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  1. after watching some similarly titled videos on youtube, I'd like to see Iwaku's collection of "things only writers get"

    you know, stuff that writers go 'OMG I FEEL THIS" whereas non-writey folk are like "that's a thing?"


    • forcing yourself to wake up just as you're about to fall asleep and find your phone/notepad app because if you wait til morning to write this idea down it'll go poof
    • finishing a good movie and being more interested in finding out who wrote it than who directed it
    • Everybody and their dog wants to be a character in whatever you're writing
    • Keeping notes of phrases, descriptors, lines, etc, that you like
    • taking two seconds to write down a quick bit of scene or dialogue and having it grow into a 2,000 word monster
    • The overwhelming need for an invention that lets you type and do other stuff with your hands at the same time (hurry up and evolve, voice to text!)*

    *like sewing or driving or cooking, ya pervs
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  2. Absolutely hating a scumbag character in a show or movie but also loving them because they inspire you to write your own despicable monster character.

    Having hundreds of notes both in physical and digital storage formats about ideas you know you'll probably never use but holding on to them anyway and being very protective of them.
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  3. Planning out a character's death the same time you birth them.

    Or finding that character's fucking name.
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  4. so


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    • Spending ten hours straight on a computer, to get the oddest look from your family when you tell them you've been writing.
    • Watching a movie and being able to predict right down to the letter when and where things happen (ex: horror films) and watching friends/family be awed or enraged when you spoil the whole film in fifteen minutes. :ferret:
    • Casually telling your father that a character did a heel face turn, then watching the look of complete, hopeless confusion on his face as you attempt to explain what tropes are.
    • Striking up a conversation with someone in real life who mentions...
      • A. "Oh I write too! Here's my NarutoxSasuke pairing![1]"
      • B. "Can you write me a story about Master Chief?[2]"
      • C. "You're not a real writer, you aren't published.[3]"
      • D. "Wait, you're a writer? Isn't role playing that cyber sex stuff?[1]"
    • Absolutely ruining most action films and teen-oriented fiction for yourself, to the point that when someone suggests watching a Michael Bay movie, you'd rather torture yourself by bathing with electric eels. You'll die quicker.
    • Going from not understanding most indie productions, to having a deep seated understanding and appreciation for them.
    • Crying hysterically when a role play you've been writing for several days/weeks instantly dies with absolutely no love or attention.
    • Trying not to laugh when someone claims absolute knowledge in writing, only to be unable to distinguish something as simple as the difference between a "hero" and a "protagonist."[4]
    [1]Please stop.
    [2]True story. I did it too, and got fifty bucks. Bitches. It isn't the first time I've been asked to write a story/plot/premise/et cetera for someone, but it's the only time I've been fuckin' paid for it.
    [3]Fuck you too.
    [4]It was a creative writing class in college too. Extra cringe.
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  5. The absolute annoyance when someone says "you can take a 10 second break" when you're in the midst of a writing euphoria and that person just want you to get something trivial
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  6. NO

  7. ... wait a minute.... >_> let's keep this PG13, Minibit.
  8. let's keep this out of the gutter, Elandra

    xD I totally didn't realise how that sounded until your comment. I more meant like when I get an idea while I'm sewing or playing a game or something and I can't stop to write without utterly fucking up the thing I was working on
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  9. I thought of some more on the bus ride to work.

    Having a novel or just a story idea you've been "working on" for years without writing a single word of it.

    The absolute agony of working on a single paragraph for 30+ minutes to get it just right.

    Spending hours crawling through baby name sites and name generator sites before finally deciding on a name that you can at least tolerate.

    That rage you feel when someone says writing takes no skill or talent, despite the fact that that person can't understand the difference between 'your' and 'you're' and doesn't even know what a metaphor is.
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  10. First time my boyfriend saw me trawling baby names his face got so white xD That was a fun conversation.
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  11. you monster

    But enough derailing, uh, I suppose this wouldn't apply to just writers but really any art, but that mixed feeling of having a concrete thing you can look at and see your improvements. I wrote over 50K words for a novel thing, and went back months later to do readings and edits and... oh my god just in those months I've gotten so much better and would do so much different. So it just feels like that entire 50K+ thing was just... shit and like, I'm frustrated at how much time I wasted on something that turned out so bad. Yet I know that if I hadn't written it all, I wouldn't have improved as much as I did. And also having that concrete comparison I couldn't see how much I've improved as well either and so couldn't have the joy of that improvement.

    But boy that novel sucks and I need to completely rewrite it.
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    -cough- I do this super bad.

    AND ME:

    Totally engrossed in writing something and MAN WANTS TO GROPE ON THEM BOOBIES and you don't want to be all "Dude. No. TOO BUSY FOR SEX." because you should never be too busy for sex, but you're like "ARGH JUST LEMME FINISH THIS FIRST!"
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  13. Don't consider myself much of a writer. There have been only a couple stories I've ever worked on, sure I have piles of notes physically and digitally. Most of which I can't keep track of, but a few things I do get. Some though I play through my head so many times I either lose track of what it was meant to be or I etch it into the stone of my memory banks.

    That and I don't really read books or as much writing as I should. Should really go to the library sometime.
  14. also the conflict when this approach is so polar opposite to the mood of what you're writing

    /boobie grope

  15. Im so sorry! D8 I swear I thought I checked that spelling

    I totally get what you mean though; even with stuff that's recently written, editing myself is a mixture of self depreciation, deep shame, hopelessness, and that amazing feeling when you can actually see your own improvement.

    That said it's always better to have an outside body to edit your stuff, too; there's stuff you never catch about yourself! /me pokes siggy in a shameless plug
  16. Amateur writer here.
    But spending hours among hours working on a Characters history before going "Eh... I'm feeling something else".
    It already exists! :P
    My Dad uses it for texting on his phone all the time.
  17. I know it exists, it's on everything I own that you can possibly type messages on. I want it to EVOLVE, not be invented. As is, it frequently mixes up what word I use unless I super-enunciate each one, and it doesn't pick up on grammar at all unless you actually SAY "comma" etc.
    What I dream of is a program or device that somehow takes the words as they appear in my head and translates them onto a page for me =.= it's a pipe dream
  18. So was landing on the moon 100 years ago. :P
    We'll get there, just be patient, and maybe invest into a quest for immortality. :3
  19. Intentionally thinking about the things that make you most miserable, guilty, or regret-ridden in order to more strongly empathise with emotionally intense moments for your characters, to make it seem as realistic as possible. Like, I swear, I've nearly made myself cry trying to get in the right despairing attitude for grim scenes.
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