Things that will get you banned.

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  1. Rules are long and boring. We know! If you don't have the attention span to be familiar with Iwaku's complete site policies here is the simple list of:


    • An adult soliciting and doing sexual content roleplays with members under 18.
      BAD ADULT. BAD. You could go to jail. You don't know if that teenager is an FBI agent or has parents that will fuck your shit up. It's also really skeezy when the age gap between you is huge. A 26 year old and a 14 year old? Gross! Don't be a dumbass.
    • A teenager under 18 soliciting and doing sexual content roleplays with adults 18 and over.
      BAD TEENAGER. BAD. You could get that adult arrested for child porn even if you are 17. All it takes is a pissed off parent. We know you are old enough and mature enough to do sexy content, that is why we have the Libertine for teens. Don't be an asshole.
    • Lying about your age to access the Libertine group you do not legally belong in.
      Willfully trying to circumvent this rule proves that you are not a mature or considerate person, and eventually someone is going to find out or report it. This is the #1 reason why people get banned from Iwaku. Don't be a dumbass!
    • Soliciting members for boobs/penis pictures, real life sex, cyber sex, etc.
      We won't ask questions. If it looks like you're using Iwaku as a tool to take advantage of people in a sexual nature or as a means to make bootycalls, we will automatically ban you. No warnings, no second chances. We like hot sexy things but we DO NOT like sexual predators.
    • Playing characters under the age of 13 in sexual content roleplays.
      This is child porn and we cannot allow it on our community! You'll have to be satisfied with the other 1000 questionable things we let you do.
    • Being a dick ONE TOO MANY times.
      Surprisingly, this doesn't happen that often! Thanks for being mostly nice and respectful people, Iwaku!
    • Telling an Administrator "Go ahead and ban me." or otherwise literally asking for it.
      Because we will go ahead and ban you. Why say such a silly thing? *INBEFORELOLOLOLOLBANMEGUYSBANME!*
    • Trying to bullshit the Administrators when you got caught breaking one of these rules and your story didn't hold up to evidence.
      Admins and staff are trained to investigate accounts and know the difference between someone lying and someone making an honest mistake. We have been doing this for a very long time! Bullshitting us just makes us ban you immediately instead of letting you have a second chance.

    These rules allow us the opportunity to give you guys roleplay freedom that most sites do not allow. That's it! Iwaku's rules are relaxed, flexible, and sometimes even bendy. But for THESE RULES ESPECIALLY, they are to protect our members and we take them very seriously. If you ever wonder "Could this get me banned?" you can contact @Diana to ask whether or not it is legal on Iwaku.

    Remember, Iwaku - Don't be a dumbass!
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  2. Have you seen someone that looked like a totally nice person, but recently got banned? There is a 99% chance they were circumventing the Age Group restriction rule and doing sexy roleplays with people outside of their group. :(

    Even if you are a nice person, and even if we like you, we HAVE to ban you.

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  3. It's also always a good idea, if you get approached by a Staffer for some kind of rules violation or other issue, to communicate. We go way easier on people who are honest, responsive, and don't panic like crazy people trying to cover everything up. Depending on what rules you've broken, sometimes coming clean even gets you off the hook- especially if you come to us. TAKE THE SLAP ON THE WRIST RATHER THAN THE BANHAMMER TO THE FACE.
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  4. Will do! Admin's. will do
  5. Ooooooh~ Genitals~ XDD (jk pls don't ban me I love this community I do legal shit ;w;)
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  6. Honestly, I can't understand why people try to wiggle around age groups. Iwaku to me is wonderful because it's the only site that teenagers can be mature on, so why try and ruin that?

    Really though, thanks for putting this up because I really just skimmed the rules and this is more what I'll read *.*
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  7. Half the list of Things that will get you banned is being the worst kind of bear. A quarter of this list is being a jerk. The remaining two eighths are being a sleazy predator, and trying to b/s your way out of it when you get caught.

    It bothers me that people need to be told these things, because they all boil down to one simple statement that should come second-nature to people.
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  8. I like that the Admins have a no tolerance for the creepy sort. It's safer for everyone. Good job admins.

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  10. Oh I'm so glad to see this. I've been having concerns lately about youngins getting into the Libertine area, and it made me wonder how many of the 'adults' I see are really underage. D: I guess one can only hope there's no sneakers about.
  11. Excuse me,
    When I was 13 and joined Otakuzone, I was booty called by a sexual predator, who said 'age is just a number'
    and now you are telling me people can't get those emotional traumas, like I had?!?!?!
    [This is a joke, don't ban me,please.]
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  13. When you see posts by adults/teens in the wrong Libertine areas, that usually means that they had their age fixed and forgot to have their threads closed are moved!
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  14. I still have yet to understand why people lie about their age just to see how dirty the teens are or vice versa, like seriously why risk getting yourself arrested for your stupidity! You have your life ahead of you and to spend it behind bars isn't the best way to spend it. My god mom worked in corrections for 2 yrs then transferred to federal prison before just becoming a federal officer at the VA and she told me that when the guys in jail find out what someone did to get locked up, let's just say that IF, mind the big if, someone does walk out after a few years of prison, they'll be fucked up, mentally and physically.

    I feel that those who dont follow these major rules are absolute idiots and deserve a foot up their ass, maybe then they'll learn their lesson.
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  15. Thank you so much for keeping the good people of Iwaku safe! If it weren't for the admin we'd be swimming with creepers and perverts. I love you all and keep up the great work!

    And have a giant cookie! XD



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  16. You admins are amazing! I love the fact you just get straight to the point about sexual stuff. ~ cracks me up every time. <3​
  17. I Ser K+ am moved to tears, you Admins and your marvelous wonderfulness... It is a great example! I shall follow through with these commonsense morals til I become the Prince Lord Knight God of Iwaku, and beyond that!!!

    Oh, and wth, adolescentophilacs are here? Oh and double wtf, so are adultophiliacs?
    Where are we, france?
    I'm kidding, french is my third language.
  18. Yet at that sacred hour, wherein two lovers turn 18 at the precise same moment... then may they solicit one another and straddle both worlds of the Libertine, displaying comely pictures of their belly buttons, and spinning tales of their characters taking one another's flowers on their 14th birthdays, relenting not until the Mods doth come, and to Mods proclaiming figuratively "Go ahead and do not ban me, for verily I was jesting." At that hour, those lovers shall falter not, and the spell of the Iwaku Charter shall be broken.
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  19. Honestly, I hate being over the age of 18 now ;-;

    When you were a teenager, you could go to certain sites without other people trying to be all pervy with you. Now that I've aged, I attract quite a few pervs.

    I'll be 21 in December ;-;-; I'm so old!

    Back on the subject: I'll always follow the rules. In case I don't, I will gladly accept anyone pointing my flaws out on this matter.

  20. I know...I can't stand the pervs on other sites.And you're old? I'm newly turned I must be ancient! lol. XD
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