Things you should never watch on TV while drunk.

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  1. So, Isaboo and I got smashed last night and watched TV. :D We were watching this cool Blue Planet special about the DEEP DEEP SEA.

    ...that's apparently not such a great idea while you've been drinking, cause some of those fish were freaky as fuck and well... we reacted like morons. t____t

    What should we never watch on TV while drunk/high?
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  2. Surgery shows. I love to watch them when I'm sober, but I have a huge fear of needles that really shows when I'm drunk.

    Also, don't watch weight-loss shows, they make me really agitated when I'm drunk.
  3. Shows about roller coasters. It turns me green every time.
  4. Certain animes that involve lolis killing each other...

    ...because apparently when I'm drunk I go off on tangents about how they could have tortured them better.
  5. Illusion Game:


    Welcome to the USS Ascension, an Orion Drive-powered, self-sustaining generation ship secretly built by the United States at the height of the Cold War to establish a settlement at Proxima Centauri.

    In 1963, 600 volunteers, including men, women, and children were made a part of a covert space mission that President Kennedy and the U.S. government conceived of, fearing the Cold War will escalate and lead to the destruction of Earth. The voyage was to take a century to complete, leading to generations of passengers living and dying on the ship. On year 51 of the journey, the ship approaches its point of no return.

    The population is generally divided into two classes, the one living at the top of the ship in relative comfort, and the rest who are the ones who make the ship actually function. Living on the lower deck is looked down upon those who live on the upper deck, despite their integral part of the ship's function. Racial discrimination has dissolved on the ship during its years in space.

    All occupants on the ship are given implants at birth that act as permanent birth control. No couples on the ship are allowed to have children unless selected for the Birth List, a lottery that is chosen by a computer. New births are only allowed as long as deaths have occurred in that same year. Individuals who rip out their implants and have children are cast to the lower decks if found out. Children birthed in this manner are referred to as Unlisted and do not receive ship rations as a result.

    Despite the ship being built on 1960's technology, the ship itself and many devices on the ship are ahead of their time, some of it having been developed on the ship itself. It is believed that giving great scientists a contained space for many years has led to these breakthroughs. However, the culture on the ship has generally stagnated, with 1960's fashion and pop culture staying almost unchanged in what could be seen as a human time capsule.

    Youth on the ship develop a medical condition called The Crisis, when they realize they have no hope of doing anything other than what's planned for them or ever visiting any place other than the ship they grew up on. This is generally worse on those in the lower decks, who have developed the common saying of having "No Future", which is often said as an excuse for bad behaviour or acting out. Youth from the lower decks can apply for apprenticeships for jobs on the upper decks in hopes of being able to move up their station, but only a few are able to make the cut.


    Despite being an illusion game, this game will have a role like the traitor. One player will be the Saboteur, who will set off the events of the illusion game by killing a passenger of the ship, an event that hasn't occurred in the previous 50 years on the ship. In this game there will be no saviors, but one player each round will randomly be given their true memories.

    Characters will also have to choose jobs or apprenticeships, depending on their age. One could choose a job and generally ignore it IC, but it's more just to provide flavor for the characters. Jobs include...

    Though the name might imply otherwise, women who are a part of the Stewardesses maintain a high level of power on the ship as they work under the Captain's wife, the Chief Steward. Stewardesses provide entertainment on the ship and are generally looked upon to put together/host social gatherings. It's said that they also provide the side benefit of gathering intel for the Captain and his wife...

    The councilors act as the government aboard the ship, which the ship's Captain and wife are a part of. They carry out the laws on the ship and maintain order, though it's not uncommon for them to be a bit corrupt in their effort to gain power. It is from the councilors that new Captains are chosen, so sabotaging the current Captain could be tempting to some.

    A military unit acts as the physical arm of the Captain and the councilors. They maintain military ranks and keep the peace on board the ship. The Captain acts as the unit's Commanding Officer. At the lowest ranks are safety officers who act like a police force, led by the Chief Safety Officer.

    Led by the Chief Medical Officer, the medical team consist of doctors and nurses who provide service to all of the ship, though a few are stationed almost permanently on the lower decks and are subjected to the classism of the ship society.

    The Astronomers keep updates on the ship's status and provide navigation for the ship when required. Some astronomers act as teachers as they are the leading experts on space and the ships's galaxy destination. They also can provide maintenance if required.

    Under the astronomers are the regular teachers who maintain schools for the children on board the ship. Like the medical team, some teachers are largely stationed on the lower decks and some even work outside the system to provide education for Unlisted children.

    The Terraforming Department is a branch of the military unit but not necessarily a part of it. It is this group that trains and does research on the projected environment of the planet they hope to one day rebuild humanity on.

    On the line between the upper and lower decks sits the agriculture department, whose tasks include maintaining the ship's greenhouses and primary food supply.

    You could also choose to be a lower deck maintenance worker, but you would require a connection to someone on the upper deck to stay relevant. For important positions like the Captain, you'll have to talk to me.​
  6. Im rather sick and twisted and like needles, I mean if they help you live great.. but I like to watch the blood go up the little butterfly tube thing.. and well yeah..

    ANYWAY!!! sorry

    Never ever watch.. something scary... cuz being drunk you might think its real!! (not that like its happen to me..*looks down and away*
  7. I got another one may be a personal thing but Gibbs gets on my nerves when I've been drinking. He makes me want to punch kittens.
  8. Pee-wee Herman.
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