Things that have made you laugh or smile today!

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  1. At the moment, Diana is sick. But for the past two or three months I have had a severe case of the blues. A lot of stress, bad news, events, random crap, and over all not-cool things have slowly been catching up with me. ;__; And sometimes it gets hard to wake up in the morning. It gets worse when I'm sick and physically feeling awful. >>;

    But, after a lifetime of blues-busting experience, I have a little exercise that I am sharing with everyone today!

    What has made you LAUGH or SMILE today?

    No matter how shitty you feel, you should always find something -every day- that makes you laugh or smile. This trains your brain to start thinking on a positive level and focus on the things that really matter in life. 8D

    So Iwaku? What ARE some things that have made you laugh and smile recently?

    Ahem ahem ahem! This that have helped Diana survive sick week!

    --> Gibs taking vacation days off work to help me babysit!

    --> Asmo having Diana-style temper tantrums!

    --> Cutiepie not leaving Fatcats' nipples alone!

    --> Really bad jokes about graping kids in the mouth!

    --> Cat pictures on facebook!

    --> Pretty new matching plates to replace our old mix-matched first apartment plates!

    --> Lovely handmade items on etsy!

    --> Psych!

    --> Vay saying guuuuuuuurrrrrl in horribly inappropriate sentences!

    --> When Isabella says the word.

    --> Cbox stickies that actually do make me laugh!

    --> When Stephen Colbert can't get through a joke without cackling.

    NOW YOU.
  2. Ironically, it was talking with my brother today. He's been working a lot and he quit his job today cause they wanted him to stand outside in 30 degree weather from 6am to 12am and he wasn't having any of that so we just hung out for a bit, laughed and joked and ate pizza.
  3. --> The girlfriend falling on her ass in the snow, taking the flatmate down with her as she falls and leaving me laughing my ass off
    --> Getting knocked into the snow by the girlfriend and the flatmate as retribution for the aforementioned 'laughing my ass off' thing
  4. Getting my hair cut and my makeup done (yesterday and today respectively) have made HUGE progress for my case of the blues! Also, being around my friends and focusing on the stuff that makes me happy. (Friends, coffee shops, fantasizing about makeup, funny tv, food, being spontaneous with them...) It sucks being sick and isolated from my friends, because they do wonders for my mood.
  5. My boyfriend serenaded me with his lovely singing voice. It really picked me up from the ill, crabby mood I've been in. :]

    Also, enjoying a ganja cookie my friend gave me. And she's planning a baby shower for me, squee~ She's awesome. <3

    Edit: I guess this counts as "today" since I received it at like 3:30 this morning. xD Anyway, Peter sculpted me a mommy and baby panda out of clay. It's so so so so adorable.
  6. had a good laugh earlier this morning involving washing machines and grannie panties XD (i was tired...but god my sides hurt from laughter)

    got to leave early from work so I could beat the 'snow storm' X_X thank god

    getting special messages from people i care about : D totally made me smile today to!
  7. I went out decently early this morning to spend time with my buddy Dave, who proceeded to make many funny jokes about generally inappropriate things. I talked to my boss today about my possible promotion and I've got pretty much every person I've ever worked with backing me up for it, which is really sweet of them. My super lovey-dovey cat has been extra clingy today and wants nothing more than to purr at me and snuggle.

    And, for recent things!
    Playing Borderlands 2, which is an amusing game, online with some of my coworkers, who are a very funny lot of people.
    Werediaper science in the chat.
    Chatting with my favorite person about some of my favorite existentialist works, various grains, and not eating shampoo.
  8. I have this friend from school. I just started at a new school this year, so saying that I've got friends is awesome. Her name is Jordan. She is so tiny, but loud. So today, I was walking with my twin step-sister over to her locker and I heard a loud scream- and I knew it was Jordan. And we both looked at each other and laughed. She just has the greatest smile. I love her. She's the best.
  9. Nothing. I never laugh or smile.
  10. My almost 3 year old son decided to hijack a bottle of dawn dish soap and a small bucket he uses in the tub for bath time and use a sponge to clean tables... the xbox >.< the tv... etc etc. I couldn't even get mad at him because he was covered in soapy suds and was so excited to tell me he helped clean and when i asked him why he said because sponge bob said so. I couldn't contain the laughter :)
  11. Fresh baked corn bread, mmm mmmm gooood.
  12. Silly songs have made me smile today. 8D
  13. One of my cats jumped our other cat, bit him, and then ran off.

    Not funny, up until she ran into the cat flap...

    Which had jammed.

    Karma affects pets, too, it would seem :wink:.