Things other members would never say.


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Diana: "Hey, you're right!"

Rory: "Oh, I see where the joke is going. I'll play along."

JackShade: "Come on guys! Keep posting!"

Kitti: "No you fucking can't!"

Sho: "I sense that you're a little uncomfortable. I'll stop now."

Jinx: "Posted."

Porg: "Fine! I don't need anyone's approval!"

Ocha: "Cool idea. I'll see where it goes."

Grumpy: "I wonder why my roleplays keep failing..."

Vay: "Shit, I need a spellcheck."

Sakura: "Suck my dick, faggot."

Darkness: "Did someone order a huggle?!"

Xindaris: "Hmm, I think the staff may know more about this than me."

Zypher: "Let's leave my sexuality out of this for a moment."

Chaos: "Oh wait, now I get it."

Tegan: "Let's keep it simple."

Ampoule: "Get ready for second post, bitches!"

Torsty: "Get ready for my first post, bitches!"

Coffee: "Get ready for my character sheet, bitches!"

Myrnodyn: "Well, I better get on with these staff projects."

Frost: "Y'know what, this isn't fair on you guys."

Woodrat: "Here's what I think you should do..."

Isabella: "I'd tap that."

Hades: "I'm thinking... John?... Bob?... Christopher?"
Hahahaha! Other people being right... XD That's hilarious....
LOOOOL. I'm going to ignore mine xD

but Tegan, hahahaha xD

&Ampupu~ ROFL, first post syndromeee xDD