Things You'll Miss From 2014

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  1. Title pretty much captures it the gist of this thread.

    Are there things from 2014 you'll miss at the start of 2015 as we ring in a brand new year? Maybe things that happened you'll remember with friends and family, people you've lost, or moving away and cleaning your slate. Even small things like the date 12/13/14 or the familiarity of saying "two thousand fourteen" when talking about the date. Anything and everything from 2014 that will be missed, feel free to talk about here~
  2. My brother in law who passed away in February last year. Hard to believe it's almost been a year. He was only 32.
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  3. I'm going to miss nothing, I'm ready for new everything, everywhere, all the time.
  4. being under 30
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  5. I would press a hug button, but sending you some love was my next best choice <3
  6. I will miss every memory -good and bad- that I was unable to record whether it be through pictures or journaling. As my memory gets worse and worse each year I've found photography to be a blessing in my life~
  7. .. Nothing? I miss my dwindling childhood.
  8. I don't believe I have anything to miss but I suppose the one thing that I'll actually remember is a freshman in college who always put a smile on my face.
  9. MY YOUTH.
  10. Knowing something
  11. There's a lot I could miss.

    But I'm not gonna miss it.
  12. Nothing. '14 SUCKED, man.
  13. Having to write 2014 on my time sheets.
  14. I can't say I'll really miss much, last year was not a good one for me. I made the worst mistake of my life and it cost my best friend, an ultimate low point for me, really. I also started college just last year, my parents sorta forced me into it, but I wasn't really ready for it and it's put me under a lot of stress. Not to mention the tension that's been building up between me and my family over the subjects we don't agree on, gay rights being just one example.

    But I suppose it ain't all that bad, I did join Iwaku last year and that's been pretty great so far, I've met some pretty awesome people that have helped me out a great deal. I also discovered Markiplier, SCP, and Five Nights at Freddy's all in the the same year and I couldn't be happier about that.

    Overall, I think I'm gonna miss the luxury of being optimistic now that I'm older. Because if there's on thing I learned in 2014, it's that optimism stops existing the moment you officially become an adult.
  15. Nothing. Personally, 2014 isn't really memorable in the slightest.
  16. China, I guess. Little more than two weeks to go before I fly back home.
  17. Wasn't a great year for me. I'm more than happy to move on.
  18. School. Uni is awesome, but I miss my friends, how easy the work was, all the little things about that familiar community. Adjusting to the new environment makes you miss the old one, although I'm sure my glasses are thoroughly rose-tinted regarding it.
  19. Well maybe..... Nope. Nothing I'll miss.
    Excluding Robin TT~TT

    2k14 was the worst year I've had so far.

    Hello to you 2k15!
  20. Nothing.
    Here's to hoping '15 doesn't suck.