Things you look forward to around the holidays

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  1. When this time of year hits we have three months with three holidays right in a row.
    Even if you don't celebrate any of them odds are there are still things that you enjoy about this time of year. Whether it be the after Halloween candy sales or the chance to get together with family, what are the things you look forward to?

    I always like the squash and pumpkin dishes I get to make this time of year
    I look forward to seeing family
    Watching the leaves turn and seeing everyone's decorations
    The short time period where Christmas carols are acceptable
  2. Fall and winter holidays are the BEST holidays. O__O Because everything is covered in glitter and the post holiday sales are sweeeeeeet.

    I love planning the family parties. >:3 I get to decorate the house and put together a menu.
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  3. I have two; Canadian thanksgiving was back in October

    I like the snowy weather, look forward to my family gathering together, and I also like all the holiday sweets and the crafts I get to make!
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  4. My brother coming to visit! Yay.

    Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, but I always look forward to dinner. My aunt makes the best stuffing. :9 We get basically the same dinner on Christmas day, too, so this time of year it's just a lot of excitement for good food. My mom cooks Christmas eve dinner, which is pork roast, potato dumplings, red cabbage, green bean casserole, and lots of gravy. I love having the two distinct traditional dinners, back to back.

    Basically: Food

    I love food
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  5. Thanksgiving
    Technically September October for us Canadians, but for the sake of the topic I'll include it here.
    • All the Food! Seriously, I go crazy on ham sandwiches.
    • Seeing the Family is nice (when not being dramatic about facebook that is), doesn't happen too often these days.
    • The Ability to show off being Canadian and it being in September October. :P

    • Candy. Even though I don't trick or treat. But we live in an inconvenient to reach neighbourhood, so almost no kids bother coming here. Yet my Parents buy a ton of candy every year just in-case so no kid goes home upset. This means a ton of leftover Candy.
    • Excuse for Cosplay that's not Con Related
    • Being able to compare Costumes to Cosplays
    • Easier to meet up with Friends. (It's easier for friends to back out of work or family demands for holidays like Halloween than simply going "I wanna be social").
    • Food and Family, just like Thanksgiving.
    • The Gifts. Christmas + Birthday Cash is what the majority of my games are from, and it's what I need to get the Graphics Card required for Fallout 4.
    • Several weeks off. Admittedly, due to academic limbo this isn't much of a perk this year specifically, but generally these few weeks off are heaven.
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  6. Whoa okay, two of y'all saying you have Thanksgiving in September: when? :O Because Thanksgiving holiday was definitely October 10-12 this year!
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  7. *Looks above*

    Minibit's post threw me off! XD

    You're right, it is October.

  8. food
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  9. 1) Winter/Fall Fashion! YEEAAAAHHH BOI.

    2) Turkey Sammiches.

    3) Generally happier, kinder, less-douchey people.
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  10. Om like Will Farrel in Elf during this time of year!

    I love....

    Christmas music (But HATE Taylor Swift's versions)

    Family get togethers!

    Shopping for Christmas presents!


    A Christmas Story/Elf on TV

    Christmas Tree cutting/decorating


    I could go on but I think you get the point...
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  11. FOOTBALL!!
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  12. My favourite holiday is christmas, mostly because its so cheerful most of the time it gets rid of the stress you had for the past year, plus my favourite thing is spending a lot of time with my family during it especially when we hang up the christmas tree (The tree we got and kept using for years was blue for some reason..We eventually got rid of it for a more..Better tree which was white.) And then of course, christmas eve and day happens which is the best part of christmas due to the excitement of presents and the dinner we have.

    Also the specials and movie's that air during that time of the year, despite realising it was crap as i got older i still love. "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer." I still cant get the song Cousin Mel and the evil lawyer lady randomly sing out of my head every time its mentioned or i hear it.

    The Nostalgia Critic's review was funny as hell.

    The other holidays are fine, but christmas holds a very..Very..Very special place in my heart it take away all of my troubles and replaces it with happiness and snow!

    And your reading this from a guy who has a psychotic bear as a profile picture.
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  13. - more time with friends and family
    - less days at work
    - weather, hopefully some snow fall occasionally
    - nighttime illuminations
    - presents :)
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  14. Colder weather, hot beverages, Steam Sales :D
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  15. i look forward to completing the anime's that i have started watching on the holidays
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    • "This is your Christmas and birthday and New Year present!!"
    • Hot summer weather 42oC, sunburn and sweat glory and air conditioning fuck sunscreen.
    • Holidays sales are a joy to my wallet and low, low budget.
    • The occasional Christmas barbeques with stuff thrown on from shrimps to Korean bbq mode.
    • A month free from school
    • Emotional healing time.
    • Emotional crying time.
    • Wondering what I can do with 24 hours of free time.
    • Realize I have homework.
    • Realize I forgot to bring homework home.
    • Procrastinate.
    • Celebrating New Years in the central city where there's red confetti everywhere and money and free food and touch the dancing lions and dragons for good luck and sweet goodness new year cakes.
    • The occasional red pockets. Occasional.
    • New Year feasts.
    • Realize for the past two years Chinese New Year is in the middle of school so the celebrations have been shit.
    • Hope for the next holidays to come.
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  17. Eggnog! I need nothing else.


    Getting to see my family together for the first time in eight years.

    Snow, which I also haven't seen in eight years.

    Watching my kids playing with their cousins.

    And three weeks of not having to wake up early.
  18. Hot cocoa and apple cider for days!

    Harvest is the best time of year. There's so much wonderful food here and it gets passed around. :3
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  19. For October I love to dress up the house in fall colors. I'll put up my wreath and decorate the kitchen table which stays up through Thanksgiving.
    For Thanksgiving we get together as a family and we all eat at grandma's house. Everyone brings in a dish and we have a nice Spanish get together with traditional foods and drinks and lots of Spanish speaking lol.
    After thanksgiving its time to decorate for Christmas so the tree goes up, the lights, and the fall wreath turns into a Christmas one. We usually have some friends stay over Christmas eve so we can all celebrate Christmas morning with my daughter as she rips open presents. Its very nice.
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  20. We Finns don't celebrate mass murder so no Thanksgiving for me.

    Halloween isn't a big thing here. I actually 'celebrated' this holiday for the first time ever this year by dressing up as some kind of undead and going to a small-ish party.

    I like Christmas because I get to sleep for few weeks.

    Finland's independence day is on December though so yay for that.
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