Things the Hero wouldn't say...

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  1. "I could do that, but then I'd have to destroy everything you've ever loved or cared for."
  2. "Sorry, I don't do damsels."
  3. "Hero? Who told you I was the hero?"
  4. heeeeeeeey~ maybe i should control some random people and make them my minions!
  6. "'Aye, mah name is Ryker"
  7. *Ryker grabs Julez and takes her into a supply closet. He comes out an hour later, smoking a cigarette.*

    Ever'one knows the 'ero' don' take 'is friend's girl inna Biblical sense.

    H-how could you!

    Easy. Ah should mention the cowgirl is easiest fer use in ae closet.

    *Deimon faints in disbelief.*
  8. >>> Reserved.
  9. *Julez wanders out of the closet, grinning half-dazed, covered in what appears to be dog drool*

    I think I have a thing for werewolves now.....
  10. Y'hear 'at Deimon? Julez is mine.

    *Deimon cries and cuts his wrists.*

    My life is nothing but cruelty...
  11. "Is it in yet?"
  12. *A girl walks in and hears what Ryker says, then starts wailing*


    Ooooo! I got another! "Let's get into a threesome"! Everyone knows the hero is-


  13. Hell is for heroes.
  14. I'm gonna fuckin' kill my fiance.
  15. Call in the gunships, call in the nape! Pop smoke and mark that mother fucker! It's time to die!
  16. Christian Haak

    Had he been so caught up in his own agenda that he really missed such astounding news? Christian didn’t watch the news for the politics or the rumors, he only paid attention to the crime buff; missing persons, murders, etc. He frowned in thought at the idea of the U.N. becoming its own federation. He didn’t know much about politics, but it sounded bad. After all, Christian had always been more of a meathead. He nodded absently at the Lieutenant as he stood to go to the bathroom, telling Christian to finish up so they could get back to work. He was done with his food already, just a little bit of drink left to finish it out. “Yes, Sir.” The Lieutenant wandered away and Christian finished off the last of his drink, disposing of his trash and placing himself at the ready for the training to begin again.

    Tyler Haak

    Tyler was silently ecstatic to see that not only did her kick work, but her countermove also proved to be efficient – so much so that she had snapped the clones leg nearly in half. Yikes. She didn’t even know that she could do that. Though she did notice the lack of bashing above her, and now with her hands and legs free, glanced up to see what was going on. This took place just in time for her to receive a good knock to the face that sent her rolling, then skidding, until she came to a stop a few yards away. God, her face stung, this training sucked. But she would not be deterred. After only a brief two-second hesitation, Tyler rolled herself back to her feet, crouched low to the ground. Man, where was her mace when she needed it?

    This fight was… kind of getting her riled up though. She’d not had to use so much effort for anything in a long time and she had to admit to herself that there was something euphoric about this primal battle thing they had going. Other than being a lazy shit, she was starting to wondering if she didn’t want to fight because she knew deep down that she might like it. A lot.

    Stay in control, calm thoughts…. A split second after rolling back to her feet, Tyler was in a dead sprint for the clones. Before she knew it, she had the wind at her back, and then enveloping her in a ball. She lurched forward, tucking herself into a ball and aiming right for the center of this stupid group of clones. She was going to knock these jerks over like bowling pins and pray for a strike.
  17. .....That's the monster?.... Oh, we are FUCKED.
  18. "But dragons are endangered! We can't slay them!"
  19. Hold on! he's having trouble pulling the sword out of the stone!
  20. "Hell no! I'm not going down there!"