Things the Hero wouldn't say...

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  1. "I could do that, but then I'd have to destroy everything you've ever loved or cared for."
  2. "Sorry, I don't do damsels."
  3. "Hero? Who told you I was the hero?"
  4. heeeeeeeey~ maybe i should control some random people and make them my minions!
  6. "'Aye, mah name is Ryker"
  7. *Ryker grabs Julez and takes her into a supply closet. He comes out an hour later, smoking a cigarette.*

    Ever'one knows the 'ero' don' take 'is friend's girl inna Biblical sense.

    H-how could you!

    Easy. Ah should mention the cowgirl is easiest fer use in ae closet.

    *Deimon faints in disbelief.*
  8. >>> Reserved.
  9. *Julez wanders out of the closet, grinning half-dazed, covered in what appears to be dog drool*

    I think I have a thing for werewolves now.....
  10. [​IMG]

    Dominic and Judas:

    - Dominic Returns to Union, Texas for his High School Reunion and comes face to face with his first Love.

    - Judas returns to his hometown for his own High School reunion and comes face to face with his Mother.

    - Judas thinks he's baby-trapping, but that backfires because Dom wants a whole litter.

    - Dominic and Judas take Daniel to the Doctor and discover he has pituitary dwarfism.

    - Daniel going through his unconventional puberty.

    - Dominic getting severely injured, doing something stupid with John. Sky diving. Judas freaks out, Dom removes the words sky and dive from his vocabulary.

    - They have two biological children.

    - Adopt two other children, teenage. One girl, one boy. Abused. Damaged. Judas wants to give them what he could never have.

    - Judas being upset about Dom's dad talking to Danny about murder, because he wants him to be a kid.

    - Judas has a twin brother! PAUL! BAR FIGHT

    - While still in NYC, Dominic comes face to face with the man before Judas. Shit hits the fan.

    - Dom ask Jud to marry him in a very usual way. Jud has no idea it's coming.

    - Dom and Jud's Wedding. Elaborate and subsequent Honeymoon to Europe.

    - Dom and Jud end up at the Hellfire Club. Jud learns how to be even better BDSM Dom for his Wolf.

    - Jud gives birth to twin girls: Ariana Taima Black and Josephine Eshe Black.

    Lincoln and John:
    - Lincoln and John get married, John proposes and Lincoln has a crappy-reaction. John also ends up meeting Lin's parents.

    - John freaks out and doesn't know how to handle Heat!Lincoln.

    - Heat!John freaks out and tries to goad Lin into satisfying him, backfires when he gets Brutal!Possessive!Lin.

    - Another love interest shows up from Lincoln's past.

    - John finds all of Lin's photo albums and Journals

    - John and Lin finally talk about Lin's wife and baby.

    - John shares why he doesn't drink so much.

    - John exploring his sexuality.

    - John being upset that the only time any exploration occurred is when he was drunk or in heat.

    - John being insecure in his masculinity.

    - In Heat Lincoln crying because John won't sleep with him right away. John video tapes him.

    - Lincoln heads to the Hellfire Club. Takes John with him. John ends up in tons of trouble.

    - John takes Lincoln's advice: Finds a hobby. But it's the last thing anyone would expect.

    - Gender bender Lincoln. John is all Giggly over it.

    - A person from John's past shows up: Major Brandon Wheeler.

    - John ends up locked in Combat with Brunswick and his Brood.

    - Lincoln and John head to Nantucket for a week-end Romantic getaway.
  11. "Is it in yet?"
  12. *A girl walks in and hears what Ryker says, then starts wailing*


    Ooooo! I got another! "Let's get into a threesome"! Everyone knows the hero is-


  13. Hell is for heroes.
  14. I'm gonna fuckin' kill my fiance.
  15. Call in the gunships, call in the nape! Pop smoke and mark that mother fucker! It's time to die!
  16. "Yes, but how do I get there?"
  17. .....That's the monster?.... Oh, we are FUCKED.
  18. "But dragons are endangered! We can't slay them!"
  19. Hold on! he's having trouble pulling the sword out of the stone!
  20. "Hell no! I'm not going down there!"