Things that grow in your fridge.


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Weird topic as it is, I always wonder about other people's fridges. How often do you toss left overs in there, totally forget about them and then months later find something you suspect might be a sentient being? Do you keep it all neat and tidy? Crammed or bareass empty? XD

What is the thing you ALWAYS have in your fridge, even those weeks when food is scare? XD
We put leftovers in there all the time and they rarely get eaten. Most often, my boyfriend is the one I leave the leftovers to because I'm not crazy about food that was cooked, put in the fridge and then cooked again. XD He forgets about them, though.

For the most part, our fridge is tidy looking. There's not a lot in there... A couple of condiments in the door, usually some cheese, a gallon of milk, a pitcher of kool-aid, a pitcher of tea, LOTS of coke, dozen of eggs, container of butter, water bottles... We need to check often as possible in there because I'll at times forget about vegetables in the veggie drawer. >>; I was so pissed when I pulled out rotten asparagus.
I ALWAYS forget about my left-overs. I love 'em, but always forget they're there.

Fridge is a terribly untidy place. Condiments of all kind stuffed onto the door, gallons and pitchers of drinks, bowls of chopped veggies, veggie drawers stuffed with all assortment of... well, veggie. It sounds standard enough, but man, that thing needs to be ORGANIZED, and STAY organized.
I eat what I buy, never any left overs. Its HARD cooking for one person...anyways, I always seem to have Milk, Pickles, mustard and hot sauce in my fridge.
Always have some type of cheese. And Gatorade. And grapes. And Dove chocolate.