Things We Lost; Article #1

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    "What do you mean lost?" The crimson eyes lady spat, golden locks cut short, gelled to make little spikes on the top of her head. "What in bloody hell do you mean lost?"
    The soldier stumbled backwards, his dented helmet not able to retract. "M-mistress, the young girl just ran-"
    "A SIX YEAR OLD outran a freaking soldier trained for FIFTEEN YEARS??" She was becoming hysterical.
    "I couldn't follow her Mistress...she ran into the fire.." He said quietly, looking down. Immediately, tears welled in the woman's eyes, but she quickly turned her back. "Then put her under the Lost."
    His eyes widened and his helmet finally snapped back with a creak. "Mistress! The Lost are never-"
    "That's an order soldier!" she snapped, slamming her hand into the wall.
    "Yes Mistress..." He quickly turned, dashing out of the room.
    "My baby..." The woman sniffled, sliding down to her knees and burying her face in her hands, breaking down to tears. Her little child, lost in the flames of the world.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.