Things You Find Tasty

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  1. So, a restaurant me, my family and lots of other people ate at regularly, has had to close down. Why? Because that wasn't pork or beef or what-have-you.
    They were serving dog.
    It got me thinking, though - if dog tastes so good, what else does?
    So, I ask you, Iwaku - what kind of things not normally seen on your nearby eating establishment's menu, do you like?
    There is no wrong answer, what could be considered disgusting here may be a delicacy in another country.


    Says the westernized and americanized Asian.
  3. I'll try almost anything once or twice. Nothing too strange, really. Tripe in burritos and soup, headcheese, blood sausage, live scallops, sea urchin. Those are among the 'different' foods I've tried. Not really all that weird.

    I would try dog or cat. Just to say I did.
  4. Actually, in my discussions with some americans it's very interesting to hear that they have a strong aversion to seafood. Lobsters being 'gigantic sea bugs' and all that, crabs, fish, squids, etc, etc.
  5. I've eaten lots of things. My family is German and my grandfather makes a tantalizing rabbit stew.
    My step-grandfather is from the south and has cooked both squirrel and turtle for us. As much as the American in me cringes at the thought of eating dogs, I can recognize that it's because my family, like many others, treats the animal as part of the household.

    It would be the same for us if our culture had commonly taken to keeping pigs as household pets instead of dogs - bacon wouldn't seem so appetizing to people, I'm sure.
  6. Squid.
    I shouldn't have eaten it.
    My parents tricked me!!!
    I feel bad...
    poor Squidward.
  7. I can't think of anything really strange that I've eaten... >< I guess the strangest to ME would be the gator.

    I love Koori's article though. XD

    I'd prolly try just about every animal at least once... EXCEPT CAT. t_____t I couldn't eat a cat. I love cats too much, I would cry.
  8. Whale-meat.

  9. ....Sometimes I like raw stuff...

    I kind of like raw pancakes x. x or raw rice...
  10. I like a wide variety of food and likely would try just about anything. I don't know what the weirdest thing I've eaten was, but I must say salmon roe is intense. It's like the taste of a whole salmon in a little pearl. I still don't know if I like it or not, but it was intense!
  11. Salmon intense? Hmm, I don't know if I should try it. What does it taste like?
  12. Like they put a king salmon's flavor in a pearl! Aaaaaaaal the flavor, in one tiny power punch!
  13. Salmon roe? It's just a small, tense, salty fluid filled sack.
  14. Eww, Unanuny! 'Filled Sack' sounds like something I would probably puke.
  15. Now you're just being picky. It's no different the a grape!
  16. It makes it better if I think of a grape. Yum. I am not picky....well maybe a bit but still. I am going to try the Salmon when I have the chance. Hopefully I won't die from nasty taste