Things that make you irrationally angry

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  1. I know we all have these things. I have a lot of them, but what prompted me to make this thread is being called 'hon' or 'dear' or 'sweetie' during an argument. Not even just in an argument, but when someone is obviously trying to talk down to you. I realize people do this specifically to piss people off, but holy shit, if you want to drive me into a blinding rage, go ahead and call me 'honey.' Go ahead bitch, I dare you. >:(
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  2. Reading general chat
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  3. People who complain about General Chat and then make no personal efforts to improve the quality of topic life. D:<

    Also "dear" pisses me off when the hubby says it cause I know he's being a shit when he does!


    Or piling up dishes in the sink to the point where I have to clear out the entire sink before I am able to wash the dishes.
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  4. People that call facts X-plaining as if that refutes them.

    Kids who wrap pieces of feces in toilet paper and use them as makeshift markers or crayons and write on bathroom walls.

    Flipped rugs.

    Shitposters. Though that's more of a "groan and move on" unless I'm having a particularly bad day.

    Any argument that brings in feelings as if they make any replacement for logic and rational thinking.

    Listening to my wife talk about how much we can buy with our tax returns rather than how much we can save.

    Whenever my wife says "I was thinking.." My reaction has grown into a habitual sigh and roll of my eyes because it's always about a topic she knows is touchy.

    People that have to analyze a situation after the fact. Yes, her comment could be taken as rude but I doubt that was her intention. No just because he didn't say hello doesn't mean he doesn't like you. FFS just enjoy it.

    The news/media in general. Dangerous things are covered by such insignificant events to trivialize them.

    Listening to someone who claims to be an impartial party suddenly take a side and try to undermine the other.

    Dust bunnies and clumps of hair.


    Hearing a heavy electronic of any device fall off its stand.

    When the gerbils loudly chew on their plastic tubes. Nails to a chalkboard.

    When your pipe is nasty as shit and you know it needs to be cleaned but you had a shitty day and just want to crash.

    Promoting differences over things in common.

    BOGO sales that end before payday.

    Steam sales between paychecks.

    When a game won't open but doesn't create an error log or a crash reason.

    "Your order is in transit." No tracking number.

    Watching teachers "tlk :Facebook like thumb: ths cuz kids need 2 lrn eng good". (A teacher literally has "Bks r liek rly long txt msgs" on her wall. The kids really write text speak on papers and she accepts it. This is 8th grade English.)

    ... Shit, I'm out for the day, check back tomorrow for more.

    Edit: Excessive use of emoticons while trying to act mature with a debate. We get it. You can't use words to convey your opinions well enough so xDDD is all you've got.
  5. When I'm washing dishes and people "add" dishes in the sink. Like...can you just put it on the counter?

    Being expected to be the only one who cleans.

    People looking over my shoulder.

    Being told about my health and what I am doing "wrong."
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  6. I have a few things but first.

    When someone doesn't change the roll of toilet paper >> IT'S NOT THAT HARD DAMNIT
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  7. ...what..
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  8. [​IMG]
    This is what it started with. It turned into racial slurs pretty quick. I.e.: kill the black kids, fuck the n's, slavery was right, going to kill a black kid here soon. Those sort of statements. All written with feces over the course of a week or so. I quit taking pictures and sharing them with the upper staff because it became common place for me to hose down that entire bathroom on a daily basis.

    Turns out it was a black girl trying to start something. Turns out further her mom was telling her to do it.

    This is the third time this year a black student wrote anti-black graffiti trying to start fights using their own garbage as a reason.
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  9. Screaming children. Children who talk in movie theaters. Their parents who don't even attempt to sush them.

    Assholes who buy hundreds of dollars of lottery tickets when there's a line.

    PC Master Race douchenozzles.

    Almost every Internet fandom that explodes to the point of being unavoidable. All I know about Homestuck and Undertale and Doctor Who is I'd rather go lick the Chernobyl reactor than see what the zealots are frothing about.

    People who insist you have to watch nearly an entire season of a show to like it. No, if your show is 85% filler crap and it takes more than 3 episodes to be engaging in any way, it has failed.

    The fact most games now are such huge downloads. My internet is limited, so anything substantial is going to put a dent in the monthly bills. Also, the fact that most games require you to connect online just to play single player content via shit like Steam is a headache.

    The "I want to speak to your manager" haircut. You know the one.
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  10. "Pokémon is running out ideas. The first 150 were the best!"

    Idiotical nostalgia hoes, it grinds my gears because they don't accept change.
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  11. People telling me to calm down when I WAS perfectly calm until they told me to calm down and oh my god stop TELLING ME TO @!!$@%@% CALM DOWN!

    *breathes heavily for a moment*

    I need a hug
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  12. *hugs*
  13. In all seriousness though, there's nothing more irritating then someone telling you to 'calm down' when you're not even remotely close to being annoyed or angry.

    Agreed, as a parent myself that frustrates me to no end

    *Shivers, clenches teeth, and counts to 10*



    Good to know I'm an idiotic nostalgia hoe
  14. Same here tbh. I mean, the original 150 had such creative ideas as: Cluster of eggs, Pokeball, Slightly bigger Pokeball, Pile of goo, Snake backwards, and Goldfish.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the original 150, but many weren't exactly the peak of creativity!
  15. @Hunter of Shadows When you bring up facts or a particular statistic relative to the topic at hand and its hand-waved off as mansplaining or whitesplaining with no other counter.

    That shit.
  16. Yeaaah but apparently they are the shit..
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  17. The girl in my English group project. I wasn't aware I could feel this way about another person; this experience has been truly enlightening.
  18. Verbal repetition grinds my gears. I don't need to hear how you need to go the the store four times in the same conversation. Just go.

    When someone else tries to dictate how I feel.

    If you are not my friend you cannot touch me or my things. I threw something at a stranger because he thought he could use my bottle of tea as blackmail to get me to do something. His mistake.
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  19. You must love Marco Rubio then.

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  20. Lip smacking. I will slap you in the fucking mouth, keep your mouth shut when you eat or so help you gawd I will bitch slap your ass to Venus.

    People who stare at me.

    People who do not know what a fucking turn signal is.

    People who almost run me over because some cat video on Facebook.

    People's bratty children, I have to stop myself from telling those little shits to mind their manners and shut up with their damn whining.

    People who go on YouTube and post 'Who is listening to this in 2016?!' Only you, you stupid shit. Nobody listens to that song anymore, in fact it is banned. Forever. We are only allowed to see your comment and tell you that it is banned. Nobody else clicked on this video to watch it, only to talk to you.

    People who whisper like I don't know who they are talking about. Bitch, I'm sitting right here. Your 'quiet whispers' are very similar to a quiet three year old's temper tantrum. Those don't exist.

    Chat speak. When I ask you what you want on your fucking pizza, don't you reply back with this:

    'olvs, pproni, xtra chese, stffed.'

    You will starve because I will not order shit for you until you give me a god damned answer.
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