Things that Go Bump in the Night

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  1. Spica checked the clock automatically, looking up from the files that he had been given, a summary of the work being done in the last week. That rookie should get here in only a few minutes. He'd been told that she looked promising-- though the vast majority of the police force was composed of humans who either lacked powers or had minor abilities, occasionally they got an applicant who was powerful or had other talents. Just a year ago, they'd managed to snag one of the best hackers in the world, for example, though he was plain vanilla human. But exactly what kind of promising? He shook his head-- there'd be time to figure that out later.

    He put down the folder. There was only one case that he had to take a look at-- a string of murders apparently done by a sorcerer. A nasty one, too, to be summoning demons. Whenever thaumaturgy got involved, he was called in; after all, it was one of his main specialties. But if it was a minor case, he could usually pass it off to someone else. One of the benefits of being the boss.

    But despite all of that, he still had to meet this girl. He checked the clock again before putting on his coat and heading down the elevator. The police headquarters were hidden within a large bank in the inner city, to decrease the likelihood of people stumbling into anything that they shouldn't see. The top three floors were devoted to his department, as was the subbasement, for things that shouldn't see the light of day. Not that this cover helped him blend in. With white hair and eyes that regularly changed between blue and white, he'd had a hard time of it. Wearing tinted glasses helped, but hair dye didn't last long, so he was left explaining the contrast between a youthful face and white old-guy hair.

    He ignored strange looks as he exited the doors of the bank to lean against the wall. He hoped she'd show up soon-- it looked like rain.
  2. Necola walked in with dark black glasses. Her hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail. She had a slight frown on her face as she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and kind of slowly turned around looking for something. She didnt know what Spica looked like or who she was supposed to ask questions to. She walked over to the wall Spica was leaning on. Maybe he's late she thought to herself. She turned to Spica not knowing it was him "Some one has you waiting too huh".
  3. Spica turned, a little surprised to hear the girl speak to him. "Ah, yes, I suppose so." He turned forwards again, slightly uncomfortable. Interaction wasn't his forte, but then again he supposed they had some things in common. "I thought I was the only one who wore sunglasses when it was overcast," he joked lightly.

    After a few moments spent evaluating the odds of another slightly strange person having to meet up with someone on the steps of a bank in the middle of a day, he turned back towards her. "I don't suppose you happen to be the new police rookie? I didn't receive all of the paperwork due to an error somewhere in the red tape."
  4. Necola moved from the wall in stood infront of Spica "Yes, i am..and you are". Necole wonder if he was her boss or something or maybe her new partner. He seemed a little weird though to her. He had gray hair but his face looked youthful. Maybe it was a freak accident or something. Necole just looked waiting for an answer.
  5. Spica smiled, extending his hand. "Excellent. I am Spica Virgo, the head of the police branch here." Not waiting for the usual explosion of disbelief-- but you're only like twenty-five!-- he continued, "Although it's not exactly a usual practice for me to guide interns, I have been told that you have some unusual and useful skills, so I have decided to train you personally." He added, "I was actually about to check on a case; would you prefer to see the office first, or get straight to work?"
  6. Necola shook his hand and then held her head. She went out partying last night and still had an hangover. Spica did look a little young but who said being a boss had an age. Necole was only twenty-two and had been the boos of two summer jobs when she was in school. "Well aint i a lucky girl" Necole said as she put on a fake smile. " but it doesnt matter whatever is more important to you" she said pushing her glasses back up shielding her eyes from any bright lights or shiny things.
  7. Spica raised an eyebrow at the indication of a headache-- well, I can't exactly hold my liquor either-- but didn't comment. "In that case, first up is a little bit of an assessment, then work. There's the regular bit, and then the practical bit." He would have to get her to look at the thaumaturgy case, he supposed. "But for the regular bit, why don't you tell me a little bit about your skills." It was always interesting to see how much people shared when directly asked. He began to walk towards the inner city, beckoning-- they could always walk and talk.
  8. Necola walked by his side. "Well besides being able to come meet with a bad hangover...i do very well with weapons and combat but i think what your really wanting to know is that i can read minds but only when the person is anxious or anything of that nature.". Necola didnt bother about telling him anything more then that. SHe always liked to see who the person was before she just started going on about herself. Necola couldnt help but glance at Spica's hair every now and then.
  9. Spica glanced at her, startled. Weapons were all very well and good, but mind-reading was something to contend with. "Well, I guess that explains the recommendation." He shook his head, surprised. It wasn't exactly a common ability. "One for one, then, I suppose. I have a certain range of abilities; though I have studied thaumaturgy extensively, my natural abilities lie in the area of space and energy manipulation." His lips twitched. "And yes, before you ask, my hair and eyes are related to it. You don't usually see silver-haired children, do you?"

    They were only a few minutes away from the crime scene. "In any case, the crime that I need to investigate is effectively that of a serial killer. Some sorcerer decided to kill three people over the weekend-- two men and a woman, none of them family, none of them working at the same place. He was summoning and binding demons, too, which is the real reason I was dragged into it. Our job is to figure out who and where he is, and capture or kill him."
  10. Necola put her hair in a ponytail as they got closer to the crime scene. This would be her first time doing anything like this and she hoped not her last. "Well the killing is always the easy part" Necole could see some caution tape as the came closer. Spica looked like he had a story...a good one at that but Necole wasnt going to ask.
  11. Spica raised an eyebrow. "Quite. The difficult part is the paperwork." He pushed the tape aside, clipping his badge to the front of his uniform to defer any attempts to restrict his access. "But I'll tell you what-- based on his schedule thus far, he should kill someone else today, and within a block of here. All of the murders were in this area. And if we manage to catch him, with some help from you, I'll teach you some thaumaturgy." He pushed open the half-open door, holding it for her, and looked dispassionately down at the chalk and bloodstains. This was where the second man died, yesterday night; beneath a spreading bloodstain, it was possible to see a complicated circle with interlacing polygons and symbols, presumably where the demon had exited. He'd be able to tell if a summoning was invoked in the area, but he wanted to see whether she could sense them as well-- the feeling of something coming from the lower depths wasn't exactly something that promoted having a poker face.
  12. Necola walked in but didnt notice anything really just the chalk lines and blood stains. "Are there any pictures of the victims" Necole had seen blood before but something was diffrent about the way the stains were on the floor. how they were positioned in a circle like shape made her think.
  13. "Pictures?" Spica asked, frowning slightly. "Yes, I have a copy of the case file." He handed her a manila folder, which had as its contents only a few photos, autopsies, and scene reports. "Be careful with it." Though he would remember the case details fairly well even if it were lost, it would be troublesome to explain. He turned, though, as he felt a slight ripple. Is that sorcerer trying again now?
  14. Necola opened the file. Thumbed through the documents and came across a photo. The pictures were horrible Necola dropped the file and went flying out the door to the back where she started to vomit. As she looked down she saw a piece of paper. It looked like it had been ripped from a book or another piece of paper. Necola wiped the sides of her mouth "Heyyyy Spica Heyy".
  15. Spica had moved backwards, anticipating the reaction. Everyone threw up on their first murder case; hell, most people threw up all the way to their tenth case. But he wasn't prepared for her to find a paper that had somehow eluded all of them. "Beginners' luck," he declared haughtily, leaning down to see the paper. It seemed to have a diagram on it, and his eyes widened as he saw the tangled mess of symbols that could only mean a summoning circle. "You really did find it, huh? With this we can pinpoint it." He paused for a moment, debating, before reluctantly admitting, "Good job. Let's head back to the office quickly-- I'll show you how to decipher this."
  16. Necola popped a mint in her mouth "Yeah right....if i hadnt spit up all of last nights liquor and fish i wouldnt have found it". Necola picked up the file and headed out with Spica. Remebering one of the girls in the file she got a flash back "The girl with the pink shirt...i've seen her before at a club...umm the cube " Necola rubbed her head agian.
  17. Spica raised his eyebrows. "A club? Maybe it has something to do with that... we'll have to check that out later." It actually made sense-- an old crabby sorcerer sees people having fun at a club, decides to kill them. Or, you know, something more sinister. And catching the guy in the act would make a trial a lot easier than it would be if they had to get him to confess.

    He entered the bank, checking to make sure his sunglasses were on, and pushed the button to call the elevator, tapping his foot impatiently. If only all of these manmade machines didn't have to be so slow. After a few minutes of waiting punctuated by brief explanations-- headquarters are on the top three floors, we put annoying stuff in the subbasement, if you do magic on the upper floors an inspector will slash your paycheck, the elevator came with an irritatingly pitched beep. He pressed the button for the subbasement, swiping a card to make the doors closed. "I'll get you a card at some point, but for right now this is a greater concern. There are a lot of reasons that the basement is the best place for magic. First, there aren't any people to ask awkward questions; second, we're actually on top of a node in the ley lines, so there's a lot of available power." The elevator stopped, the doors inching open, and he exited into a spread-out space with bare concrete walls and one cluttered workstation overflowing with paper, anti-fire charms glittering on the corners, the center, and the legs. "Any questions so far?" He set the paper down on the floor, making a quick copy onto a piece of scrap paper for reference.
  18. "yeah could you use some of that magic to get rid of this head ache" Necola looked down at what he was doing. "So that piece of paper looks like half of a symbol i seen once at that club a couple of guys were wearing it on there shirts. big moguel guys wealthy didnt seem like they posed a threat though but hey you never know. maybe some kind of cult or organization for sure if theres more then one guy sporting it around" Necola pushed her glasses up.
  19. Spica raised his eyebrows, then sighed. "If I may--" He laid two fingers on her forehead, closing his eyes and then tracing a circle with a triangle within it. "The pain should go away soon, but if you drink more tonight, it'll probably come back tomorrow, twice as bad." He leaned back, considering the import of her words. "Well, this club sounds more and more interesting. If we're dealing with multiple people, then a tracer wouldn't work anyway." After a few seconds of thought, he made his decision. "Lead away, then-- we'd better hurry. As soon as people get killed, everyone gets tense; there's going to be chaos at that club soon if I know my job."
  20. Necola looked at Spica "well the club hasnt opened yet so we should be cool going dressed like this...and... you dressed like that". Necola shook her head and walked back to the elevator. Wow it doesnt hurt anymore his pretty good Necola thought as they waited for the elevator. All this stuff was new to her. How would the other cops take her. Would they laugh at her or help her out.
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