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  1. Just what it says on the tin; let's talk about things that worldbuilders go "OMG YES" but people who aren't into worldbuilding may not fully feel.

    • Learning about other languages, to better help you construct your own

    • Trying to say things in a language you've constructed, to see how well it works in a functioning capacity

    • Taking a slightly weird real life thing and inflating it into a mythology for your world

    • Being more interested in the how-it-works of Superman's powers and the culture of Krypton than the story of Superman

    • Great big towering piles of virtual notes and work on worlds you've never used.
  2. I got one!

    #That really really really daunting realization that no matter how long you keep working on this one world, it will never, ever be complete.
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  3. Having more fun explaining where your character is from than what happened to them while they were there
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