Things you should never watch on TV while drunk.

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  1. So, Isaboo and I got smashed last night and watched TV. :D We were watching this cool Blue Planet special about the DEEP DEEP SEA.

    ...that's apparently not such a great idea while you've been drinking, cause some of those fish were freaky as fuck and well... we reacted like morons. t____t

    What should we never watch on TV while drunk/high?
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  2. Surgery shows. I love to watch them when I'm sober, but I have a huge fear of needles that really shows when I'm drunk.

    Also, don't watch weight-loss shows, they make me really agitated when I'm drunk.
  3. Shows about roller coasters. It turns me green every time.
  4. Certain animes that involve lolis killing each other...

    ...because apparently when I'm drunk I go off on tangents about how they could have tortured them better.
  5. I do not understand people's fear of needles.. I have to give myself shots in the vein to stay alive... needles are just not scary to me..
  6. Im rather sick and twisted and like needles, I mean if they help you live great.. but I like to watch the blood go up the little butterfly tube thing.. and well yeah..

    ANYWAY!!! sorry

    Never ever watch.. something scary... cuz being drunk you might think its real!! (not that like its happen to me..*looks down and away*
  7. I got another one may be a personal thing but Gibbs gets on my nerves when I've been drinking. He makes me want to punch kittens.
  8. Trippy movies.

    You're totally gonna be rambling on about the fallacies of the film.

    And by that I mean "woah."
  9. Pee-wee Herman.
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