Things you can't live with out!

Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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I just though of this right now.. Cause I am drinking my wonderful liquor. Alcohol and fried chicken are my most favorite things ever. I don't think I can pick between the two if I was forced to give one up! seriously.. I'd burst into flames if I ever have to pick..

How bout you fellas? Got two loves you can pick from?

Imagine how sucky the world would be without cheese.

Medication. D: Without nonaspirin pain killers and good old fashion flu meds, I think I might have died.
Vay. My computer. The net. If taken away from these things I become a bitch ^-^

EDIT! Diana has a good damn point...cheese...yes...cheese...
Seeing people bike right into lamp posts, and cheeseburgers.

I kinda cheeted with that last one because I love all kinds of cheese, and I like the feeling of consuming a cow's Soul Vessel.
Err...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take this so seriously.

Sports and music, women and eh...cheese? No! I can do fine without the damn cheese. So women and......a gym. =S
.....I'm gonna sound like a pig.

People. Food. Animals. Drawing supplies.

Julezes/TKs wouldn't exist without all four. I need people because if you leave me alone for too long.... I get..... too.... ergh.... angry... and unhappy. Food because I eat like a beast (I looked it up, and I eat about as much as Michael Phelps each meal. I ate a pound of pasta last night. I eat like that every day. I don't work out. And I'm not fat. Doesn't make sense, does it?) Animals because TKs love to help animals and without them, TKs would be sad and meaningless. Art because TKs love drawing and making art as much as looking at other people's art.


I couldn't live without my education. From smarts comes options, from options, power.
My Macbook and my Internet connection. They are the only things that make up most of my life. <.< Sad.

Well, and money, so that I could get my constant supply of Coke. So, if my Mum takes that away from me, again... Grr...
Chocolate!!!! Also, Mexican food and food in general. My mom (for sure), and school (because then I would know hardly anyone and be more ignorant than I already possibly am @.@;).
**High5s for Aqua

Yes, Mexican food is high on my list. Along with $$ and The internet.
Sadly a hat... Everytime I leave the house to go somewhere, I have to have a hat... To loose such a thing would be unaceptable.
Easily made food, video games, my hamsters Hurley, Burly, and Shirly.

:3 Iwaku.
Music and hot beverages! You want to see a bitch from hell, take those things from me and prevent me from having hope.
My boyfriend's dick, the internet, food (of course), my external hard drive, and my portfolio.

You know, things like that :P

Oh, and coffee.
I forgot about music.. I'd get rid of booze and fried chicken to keep that!

TKs are like Isabellas now?
i agree with rat on the hat bit. last time i counted i have 9 hats (counting my helmet). one for everything. the rest of my list includes firearms, ammunition, beautiful (living) women to hang off my arms, food, cigarettes, and my one true love: Jameson.
Sorry people, I don't think a discussion about Mosaic's wee-wee should take place here.

Follow the subject the thread-starter opened with.
My phone, my laptop, and my puppy. :3

...cheeseburgers are kinda nice too.. >.>