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  1. We all have things that we find attractive in others. Maybe not in a sexual way, or maybe so. Perhaps it's something you wish you could improve on yourself and admire in another. So what is it/are they for you? Is it a personality trait, a physical feature, or maybe a style?

    Relationship wise - I love the playful banter with someone I like. They have to able to hang with my sarcasm and be able to dish it back.
  2. People who look genuinely happy always make me weak in the knees. It's just something about the way people look and act when they're content and happy that hits me like a brick every time. Smiles, chuckles or laughter and knowing that the person in question is in a very very good mood is super cute.

    And despite being ace, I find some men's shoulder/hip ratios very attractive. Not sure why or if it's anything special about it, but sometimes I just have to stop and do a double take. Stubble is very nice as well, and deep voices.

    When it comes to personality traits and such, like I said from the start, happy people. Like, they can be cheerful and giddy but not because of ignorance, but because they have a bright look on life. Confidence in the self is nice as well, even if it's just that they're sure of who they are, and comfortable with it.
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  3. I've always found I've been attracted to people who are things I'm not, so intelligence is high on my list. Har-de-ha-de-ha.
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  4. THIS:

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  5. Girls with short hair.


    Good tats also.
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  6. Hm, it is really hard to impress me in almost any way. In fact i don't think there is anything that makes me swoon over people.
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  7. Dat ass, Seiji :O

    Really? Not even mentally? Intelligence, wit, etc? Well at least you know if someone does impress you they must be pretty special.
  8. Nothing comes to mind. Intellect is awesome, wit and all the things that Koschei said are wonderful, but you have to actually mean something to me for me to be impressed as harsh as that sounds, that's why when I date people I require them to be a friend first so I get to know them. Sure, with friends I meet I love their company but not in a romantic sense. Does that make sense?
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  9. Girls who can keep a conversation going without having to try hard are attractive to no end.
    Similarly, girls who are willing to talk about anything when you initially meet them rather than keeping within the mundane and common (small talk) are very attractive.
    I'm really big on listening, so just in general girls who like to talk attract me.

    As for physical looks, I like exceptionally long hair and a slightly tomboyish look.
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  10. Totally makes sense and I see where you're coming from. My best relationships started from a great friendship.
  11. Delivering a good, justified burn. Or the more pc-version; intelligent women with strong opinions and rhetoric ability intrigue me.
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  12. I love people who I can sit in silence with. People who feel comfortable not talking and enjoying one another's quiet company. I find quiet time like that to be underrated in relationships of all kinds. I love doing things with other people, but some days, I like taking a break from life and just chillin'.
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  13. People who are good at music or at an instrument.

    Intelligence is also an attraction, especially if I get to play chess with them. It helps me get a gauge on the way they think.

    As for personality, I'd like someone who wouldn't be shaken easily from their own beliefs, even if I don't share the same ones. If they're easily swayed, what's to say they'll be a good friend or even partner?
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  14. 1. A finely crafted blade. By hand. Functional, of course.

    2. That sexy eye brow arch that some women seem to be capable of.

    3. Breakfast food, steak, or breakfast steaks.
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  15. Physically... Broad shoulders and a strong back for guys, and bigger palms and larger fingers than mine for... reasons... *wink wink*. I also tend to prefer girls who have a lower tone, a sultry voice is a big plus too.

    If it's something more serious than just a crush or a fling, physical traits sometimes don't factor in that much at all. Having a passion (drawing, any musical instrument, painting, singing, writing etc.) of any kind is attractive to me. Being patient and open-minded too. And god, give me someone who can be independent on his/her own from time to time. Clingy people, who refuse to give me some peace of mind for a single second, annoy me to no end.
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  16. Functional of course. A purely decorative sword is about as useful as a decorative penis.

    Number 3 makes me lol.
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  17. Hm...

    Men: Sharp eyes, Taller than me, Strong arms. Not body builder arms or over done arms that's actually disgusting but a nicely toned forearm is a huge turn on. >.> Smells clean.

    Women: Short hair, a physique that matches their height aka I like my women to look healthy not like skeletons, smells clean.


    A cuddler. I like to cuddle up and watch things so if they aren't a cuddler behind closed doors it's a deal breaker.
    I don't like PDA. I don't care about seeing PDA I just do not wish to participate in it. I like closed door affection.
    That being said I like someone who can be cutsie behind closed doors.
    Game playing like rough housing and tickle fights.
    Flirt. I love to flirt so I need someone who will always flirt with me.
    Animal lover
    Food lover because I like to cook.

    I could keep going but I don't want too lol
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  18. What attracts me to a human is intellectual conversation, Art, and Games. I'm an all too serious type of person so usually the most reclusive of people are my goals and where i set my sights when it comes to attractions. People who spend a lot of time with themselves are often very defined individuals. Unique and Interesting.

    Ok with Detachment - I'm always trying to do something creative, I spend all of my energy expressing and creating anything I can, I like my solitude, I like my me time...and wouldn't trade it for anything. I can be selfish with myself and my time. Times will pass where you don't hear from me. I think its my mothers fault lol I am a very detached person, I have, several times left every object owned and person I knew, behind me. I'm a machine inside when it comes to "others" and what I find attractive is a healthy dose of detachment. Clingy makes me uncomfortable. Nothing can be more attractive to me than a person who defined themselves through their periods of solitude.
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  19. I really like male arms. The anatomy of it is so perfect.
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