Thinia's Lament

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  1. Thinia's Lament
    Setting and Plot:

    The Empire of Light balances precariously between barely contained peace and civil war. With Emperor Andesiion ill and slowly slipping from life, Duke Emeris, Regent to the crown and caretaker of young Crown Prince Andession the second, has taken over the duties of the throne. The resistance to the regency that was already flaring up in minor pockets across the galaxy has started to blaze hotter since Duke Emeris has gained control, and the Empire is in a precarious position.

    Desperate rumors have started to circulate. Every priest, physician, and surgeon of great repute has made a trip to the City Keep of Aurora, but none have been able to cure the young and ailing Emperor. Whispers tell of crazy men offering cures out of old wives tales. Unfortunately, it is beginning to appear that the Emperor shall not survive much longer.

    But this, all of this, is of little importance to you. You have been called to the chateau ship of the Lady Thinia. Your reputation has preceded you, and you will arrive at the ship of the woman whispers and rumors say is the mistress of the king. You've been told the trip is a simple one, and the mission easy. But the true nature of the mission is something you could never have believed...


    This is an interest check for the RP “Thinia's Lament.” It is set to begin in the first week of April, so please take that into account when deciding if you are interested. You'll be playing an explorer, a minor courtier, or a person skilled in their trade that has reason to attract the attention of Lady Thinia in a professional capacity. Your character will be sent to retrieve something of great importance. This is a science fiction setting. However, there will be some mild magical elements. You will NOT be playing a magical character, as magic is more akin to classical alchemy in this setting than it is to fantasy magic. If you wish to play in a science fiction RP with elements of courtly intrigue and mystery, this might be the RP for you! Please, let us know if you wish to play!

    Additional Information:

    GMs: Vay and Revision

    Genre: Space Opera/Science Fiction

    Available Character Slots: Seven

    Character Classes: Explorer, pilot, courtier, mercenary, doctor. If you have another character type you wish to play, discuss it here before you post it in the OOC. Characters should be good at what they do, but should not be godlike characters. They should instead be specialized characters. This will also be a mission where combat is not expected. Please do not expect to play a combat heavy character.


    1) No Hijacking of others' characters. The only hijacking will be done by the GMs in cases of absolute necessity or of players having to be absent from the RP.

    2) No out of place characters. If you are unsure of setting details, please ask before committing to the game. The setting is very courtly and full of intrigue, so please keep that in mind. This is not a roleplay for combat devils.

    3) All characters must be above the age of twenty and an age appropriate to their skills and class.

    4) Please, no super special characters. Your character should be good at what they do, as stated before. Your character should not, however, be good at everything.

    5) Be able to post at least twice a week. Any player who fails to post for more than five days will be commandeered by the GMs until the player can post again.
  2. Interesting. So will all the additional characters be males? And what type of person is this Thinia? (So I could try to figure what type of skill may attract the attention).

    I find this very interesting, and would like to hear more of the story line if it is possible.
  3. Oh, no, you can play whatever gender you wish. Thinia is going to largely be an NPC, so no worries about having to interact with her too much during the adventure itself. Thinia would be attracted to people able to accomplish the quest she sets you on quickly while building political bridges for her at the same time. So charismatic and skilled people.

    Essentially, you will be sent on a task to retrieve a person and escort them to Lady Thinia. (You won't know this starting out, but will find out in the early story). Various hazards and side adventures may occur along the way. The setting is sort of Renaissance France in space, so lots of social stuff. There WILL be some things happening later on in the story on the planet Lumia itself, the seat of power for the king. So the best sort of characters will combine skill at their trade, charisma, and a slightly debaucherous air.