Things you don't want the person sitting next to you to say.

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  1. I understand. I don't want you to take on too much. Again, I'm here to help if you need it.
  2. Astorath folllowed humming to himself.
  3. Kunari walk into her room and smile as she saw Ashley awake in her bed, "My.. so sweet."

    Ashley was playing with her toys in her crib.
  4. A Ninja clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. Been building em up in Gotham to New York City in a scheme meant to wipe out all the street-level heroes and pave the way for Underworld control.
  5. Pakura is alive and she now has a new reason to hate both villages.
  6. Okie :3!

    Sorry again if I seemed like a grouch or anything XD
  7. And good morning?
  8. And I, am its Ringmaster.

    For those who don't know, I've been leading up to a very special RP, meant for Talented to Enhanced levels on up. Its a jump-in, which means any time I run a specific event, you're free to come along and have fun. And it'll take place in order of the following.

    Gotham City.

    New York City.

    Followed by a final encounter in Madripoor.

    Will try to run these events whenever I can, hope to see you there!

    That said, reposting the beginning here for those who might have missed, just in case.

    Also, this thread I think I'll keep for the stuff I run so if people have questions about this, please ask and tag me here! I'll do my best to answer.


    Tiger Claw had much to answer for.

    The news spread like wildfire and it was only a matter of time before the heroes took note. The Bat, the others...Gotham City was currently their weakest link, with the Foot Clan exposed so readily. And long before the plan was to be set in motion. Inquisitor had yet to answer his call, which meant he'd require a division of his forces now. It was no longer a question of Gotham City as a whole coming under their clandestine control from the shadows. The gauntlet had been thrown and open war would have to be declared. Their enemies would certainly not hold back, so he would strike like so and ensure they would not strike again.

    Luckily, Gotham City was in many respects a much more palpable place to examine the stages of the plan to be set in motion. Its corruption made for a viable soil for the Foot Clan to perform their work making it easy to place their agents at every level. And when it finally burned, it would burn all the brighter as a symbol to the world itself. It was time to take control.

    The revolution started now.



    There were few men who could meet the Shredder for height and power without some form of mutation or enhancement. Hun, the leader of the Purple Dragon street gang and one of his many lieutenants was one of them. A reliable tool in and of himself, born to the streets and its beat. Violence was second nature to him and his animalistic nature was something the Shredder valued highly. The streets of New York City was his jungle. The hapless citizens, his chosen prey.

    Hun bowed his head in respect and the Shredder responded.

    "It is time. I'm putting out a bounty. One million dollars, per known vigilante head for anyone who makes the kill. There is no one I want brought alive. I want this out on the streets of Gotham City immediately!"

    Hun paused in confusion.

    "....Gotham City, master?"

    He froze as the Shredder began to laugh. A quiet, dark intonation that tainted all within hearing as his eyes glinted within the helmet.

    "Gotham City. It will be our first testing ground, to determine our weaknesses in the plan for New York City."

    Up rose the claw, a finger lazily pointing in Hun's direction.

    "And I want you to accompany Tiger Claw's replacements."


    There was no smoke. No whisper of noise, nor any indication that something had arrived. One moment, it was simply the Shredder and Hun. The second, the Foot Elite had appeared in the chamber, bowing to the Shredder as Hun looked on in stunned stupor.

    "A-all of them, Master?"

    "All four shall visit Gotham City. Elite! Your instructions are clear. I want Gotham burned to the ground! And no freak, no police...No government will prevent you from carrying out my will! BEGONE!"

    Hun would be no less quick then the Elite, all five of them vanishing from the Masters presence as the former grinned widely. Well then. Gotham City beckoned. And the Master had commanded them. What else could they do but obey?

    And alone in his chamber, the Shredder began to laugh. The die had been cast.

    It was time to play.

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  9. Not sure. XD
  10. Sure. Like Zeria had to go to another noble house for something, so while the servants are still behind its really only Sophia and Liz
  11. Noah noticed her annoyed tone and how she motioned towards the bag she was holding to say she was new to town. He smiled when she finished what she had to say and introduced herself as an aspiring detective, he watched as she bowed and then said why she did. "ahh haha no problem there, im not usually this messy you just caught me after i finished a project. and i could show you to the local station, or give you a ride even, as for a detective agency, i don't think Harishine has one yet." he said pointing out his motorcycle as he offered her the ride. the red head had put away his phone now that he was in a conversation with with the girl in front of him, she looked a little cute, but no more than most girls.

  12. I ship latios and grimer. They need to move on from gardevoir and learn to love each other.
  13. "I'm going to check on Melissa."
  14. Ashley smile at him and babble softly.

    Kunari smile as she watch them.
  15. He pulled Ashley close and kissed her forehead.
  16. Ashley laugh more.

    Kunari reach out for Ashley.
  17. Oooh xD we have a smooth talker.
  18. I still haven't grown used to iOS 10's "Press button to unlock."

    I liked slide to unlock. :(
  19. One pocket holds garlic bread and either pretzels or saltine crackers. Another holds sweet, chewy candies like gum or sour patch kids. The third holds snacks like jerky and protein bars.


    As we know

    Protein can do anything.