skilled with people as a whole.
    Greatest Sin: Greed, he is compelled to gather all the secrets of the universe to such and extent that he will harm others to attain it. If he were confronted with the loss of his secrets, he could slip into a depressed state that risks harm to himself.
    Greatest Virtue: Temperance, while he does strive to gain ultimate knowledge, he does not do so with the influence of mind-affecting agents. It is a counter-productive goal if one does things that destroy the ability to remember.
    History: Targas was born into a small, unknown clan of explorers. He grew up on the move, seeing rare star formations and exotic nebulas. From the binary star system in Omicron Omega to the vast, blue expanse of the nebulas in the Cortez system, Targas has been there. He loved what his family did, it gave him a truely ellated feeling when something new was discovered. When his father died, he was only thirteen, but in his will, he left Targas something amazing. His father had spent his entire life searching the cosmos for the supposed Pandora's Box of cosmic discoveries, and thinks he might have found it. Only issue was when he suffered a stroke before he could embark on the journey. So, as his final gift in life, were the coordinates to the long forgotten star system. Omicron Mu was supposed to contain secrets of an ancient civilization, one so ancient, their names are no longer in the history books. Only stories told down from explorers and ancient scholars that go insane and spend their lives trying to find the lost civilization. Now, ten years later, he has the chance of his lifetime. He can take to the cosmos and set out to finish his fathers dream.
    Belongings: He is in possession of a slug thrower with soft lead shells. Hard to survive a shot in space when it punctures a hole in your hull. He has a digital map of his father's explorations, which he keeps several backups and has some clothes. He travels light. He has a small scout ship (picture will be attached, stole from Star Wars >.> just without weapons)
    Special Talents: He is a man of his word and full of determination. He preformed dozens of contracts and discovered vast quantities of resource rich asteroids and some planets. Driven by his desire for knowledge of the universe and the quest his father left him means he will do anything to get a task done that helps him complete these goals, and he usually completes these goals. Hard to achieve your quest for knowledge if it passes you by.
    Additional Info: Other than his abilities as an explorer and his determination, his small ship allows for him to get into systems with little detection, allowing for scout runs on the outer edges of a system.

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