Things you NEVER want to hear your Game Master Say

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    All hilarious comments aside, what are some things you would dread to hear from one of your Game Masters?

    I think I ran in to mine a few days ago when Asmo popped in to chat and said "So I am going to run this Mecha roleplay..."
  2. "Yes you can do that. This is going to be interesting now!"
  3. "..."

    (Long silence brought about by your GM leaving.
  4. "I can't tell you why, but I'm going to need you to roll a spot check."
  5. "Want to Smut RP?"
  6. *said in response to the roll you've just made, accompanied by a shit-eating grin*

    "Oh well isn't that interesting."
  7. "Rocks fall, you're all dead."

    "Dragon breathes fire, you're all dead."

    "Everyone, I need you to roll a Perception check. Shit's about to get interesting."
  8. I think we can all agree that "interesting" is a bad thing?
  9. "You know, I was thinking from now on, we could switch to Fourth Edition?"

    "Your character can't do that."

    "lol im so high right now"
  10. Something something something Forest of Piss.
  11. "You can do whatever you want, don't worry! We'll just have to work out the consequences afterwards~"
  12. "Time to pull some Final Destination shit..."
  13. how interesting *with a look of evil intent*
  14. "Are you suuuuuure you want to do that?" (Guy likes to mess with us and make us second guess ourselves for fun)
    "You are now married to a Catachan Woman, Congratulations" (This one was actually kind of funny)
    "He turned off the bomb collar"(This One Ended Up Killing Me More Painfully Than Expected)
    "Yes, you can attempt to meld your mind into the hive mind" (This one ended in a party wipe)
  15. "You're opening that door?" *rifles pages* "I have no idea what happens next so you're dead!" - That was a joke but it was still 'whaaaaaaaat?'.

    "Do you really want to do that?"

    "Oh. I missed that. I was wondering if there was a monster in this part... A swirling form starts to take shape in the ashes and -"
  16. "You come around a corner and see... okay, roll a d20. You see nothing but an empty room."
  17. "I am sorry, but you have to remake your character from scratch."

    "Your character just died and they cannot be resurrected."

    And the most dreadful of all... "Are you sure?"
  18. "No, your character's too [insert adjetive other than creative, because I sometimes feel that's what they mean]"

    "You can't do worldbuilding in my world I built!"

    "Carbuncles are fancreatures for Final Fantasy"

    That last one makes me just go