Things You Wish People Told You about Growing Up

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  1. I'm sure a lot of you guise can relate, but when I was younger, I had this idealized view of growing up where I would get rich, have friends, and have fun all the time.

    But goddamn was I surprised when I stepped into the realm of adulthood.

    And there were things I wish people told me about growing up.

    I wish people told me that you had to schedule fun time with friends and then friends don't naturally come around like in school. In school you have the people in your classes to get along with and talk to and when you grow up, you don't have people always to chat with. At work there are people going through all walks of life with different interests and personalities. Some people have young children, others are ready to retire, and others are just obsessed with their work. Some are really old and mature, some are just really naive and young. Just because you work in a place with a lot of people doesn't mean you're gonna be friends with them. School had these events that helped you bond with others your age.

    I wish people told me that your friends might disappear. Your friends will go on with their life and if you're too caught up in the idea of having your high school friends be close by forever, it's kind of a shocker when they're not here.

    I wish people told me how much responsibility comes with so much freedom. Now I'm pretty sure they told me, so it's more like I wish I had believed them earlier.

    What do you wish people had told you about growin up?
  2. You will die. Your pets will die. Your friends will die. Your parents will die. Your brothers and sisters will die. Your favourite TV show, musician, or artist? Will die. The building you live in? Will be demolished. Your favourite objects? Decay will get to them too, in time.

    Absolutely, positively everything, including the universe, spirals to nothingness. Like a wind-up clock we're ticking to the end. We will all die.

    So stop worrying about failure: You'll never have another chance at success, and whether you choose to waste your time or to spend it wisely, either way, you will die... So what is truly lost in taking risks and spending your time wisely? To be kind? To ask that girl out that you feel nervous about? To learn how to play a musical instrument? You only get one life. Ensure that when you're on your death bed to the afterlife or to oblivion, that you can look back not with regret, but with a smile. So that when darkness envelopes you too, as surely as it has your parents, your pets, and most of your friends, you can fade in comfort, like going to sleep.

    It's all just a dream, anyway.
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  3. I wish people would've warned me about the hell that is otherwise known as college.

    I also wish someone could have thought me how to be properly independent, because my parents sure as hell couldn't do it.
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  4. Actually a little bit more of the opposite for me. I wish my parents hadn't been so focused on putting ones struggles in relation to others.
    While I can objectively understand that you shouldn't make everything about yourself, it still doesn't make it right to tell a kid who's struggling socially that "they don't have it as bad as X or Y person so don't angst"

    Instead I wished they told me that I would overcome my struggles, either with time, understanding or both because that is a lot more important thing than putting your struggles relative to what other people struggle with. Relativity almost makes it into some morbid contest about who has it worse.
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  5. That it just happens.

    There is no one singular moment where you transition from childhood to adulthood. It's not even a series of steps or a process. It's just one day, when your working a full time job and living in an apartment that you pay for yourself you realize that you're an adult. You don't feel any different, you probably don't look much different and you've certainly haven't matured any. Somehow due to the natural process of living you're considered someone different and are given more rights and responsibilities despite the fact you're almost the exact same person you were five years prior.
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  6. I... Suppose I wouldn't want to have been told anything, really. Sure, a lot of things have happened that I wish I was mentally prepared for at the time, but looking back on it, I don't think it would have done me any good to know about it. Having been forced to face hardships I otherwise never even would've thought of has polished me, and made me into the person I am today. If I had to redo my life, I'd want to throw myself into it unknowingly, in order to feel all the sadness and all the happiness, all the hate and all the love, in its purest essence.
  7. That bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.
  8. Things I Wish People Told Me About Growing Up
    • Taxes
    • Mortgages
    • Insurance
    • Debt
    • Bills
    • Student loans
    • The unavailability of friends
    • The difficulty of arranging get-togethers to actually spend time with friends
    • That some people who are physically adults can still have the maturity of children
    • How god damn good I had it not needing to care about things
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  9. Mostly I would have wanted my dad to more so encourage me to be an open and extroverted person. I'm wayyy to introverted and anxious and nervous. It's hindering the living-of-life and it's a struggle to overcome it. Can be done, but it's a struggle. One of the things I worry most about college is living on my own without friends and family. I'm a solitary person but I'm also an easily lost person. First day on campus alone will be utter hell.
  10. [​IMG]


    You leave behind a timeline.

    You don't fuckin' live by a timeline.

    fukken newbie-ass don't-know-shit-worth-a-damn-yet kids
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  11. You will still look for an "adult" from time to time. Someone who has experienced what you are starting to go through now, then you'll start losing your "adults" and people will make you their "adults" and you will be unsure if your answers, advice, validation, or disagreements will help those that look up to you, because you still don't have all the answers, and you never will.

    You don't have the right to change your life to be happy, you have the responsibility. Responsibilty is hard.
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  12. Sex Education; I wish they'd teach us that but yeah, when I'm an adult sex'll be something I wish they would've told me about growing up.
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  13. I wish I was told having a job is not spending time with other adults and doing your job... No it's spending time with over dramatic highschoolers that you cannot avoid while trying to do your job.
    • No one thinks about you as much as you think they do, so stop worrying about that
    • "Grown up skills" are things you learn as you need them, and start learning at any age. Don't worry that you're not ready
    • Don't plan your life too much; things change and rolling with the punches is a great skill to have
    • Make the effort to stay in touch with those you love; it gets harder to do every year.
    • Your family is annoying, dramatic, heartbreaking, migraine-inducing, and the most important thing in your life. Make the time you have with them count.
    • It's okay to be a little weird as an adult; adulthood does not mean being boring.
  14. Stay in school; Not because you'll make a shitload more money, or because you'll be more successful, but because you'll more than likely waste up to a third of your life until retirement doing something you absolutely despise. Granted, you might not like what you end up doing after college, but changing majors is a lot easier than changing careers.
    • Beat the living shit out of little bro while I can... cause once you hit 18 you'll have a LONG LONG LONG time of wait and he'll take advantage of that at every opportunity.
    • Also ask /him/ out before he dates someone...
    • don't ask /her/ out, she'll hurt you.
    • Ask /Her 2/ out sooner cause she's really into you and was fucking hot.
    • Give up on one friend and help them move on instead.
    • Do what you're currently doing in your classes cause that story on how I graduate is AMAZING and I love it.
    • Also that day was AMAZING so buy lottery tickets, you'd win.
    • Try harder with father, he loves you even though I still dislike him for shit things, but hey trying early is better than trying late.
    • Don't go to college early and think on it more... it's a MAJOR decision, treat it like such fuck wit!
    • You REALLY don't like Z, Y, X, W, & V Kinks... Don't try it, it's bad for you and you'll regret it.
    • Write a book, you had a good idea!
    • Don't let all the fucktards tell you what you should or shouldn't believe and stand up when they call you shit for it. You know what you believe in and stick with it, even if it's a new religion that you make up based off of dragons being gods. Believe the SHIT out of it if and when you want. Only you can tell you what you can or can't believe in.
    • You REALLY like A, B, C & D kinks... Do them whenever you can without regrets.
    • You're Bisexual, get over it and fuck what the family thinks.
    • You're yong, so throw fit or some shit over not knowing how to drive and get a car, you CAN car after all as long as you're able to follow written tip on how NOT to get car sick.
    • Trains and plains are awesome, travel more, you LOVE it.
    • Here are the last six lottery tickets, Learn law, you're good at it.
    • Don't share any of your money with the family.
    • Learn economics and business, you're good at those too.
    • Learn Coding by yourself, not by school. You'll like it more.
    • Stryder is your one, true best friend you'll ever have for life, KEEP IT THAT WAY! He's an honorable friend and will always have your back, even if you don't have his.
    • Everyone else either throws you away or ignores you. Fuck them.
    • Learn better discipline.
    • Buy ALL books from the "Age of Fire" series, they're best books with dragons ever and you'll love them just by concept alone.
    • Fuck EVERYTHING your parents say, go to public school, you need it.
    • Sister can't do public school, she pisses off all your friends and is half the reason why you can't talk to any of them anymore.
    • Last but not least, keep dreaming dude, you're creative and people will see you as such. You make so many people happy and are loved by many. You're not alone and would never be alone. People will love the works you create and will love what you did for them. You saved lives and you helped people get their feet in the ground even when you can't. You'll never be respected by your town for what you did but you will be respected by all the people you helped and one day they'll help you too. It's hard, even for me today but don't give up. There's always a way through, and there's always a choice. *hugs mini-me*
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    1. You don't get a free ice cream pog in an adult meal at Dairy Queen
    2. Death is inevitable, living is optional
    3. Intelligence isn't all mathematics, it is your ability to adapt
    4. It is far better to love and be loved than to outright refuse it because you've been hurt by it
    5. (Quote taken from FMAB) 'There's no such thing as a painless lesson, they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary, you can't gain anything without losing something first.
    6. You can't live your life in a petal, you must venture down and face your thorns.
  15. That Buddhism is much more rewarding in times of stress.

    OH! And how to work on cars.

    That's about it.
  16. People behave like high school kids FOREVER. FOR. EV. ER. If you think people will be more mature in college or in the work place, you're wrong. 8D There will still be cliques, mean girls, perv guys that only care about sex, back stabbing, that weirdo you think might kill everyone, the cool peeps, the nerds. All those fun stereotypes and social crap you thought people would grow out of.

    For the rest of your life!
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  17. I'm here... to co-sign on Diana's shit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    p.s. Hanging out with older folk doesn't ensure shit and on the flipside you'll unwittingly bring high school-esque drama into their lives.

    p.p.s. When older folk, the "adults" told your young-ass that you're "mature for your age" it's code for "You don't make me feel old", and, "I don't find you exhausting". u still a kid tho
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