Things you can't live with out!

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  1. Then I will keep Azalia in New York. Her doing a Concert at a club isnt massive but it would be a good alternative.
  2. Good Evening?
  3. Hmm, I like it. I will probably work on my sheets in the morning. Since I did not get around to it today.
  4. "Yeah, we just have to wait."
  5. Melissa follow beside him, "Animals are sensitive."
  6. Astaroth sat and pulled Melissa into his lap.
  7. Melissa giggles as she pet it, "Hello."
  8. Melody gurgle softly, ".. hi.."
  9. Anya stare at Lucius, "We just saw it."
  10. Astaroth picked Melody up. "Miss me?"
  11. "I haven't even thought about it."
  12. Melody nods slowly.
  13. Melody mumble softly.

    "Mel-Mel?" Harmony rub her eyes sleepily.
  14. Sounds like we're gonna have some fun. Lol
  15. Haha. She gonna let Seth suffer by Garret's hand or is it a scare tactic? Garret's gonna be pissed and want to take it out on Seth since he's a prisoner now stripped of his position and such.
  16. "It'll be quieter."

    Nora smile and quietly leave the room.
  17. Well, I guess...evening. Lol
  18. Eh. I guess I'd be pretty fussy too if I got three huge needles in my thighs and was too young to get Tylenol. Poor baby.
  19. My phone, my laptop, and my puppy. :3

    ...cheeseburgers are kinda nice too.. >.>