Things that go *THUMP* in the night



[size=+2]Things that go *THUD* in the night[/size]
A private RP between Diana and Vay

It started out in a single's club. The scene was as you'd expect. Low lighting and high prices, strobes and lasers danced as erratically is the throngs filling the dance floor beneath them. Flashing lights gave the impression of everyone moving in a frame-by-frame manner as alcohol flowed live water over the bar the DJ playing all the latest and greatest tracks.

Enter Richard, a man of mixed Italian and Irish background or vacation from New York. Casual suit with designer sunglasses tucked just within sight as he leaned against the bar top scanning the crowded club. It was his last night in town and he wanted to enjoy himself, how he planned to do that depended on how drunk he was getting, but now with a heavy buzz a lot of the girls were looking pretty good. Especially the one down the bar, and, what the hell all that could happen was him getting a drink in his face.

"I'm not even going to try to think of a line." he said sliding in in front of her "None of them could measure up to the way you look with that light above you, but could I buy you a drink anyway?"
Summer was doing what she always did on the weekend. Hitting up the local clubs to dance, party, and hook up with boys. She was broke as hell and could barely avoid to pay her rent every month with a meager waitress' salary, but could get her drinks for free if she worked her girlie magic. Sporting a top in shimmery gold and a short little black skirt, she was showing lots of leg while she leaned at the bar.

A man slid up next to her and for once, she actually liked the pick up line. He was dressed nice and that was a stark contrast to all the guys sporting the douchebag popped collars, or looking kinda sleazy up in the club. Summer flashed her best smile.

"Yeah, you can buy me a drink. I'm Summer!" she held out her hand for him to shake.
Richard returned her smile taking her hand in a gentle grip but instead of closing his hand around it and shaking he brought her hand up to his lips giving it a light kiss. Even he was surprised my the boldness of his gesture though he wasn't one to ruin a moment when it was going so well. "Richard." he replied leaning against the bar and signaling to the bartender placing his glass next to Summer's and sighing for both to be refilled.

He had to admit now that he has in front of her in the dim club she was even more striking. She hadn't loaded herself with flashy accessories and her eye catching outfit drew the eyes to all the right places without showing too much skin though he had no trouble keeping his eyes on her face once they had taken in her figure and his smile only broadened. "I'm tempted to just ask you back to my hotel right now though I feel we should talk over a few drinks first." His mind flashed on that maybe it was something different in the vodka in this part of the country that was making him more forward than usual though he though it more likely that he didn't often meet a girl like this.
Summer laughed when he kissed her hand. All she was picturing in head was a puffed up knight guy kissing on a princess. But since he openly admitted he wanted to invite her back to his place, it was more like a funny satire than a guy trying way too hard.

"You do, huh?" her grinned widened. When her drink was refilled and the guy passed a few bucks to the bartender, she picked up her glass and sucked in down in two seconds. Woo~! The alcohol never took long to start rushing through her system, and she had already down a few free drinks that night.

Dancing in place, she leaned to bump the guy in the shoulder playfully with hers. "So what do you do, Richie? I'm guessiiiiiing... Movie Producer ooor... in the music biz?" Here in L.A., anyone that wore casual suits were usually trying to make connections for the movie or music business. This was something Summer didn't mind at all. She moved to the city to be an actress and hittin' on those types gave all kiiinds of options.
Richard arched his brow, she had downed her drink fast, he had barely taken a gulp from his and in response to her playful dance moved closer to an intimate distance.

"Nothing so interesting I'm afraid. I'm here from New York. Though looking at you, you have the look of an actress without the narcissism." He looked her down and up again slower than the first time, she looked better for it, too much jewelry and make-up would have hidden her natural beauty.
"Heehee. It's only cause I can't afford anything right now. I'm working at a diner until someone gives me a callback for an audition." Summer didn't bother to ask how he knew she was an 'actress'. After all, they were in that neighborhood and she couldn't deny being smokin' hot. "I totally have all the narcissism though, I swear!"

Playing like she didn't notice that he scooted himself closer, Summer stayed in her spot subtly dancing away. "You didn't answer my question though! What do you do in New York? Big time mafia guy? Or on a secret mission you can't share with a cute girl?"
He was close now, almost touching her as she danced on the spot. "Nothing so interesting, I'm the human acquisitions manager for an advertising firm. Translated that mean I spend all day looking at pictures of models and recommending who we use for shooting."

He leaned still closer knowing Summer knew what he was planning to do, or that she thought she did. Raising his glass to his lips he drained it but making sure enough to taste lingered on his lips waiting for it to rush into his brain before going for the kiss stopping just before their lips met so she'd have to decide if she wanted to close the rest of the distance.
"Really? That sounds both interesting and boring at the same time." Summer's smirk held true, even when he moved in closer. She didn't move away. Even boldly tilting forward until her mouth was only a hair's breath away from his. Teasing was SO much fun!

"What do you think about me modeling for you tonight..?" she murmured softly. The only reason he could hear her was because they were so close. Summer brushed her lips against his feather soft, but didn't kiss. She turned her head to the side and leaned farther forward to whisper in his ear.

"This place is kinda of crowded though."
Her teasing only broadened his smile as he slipped a hand around her back so that they could walk side by side out of the club. While she seemed sober enough once they hit the fresher air outside one of them may need the extra support.

"As far as I can tell you already have the job, though I know where it'll be just the two of us." He whispered back before starting back towards the exit Summer's slender form in his arm. Back towards his rental the bouncer at the door nodding as they passed. Unlocking the car he opened the door for Summer and moved around to the driver's side checking out her ass as she sat down. In the car he turned on the radio finding a station with similar music to what was in the cub and reversing out of the parking placer he put the car in drive and cruised out of the lot accelerating onto the street as Summer leaned over to whisper into his ear again. He took his eyes off the road turning to look at her with a grin of his face when something hit the front of the car and cracking the windscreen flew over the top.

With the screeching of tired the car shuddered to a halt. "What the hell was that?" he asked looking back, there was definitely something in the road, something not moving.
Summer was so startled by the THUMP and their sudden stopping, she didn't even have any time to scream. Now she was staring wide eyed at the windshield where there was a huuuuge crack in it. And something smeared on it that might have been. Blood.

She turned to stare at Richard, then looked over her shoulder to glance out the back window.

"Oh my god. I think we hit something!" Summer was sobering up real quick with the revelation. What was now laying still on the ground behind them looked way too big just to be a dog or animal. "Y-you... you should go out and see if it's still alive."
Richard turned to Summer, her expression matching his and he nodded and opened the door stepping out into the night air. Shit, he shouldn't have drunk so much, now he had to see.....

It was on the ground dimly lit as Richard walked towards it, slowly the form took shape, the bloodied hair resting in a dark pool, the hand on the and on an arm sticking out an an odd angle the bright white trainers.


He stumbled backwards hinds going to his face as it sunk in. They had hit a person, HE had hit a person.

"SHIT! Summer......."
"Oh god, oh god..." as she said it, she was slowly climbing out of the car. She only took a few steps out before she could see the tangled mess of the body. Summer quickly spun around, bracing a hand on the vehicle and the other over her mouth. Her stomach was churning with nausea.

"It's... it's a person, isn't it! We just killed a person!" They were drunk as fuck and now they killed someone!

"We.. gotta call the cops..! I think I have my phone." Summer was already fumbling for the small bag she carried with her. Looking for the little cellphone buried in there somewhere with her lipstick and a spare pair of panties.
Richard went into panic mode.

"Cops?!? If you call the cops they'll ask questions, they'll do that breath test. I can't have drunk driving on my record let alone...... manslaughter." Richard looked at the body backing away until he was against the car covering his face with his hands wishing he had less achahol in his blood so he could at least think strait. He couldn't go to jail.
"We can't just run away...! They know how to catch people!" Summer watched plenty of CSI. They could do things like pull paint chips off the body and match it to the car.

...they wouldn't have anything on her, though. She wasn't the driver. In her panic, she already had her phone out and was trying to mash the buttons to dial.

"No, no. I'm calling the cops. What if this guy is still alive? We need an ambulance at least..!"
He walked over to the body overcoming most of his panic. It helped that he couldn't see the man's. Kneeling down he tried to feel the pulse in the neck like in the movies, but couldn't feel anything and his fingers came away sticky. He has going to jail, he could kiss his job goodbye, no one in the industry would hire him with a record.

He didn't know what he was going to do. If there was a chance he was still alive He wanted to help him but if he was dead Richard couldn't be tied to this. Tomorrow he'd be the other side of the country. Best to let Summer call the ambulance and then get them both out of here. He walked back to the car and opened the driver's door. "Get in, the paramedics can take it from here."
"You can't leave the scene of a crime! That's like... illegal!" she was staring at him, startled. As if running someone over wasn't bad enough. To just drive away and leave them there...

"Nu uh. I'm not getting back in that car! We're gonna.. wait for the police and the ambulance!" Right, calling them now. Summer dialed up 911 and put the phone to her ear.


"Oh god, I can't this...! Stupid cellphone!"
He looked at her, before getting out again. "Well if we're not leaving him here..." He walked back over to the body and pus his arms under the shoulders pulling the still form towards the car. "Going to help me?" he asked and blood from the man's head started marring his clothes. "Damn this guy is heavy, going to need you to help pick him up into the trunk."
"NO I'm not going to help you! That's crazy!" Summer shouted back. But before she knew it, she was moving to help him. Ewing, groaning, and even cursing as she help try to pick up the body and stuff it in to the back trunk. By the time the managed to fold the dead guy in the back of the trunk, she was covered in blood. They probably looked like a couple of murderers.

Hell, they WERE murderers!

Summer didn't say another word until both she and Richard were back in their seats and the car was moving down the road again. Just driving away like nothing happened.

"This is crazy. Just.... crazy. We shouldn't hav-"


Summer froze, glancing over with wide eyed fear at Richard.


"What is that...?!" she hissed softly. Obviously, they hadn't run over everything else. It sounded like the thumping was coming from the back!
Richard looked at Summer before slowing the car intending to stop and check the trunk, then ahead of then two headlamps appeared, and above then in the moonlight police lights gleamed, still above the cruiser. "Oh hell". Richard breather getting the car back up to speed. "Dammit." If the police noticed the blood on the front of the car they were finished. Richard activated the windscreen sprayers but could do nothing for the hood.. All he could do was Hope.

Seeing a side street he turned down it breathing a sigh of relief, before pulling over, his eyes in the mirrors. Bright orange flashes illuminated the intersection before the form of the cruiser came into view pulling into the street.
The night was going from bad to worse. The quiet thumping in the back had stopped when they parked. Summer held her breath as the glow of the police cruiser's headlights turned on to the street. Slowly it moved down the road until it had passed by their vehicle. She didn't think they had even parked somewhere well hidden, but the cop car just drove on by at an agonizing snail pace.

Summer mumbled in a quiet whisper as the police car passed by them. "I think he's still alive in the trunk! Go back there and look! Gods, what if that cop car turns back around again?!"