Things You Learn in Retail Stores

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  1. "Are you sure?"
  2. 6 - It's a very shitty job.
  3. 7 - Even rich people are trashy people.

    8 - Do not underestimate a woman's ability to take Pop Song of the Moment and run it into the ground.

    9 - Gypsies. Fuckin' gypsies.
  4. Agreed 100%

    10- Anyone will come up to the register with a "defective item" and try to get a discount!
    11- Easy to steal from ( happened millions of times when i worked there) and everyone working will just stare, and dramatically say "OH Noooooooo". but not do anything!
  5. 12. People like to whine bitch and complain to you for an hour, but when you offer them an exchange they just refuse, saying that you've already ruined their children's lives and nothing we can do will ever correct it....fucking cunts.
  6. 13. "Where is the cellphone section?" "Oh, it's at the front of the store." "... We were just there, we didn't see it." "Right. There. Underneath that big sign that says 'CELLULAR PHONES.' " "... Where?"
  7. People drive shopping carts just like they do cars. You seriously need to watch yourself or you'll get ran over!
  8. “She’s playing the demons. Everyone knows she only use fallen, and even her fallen are vetted carefully.” Harmony roll her eyes, “Me and her.. we have a different arrangement.”
  9. Zeta shrugged, she didn't really like the teacher right now, sure the woman was just doing her job but that didn't mean that Zeta couldn't hate her right now. The twins would leave, however their next classes was not together. Now in class Alec would simply see Zeta being fairly normal, she would continue her tweaking of her gauntlet, answering questions the teacher gave and she knew the answer. She was technically paying attention, she just wasn't really showing this fact.

    Now Alcran was seeing something far different. Zera was at her desk, curled into as tight a ball she could, twitching, and hyperventilating. Whenever anyone got close to her she would give a rather loud scream, followed by even more twitches. Most of the staff had already been...notified of Zera's little quirk, so the teacher simply made sure no student went over to her. Shale was sitting on Zera's desk watching the teacher. Unfortunately in this school Zera couldn't really be near her sister, and had to be in a room with a large number of strangers. So the girl was pretty much having a mental breakdown, hoping that the class would end quickly so she could get back to her sister. She has more classes after this too doesn't she?
  10. “The oldest Furor sired by Alexander dated back to the dawn of time but the oldest living one who survived her massacre is Mars and she only stopped because of she kept at it, it meant she had to kill Diane too.”
  11. Goodnight Legate!
  12. Astaroth smiled. "You can come out."