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  1. So, this is another one of your 'Get to know you' games.

    The rules are simple; state three facts about yourself and the next poster will post three things about themselves however the catch it it must be related to one of the facts the person above them posted! It could be anything (appropriate of course). You have to make it so it is obvious which one you are referencing. If you can't, you have to skip until you do.

    I'll start!

    1. I draw shirtless because I want to avoid spills and I gather better inspiration.
    2. When I was 17, I was so drunk that I accidentally lit my pants on fire standing too close to a firework.
    3. I have had advanced survival skills since I was five.
  2. 1. I work out shirtless because I sweat a lot and I'm built like a tank.

    2. When I was 17 I was 100 lbs overweight.

    3. I am learning advanced survival/wilderness medicine later this year because I figure it'd be awesome to do so.
  3. 1.I have a very Dominant personality.
    2. When I was 17, I got high for the first time and it was in interesting experience.
    3. Green has been my favorite color for as long as incan remember.
  4. 1. I've been told I'm an alpha male. I believe it.
    2. I didn't try getting high until I was in my 20s. Didn't do much for me.
    3. I like red!
  5. 1. I have a hard time seeing red
    2. My sense of smell is almost completely gone
    3. When I was five I snuck my first cup of joe and have been addicted since
  6. 1. I have hard time seeing without my glasses; it surprises people that I can fight without 'em.
    2. My sense of smell is average. My sense of stuffing gobs of food down my stomach without gaining weight is not.
    3. When I was five, I'd run around in my underwear pretending I was a superhero, because superheroes wore their underwear on the outside. LOGIC!
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  7. 1. When I was five I once tried imitating captain underpants by barging into my a room my friends were in while in my underwear and yelling "I'm captain underpants!"

    2. I have almost no sense of smell anymore, not sure why.

    3. I'm 21 and have never been high or drunk.
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