Things that are so sad it's funny

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  1. So I'm sure we all have some of those things that are just so terrible, it's actually kinda funny. Weather it be a constant stream of bad luck, to why it happened/happens, maybe even some irony within. Or things that you can't believe is actually a thing, but is. And that makes you laugh.

    So what are some of your things that are so sad it's funny?
  2. Everything. Every time something remotely unfortunate happens, I smile. It's a natural reaction.

    Anyway, the Navy SEAL copypasta. Dude must be mentally scarred from seeing so much stuff on the internet that the internet overtook him.
  3. I can't help but smile whenever someone trips or hits themselves in the head with something-- even if that someone is me. Not that I enjoy people in pain, it's just... haha.
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  4. When I look in a mirror.
  5. All of General Chat.
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  6. How I sometimes rage while gaming and how neurotic I can also be at times.
  7. Well then....

  8. DSPGaming playing anything, though particularly stuff by FromSoftware.
  9. Pretty much this vhole world, and the state its in.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. How many people believe what they see in german free TV is actual reality.
  12. About 80% of sex in Germany is recorded.

    No backup for that stat tho.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Oh and also @Grumpy's reaction to every derpbate and dickscussion thread lel

    (Dw we all love you Grumpy)
  14. My sense of humor.
  15. How things in the world (take the bombing of Syria for example) can seem utterly fucking insane, completely illogical and or stupid but still be the thing you expected to happen.
  16. Oh noooo... Syria bombing is a GREAT thing. :))) Makes my day, I literaly cant get enogh of it! Every time I read in the papers about Russian (or anyone elses for that mater, dont matter) bombs massacring those bearded islamic dickheads by the hundreds, and them screaming to their fucked-up "god", it makes me giddy vith pure pleasure! I wish Putin finaly takes the kid gloves off and just nukes them all to hell! And he may as wel drop a few on Saudi Arabia, for good measure, vhile hes at it, to burn that rag-head pig King Salman or vhat-ever the fuck his name is. Often I wish I vas there, castrating those rapist misogynist pieces of shit vith a rusty knife, and feeding them ther own bloody testicles. And THEN taking my time beating them to death.

    If theres ONE place in the vorld, where I'd love to see a pure Amazonian matriarchy established, its the Middle East. Fitting payback to those islamic fucks, I'd love to see how THEY'd like being treated as slaves, exploited, abused, raped and murdered! And stil beter then they deserve.
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  17. Hey Marcho, did you see the 'Debate' tag at the top of this thread?


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