Things you miss about being a kid!

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Once upon a time we were children. t___t Fun having children without any responsibilities or cares in the world

What do you miss most about being a kid?

...I miss not having to pay bills. >> And when a dollar seemed like SO MUCH MONEY.

And when I could run wild in the street without people looking at me funny. XD
I miss a lot of old video games, though over the past few years that problem has begun to remedy itself.

I also miss/regret High School. I'd do that over again given the chance.
Same as you, Diana. I miss the simplicity and easy-going lifestyle I had as a kid. No need for a job, no responsibility above cleaning the house and getting good grades, no romance... Just me, my nerdy hobbies and my 90s music.

*sighs and smiles at the memories*
I miss no bills too! and when school had a NAP TIME lol.

one thing I dont miss is "Im going to tell on you!" Those were the scariest words EVER LOL.
I miss being carefree and that feeling where everything is new and exciting.
Not much. I'm still a kid at heart, so screw nostalgia.
I miss the ability to just spend day after day playing with my friends and never getting bored. There was always some new idea, a new adventure of some kind.
I think I'd say I miss the lack of responsibility. It was okay if I ran around outside all day because someone else was going to clean, cook, earn money... I'd like to sometimes run around like a child and stop worrying about everything. I was blissfully worry-free as a child.
I miss being able to trust. Unless you're naive or not me, that becomes so hard as an adult. Arms length away, plox.
The only thing i miss is the FREE TIME. nowadays there are so many responsibilities and things to do that you can't really take time out to really enjoy unless you TRY YOUR BEST <3
When you are a kid and do not know anything about the world, so your imagination and dreams fills in all the gaps. As you grow older the fairy tale fades and try as you might, the magic is gone. Forever.
I miss being able to trust. Unless you're naive or not me, that becomes so hard as an adult. Arms length away, plox.

That's different Rory, but no, I don't even trust my wife 100%. It's nothing personal, honestly!
I miss not feeling like I have the lives of X number of people on my shoulders, where X equals my list of clinic patients plus my current list of hospitalized patients. Plus the ones who decide to code on me while I'm on call.
I miss hearing the ice cream man and being so fucking excited that I'd chase him across the neighborhood just to get an ice cream. o___o
I miss not having to care about nothing and care about meaning less stuff.
Not stressing every fecking detail. It's like when I hit 20, everything just went down hill. Getting sick all the time, home life stressful, depression, wanting to get the hell away from this place.

When I was a kid, I was utterly clueless and totally happy.

< /emo post>
I miss trading Pokemon cards with my neighbors, and fooling them to believe that the Machop I had was awesome, when in reality I'd be getting better cards.