Things you think about doing, but wisely never do.

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  1. So I am sitting here in bed. Gibs is sleeping nekkid next to me. And I have the worst, most horrible urge to take one of my banana chips and stick it between his buttcrack. Then see how long it stays there. >> I am an abusive wife.

    Thus brings on this topic!

    What are some things you have thought about doing, but it's a dumb/bad/stupid idea and you wisely don't do it?
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  2. Horribly destructive things

    You know how the pupil (black part) of your eye is basically a hole? I've thought about sticking a pin in to see if the middle of my eye would feel it

    I have white spots on my nails that may or may not be signs of calcium deficiency (a sustained high-calcium diet doesn't seem to help), I've thought about ripping a mail off completely to see if it grows back normal

    When I really don't wanna go to work I wonder if I'd be excused for rolling my car into a ditch or swallowing a dozen Advil so I'd throw up

    When I'm holding up something heavy I think about what would happen if I dropped it on someone

    When someone posts details about themselves like their town, phone number, or street address (it happened), I think about how easy it would be to narrow down their information and stalk them

    I think I'm just a horrible criminal waiting for a trigger
  3. You scare me, Minibit. O_O Just a little bit.
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  4. Touch everyone's butts.
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  5. Hmm... There's quite a few that I can't share for certain reasons >.< but here's a few I can share;
    1. Taking one of our family cars for a joyride (under-age to be legally driving btw) and that was when I was younger >.<
    2. Breaking expensive things, usually ones I'm holding onto (XD That just makes me get nervous that one of these days I will end up breaking something expensive due to this temptation)
    3. Jumping off high places and other things that may put my life at risk (I used to wonder when I was younger what would happen if I jumped off that high ledge/crossed that busy road etc.)
    4. Disobey warning signs such as;
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Shaving my head. I have wanted to shave my head for years, but my husband said he'd divorce me if I did. (I may do it in support of my aunt if she has to go through chemo.)
  7. Sometimes, I want to just take everything out of my workplace just because I'm the one that normally has to close the place up. (I work at Game Stop)
  8. Honestly I am a very impulsive person only tempered by both legal concerns and my own slightly twisted sense of morality. But my top five things I stop myself from doing are

    #1- I have severe issues with those that waste their time with tabloids. I have often wanted to throttle each and every single one of them. I mean why are we wasting resources on this when there are far more worthy causes. I never have actually done it because. .well jail time mostly.

    #2- You know those signs that say caution wet floor. Always wanted to nick one, hide it, and wait to see what happens.

    #3- I have always wanted to petition to get companies to remove the warning on coffee cups just to see if there are truly people out there that stupid.

    #4- I have always wanted to pull of some grand Robin Hood type robbery.

    #5- I have been tempted time from time to key every single expensive car I've come across. You know the cars that only show money and not taste.

  9. ...And why have you not done this yet?
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  10. I'm fairly certain if I answered this question honestly I'd have the police at my door within the hour.
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  11. Scream when I'm angry....tell off jerks who think they're better than everyone else... (aka "that's my spot I need it because I drive a big car and refuse to park anywhere else so you have to move yours even though you're only here half of the day"). Oh yeah, and sometimes I just wanna punch people in the face. Sometimes for a reason....sometimes for no reason at all. I should really join a kickboxing class or something.
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  12. I do believe this is also the case for me.
  13. I get the urge to grab for soldier's weapons whenever I'm near one and bash them on the heads with it. Last time it was a palace guard in Bangkok.

    I sometimes get the urge to stop going online for a month and quietly observe what happens.

    I get the urge to get on my moped naked and play chicken with lorries.

    I get the urge to go out in my suit with a black bluetooth headset and follow people around talking into it constantly. If they stop I'd stop. If they look at me I'd look away and ignore any attempted communication except to tell them I'm not there before walking away.

    I get the urge to cut myself before walkign into work and pretending like I'm not bleeding if someone points it out, and if they try to grab me I'd accuse them of assaulting me.

    Going into work in leather&lace to hand in my resignation.

    While driving along any road I wonder what would happen if I kept going.
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  14. Murder, arson, and assault, usually.

    I'm not an imaginative person.
  15. I get the urge to put superglue on people's chairs before they sit down because that'd be hilarious.... Just imagine them trying to get up.....

    I already prank people and be as disruptive as humanly possible... hm...

    I want to rip a door off it's hinges.

    And I want to get married to everyone on Iwaku :)
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  16. When I see super cute things, the kind that make me squee in delight, I have this sudden urge to just… break them. Whether they be baby animals, or disturbingly adorable figurines , or whatever it is that has gotten me to this point, I just want to pick it up and tear it apart.

    I've bolted from stores and petting zoos before. Kinda embarrassing >.>

    I didn't shave mine, but I did buzz it down to military lengths. (about an eighth of an inch)
    Totally worth it. It felt great during the summer, I could suddenly wear absolutely anything without needing to style, I didn't really have to bother with shampoo...
    10/10 would buzz again

    I really want to purposefully break every social convention that isn't technically illegal, just because I can. You can do some pretty darn awful things that aren't illegal and I want to know how many I could realistically get away with before I got murdered, locked up, or just beaten severely.
  18. There are times when I just want to drop everything and walk. I have very, very strong wanderlust, and sometimes it becomes difficult to suppress it. I've already had one nearly year-long walkabout, and it did nothing to sate it. I would love to live as a vagabond, but some other aspects of my life don't allow for it.
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  19. I've gotten this urge too! I've always thought it would be fun to see how far I could get with just my feet and a backpack. O.O
  20. That was what my original walkabout was all about, somewhat. I love the distance I actually made, though. It ended up being nearly exactly 3,333 kilometers. From Iowa to Florida and back.
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