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  1. Things Change

    Character Sheet
    Name: Ailyna Cross (sometimes called Ailey)
    Age: 18
    Appearance: She’s approximately 5’6’’ tall (167 cm). She has long blond waving hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail, and green-colored eyes. Her skin tone is so that it looks slightly tanned. She's usually seen wearing not to remarkable clothes: a simple brown, black, white or gray colored shirt or sweather and blue jeans will usually do. Occasionally she wears boots.
    Character: Ailyna is a quite shy girl. She is afraid for new things and rather sticks to old and known situations. Friendship is very important for Ailyna, even though she's not good in making new friends herself. She is very nice, friendly and helpful.
  2. Character Sheet~




    Lulu, Bambi







    Reaching an average 5’11” Luhan weighs a slender 120 pounds. However lanky he is, he moves with the elusive grace of a dancer. Most of Luhan’s height is achieved by his long legs. Due to his light weight, he may seem a little sickly at times, and to maintain his weight, his immune system suffers greatly, causing him to get ill quickly and frequently. Throughout his lifetime, Luhan has struggled with his weight, always slightly self conscious about it. With the lack of body fat, he has a slightly willowy and feminine frame, though he hides his body underneath his clothes. Like his name suggests, Luhan is built naturally like a deer, petite, dainty, graceful, but lithe and agile. Luhan’s weight is made up of mostly muscles, which lay lightly defined underneath his skin. As much as his frame is deceiving, Luhan is actually extremely strong due to his various sports. Even though Bambi tries to state that he is manly, his fair and pale complexion does not side with his argument.

    His face is slightly heart shaped, tapering at the chin to form a smaller chin, which is a feature he received from his mother. Compared to others, Luhan’s face is quite petite, like the rest of his body. His face is pale, and near flawless, except for a few freckles just like his father's, who also burns tomato red at the slightest mention of sun. Luhan’s naturally midnight black hair is cut into something reminiscent to a quiff and Niall Horan’s haircut (when he first debuted.) Due to his bangs being slightly longer than the rest of his hair, Lulu will either spike it up, or leave it as it is, framing his small face, the bangs sweeping to the side of his forehead, covering his thick eyebrows. Luhan is among those people who are gifted with a baby face (but it is by no means pudgy) never matching up with his age. Underneath his eyebrows are his large, almond shaped eyes, often associated with asian roots, the same eyes that he shares with his mother. Far away, they seem like a dark brown shape, yet up close, you can see that the outer rims are dark brown, going to a light honey hazel color close to the iris. His round, pinchable, and soft cheeks are a rosy color, especially after dancing. Like the quote says, Luhan’s eyes are the first things that express his internal feelings. Luhan’s cheeks often backstab him, turning a crimson color whenever he blushes or compliments a girl. Bambi’s ears are pierced, both having at least one piercing, while his right ear has a second one. Often seen wearing silver dangly cross earrings, Luhan sports a black stud in his second piercing.

    On a daily basis, Luhan dresses in a peppy fashion, usually in dark or black jeans, and a nice top. He does have a penchant for black combat boots.



    You wish to know about his personality? In simple terms, Luhan is a pile of mush, a pile of tofu, if you will. He is quite literally the softest and nicest guy you will ever meet. True to his name, Luhan’s personality resembles a deer, shy, quiet, easily spooked, and sweet. Shy when you first meet him, you will quickly realize that once he warms up to you, that even though he remains a little shy, he does have quite the sense of humor and is easy to talk to. Maybe it’s due to his natural charisma, but he has a certain aura of quiet power and charm, leading others to trust his easily. Mild in personality, Luhan works hard for the things that he wishes to achieve, quietly enduring the obstacles ahead of him, and never complaining. Sweet and thoughtful, it’s no wonder why he was popular with the girls in his high school, and with their parents, who grew protective of him quickly due to his cute and innocent appearances along with his polite mannerisms and sweet demeanor. Kind, he gives without thinking of receiving. While he is easily spooked, he is loyal and courageous, not afraid to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Quick to apologize, Luhan is painfully polite, often bowing when meeting an elder, due to asian traditions.

    Gifted with a good temper, he is not easily angered, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be angered. When he is angry, it flares. sharply, and at anyone who is there. Not one to hold grudges either, he lets go of past mistakes quickly. Quite forgetful as well, Luhan is a comical person. Funny story, he once pulled a prank on someone who had fouled him by putting glue into his shampoo. He got the guy back, but the next day he used the same bottle of shampoo.. And let’s just say, that that didn’t end very well.

    Luhan is extremely self-conscious, sometimes too shy to ask for something as simple as a glass of water. He's quite different from most American boys (no offense you guys) and can be quite the gentleman. Maybe this is his flaw, but Luhan believes that if you treat someone nicely, they will treat you well back. He will always notice when a friend is upset, and isn't afraid to put himself down to cheer up a friend.

    Luhan can also be extremely competitive at times and may get upset, letting his pride get in the way, though he knows when it goes too far.




    ((Hope this is good enough.))
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  3. Ailyna’s tiny room in her parent’s house was filled with large boxes. Every time Ailyna entered her room, it felt kind of weird. During the eighteen years she had lived here, things hadn’t changed a lot. Of course, most of her children toys were gone now and furniture had been replaced, but the layout of her room had pretty much stayed the same. Her bed, placed against the longest wall in her room, the desk placed on the other side and the clothing closet next to the door. For the first time her room looked different with all these boxes around. And since most of her stuff was already packed into the boxes, the room felt kind of empty. It was like no-one had lived here for some time. And that would soon become the truth, since Ailyna was moving tomorrow. She was going to leave the place where she had lived for so long. Ailyna walked to her bed and grabbed her cuddle toy: Bibi, a rabbit with a pink dress with red hearts on it. She hugged it for a moment, before she placed her in one of the open boxes. One thing was for sure. She was gonna miss this. Her home, her parents, her little brother, her room and of course, maybe most of them all, Luhan.
    Luhan was Ailyna’s best friend at high school and even though they were moving to the same city and were attending the same university, they were both going to do different studies and they were living in different districts in the city. But she had promised she would visit him as oft as possible. She wondered how the moving was going for Luhan. For a moment Ailyna wanted to call him with her cell phone, however she was afraid he would be too busy, packing his stuff.
  4. In the midst of his packing his phone had rung, and with fumbling fingers, he picked up, not recognizing the caller ID. "Hello?" He answered, his brows contracting.

    "Is this Luhan?" The man asked. Replying that it was, the same man continued on the phone. "We'd like to inquire you about your audition at our Entertainment Agency. Our team and manager would like to meet with you this afternoon, is that possible?"

    It took the teen a moment, his brain drifting to the audition, which had been more than a year ago. "Of course, I'll be over around noon, is that alright?" He asked, holding his cellphone between his shoulder and neck as he moved boxes around.

    "Yes, that sounds great. We look forward to meeting you, Luhan." Bidding the man goodbye, Luhan continued to sort through boxes, the news still sinking in. He had given up all hope of becoming a singer after waiting for six months for news of his auditions, and now it was finally happening. Yet, that would mean he would have to leave his best friend, Ailyna behind when he traveled back to South Korea as a trainee. Dialing Ailyna's phone, he waited for her to pick up. College wasn't as big of a problem, since he would be able to transfer to another college there. At his current college, he had wanted to study performing arts either way.
  5. Ailyna was rather surprised when the phone rung. She looked on the display of her cell phone. It was Luhan! It was rather funny how he was now calling her after Ailyna had doubted if she should call him. She picked up the phone and responded with a rather cheerful "Hello Luhan! How is the packing going along?" She kind of hoped they could meet once more, before they would both move to the big city.
  6. Hearing Ailyna's happy voice upset Luhan as he figured how to break the news to her. "I won't be going to college here... A year ago, I auditioned for an entertainment agency, and they just gave me a call. They want me to meet up with a manager today, and then I'll be going to South Korea as a trainee before I debut or get put into a group.. I'll be able to swing by and visit though, every couple of months." The particular agency he had auditioned for wasn't as strict about leaves as others, and allowed him to visit home every three to four months based on his progress. His talent meant he would only really have to train for less than a year, meaning he would have a better chance of touring the US as well. "But how's your packing going?"
  7. "What?" Ailyna shouted, more surprised than upset. "But I uhm... we... you never told me? Why did you never tell me you had done audition?" He knew how Ailyna loved to sing as well, right? She'd always thought singing was like a hobby for Luhan, just like how it was for Ailyna. She'd never realized Luhan saw it more as a profession. She was silent for a couple of seconds. Slowly she realized how big this change would be. For Luhan of course. He was going to move to South Korea! That is like... moving to the other side of the world! And what about college? He had already enrolled, didn't he? And hadn't he rented a room already in the big city. And when was this all going to happen? Wow... Ailyna was really surprised. This was really going to be a huge change for Luhan. But this would be a huge change for Ailyna as well. Now she would be missing him even more. Her best friend could only visit a few times a year now.
    "When is this all going to happen?" Ailyna asked. "When are you going to South Korea?"
  8. "I didn't tell you, because I never thought I was going to make it. The college is letting me transfer over to the Seoul Arts College, since I was studying performing arts anyway. I'm leaving for South Korea in a couple of days after the meeting with the agency." Though he and Ailyna both loved to sing, the difference between them was that he thought of it as more of a profession than a hobby. Something he greatly enjoyed. He just had to clean up his remaining business in the US and then he would be set. "Don't miss me too much." He joked.
  9. "Why didn't you tell me? I mean... all of this? Why did you never tell me you'd done audition, and for how long do you know that you will be leaving? I thought you were just packing to move to the big city, like me?" Ailyna was still mostly confused, however there was also a tiny bit of disappointment in her. She'd always told Luhan everything. What she thought about their class mates, what she'd been doing during the weekend and even when she had problems at home Luhan was the first person she would come to. She'd never knew, even though not that important, that Luhan kept a secret from her!
    "Do you have time for one last meeting before you move away?" Ailyna asked finally.
  10. "I never thought it was going to happen, so I never told you since I didn't think it was important." He hadn't told her, because never in his wildest dreams had he thought he would be going to South Korea as a trainee. Along with that, he didn't want to distract her from her studies as well, knowing that she would get a bit upset.

    Shifting through his things, Luhan piled a bit more, some little objects to remind him of home on his already precarious stack of clothing and items. "How about the coffee shop? I'll be over at your house to pick you up in a few minutes." Hanging up, Luhan shut his suitcase, informing his parents of the news. His parents had hugged him and cried, both tears of joy and sadness, knowing he wouldn't be visiting for a while. His younger sister, however clung to him, bawling her eyes out at the news, and it nearly brought tears to his own eyes. After promising Tian that he would facetime her everynight, he left on his way to Ailyna, picking her up,
  11. Ailyna quickly redressed herself after Luhan had hung up. Her baggy jeans and her large white sweater were ideal for home, but she wouldn't dare wearing those clothers in public. Instead she went for a normal dark blue jeans, a black and a simple black shirt. She quickly did her hair: binding her long blonde hair into a ponytail. When she was done she went down the stairs to wait for Luhan.
    "Luhan is moving to South Korea!" she said when she saw her parents in the living room. Her voice was rather cheeful as she was happy for Luhan how he could follow his dreams. Her parents barely responded. Her mother only nodded shortly and her father didn't even look up from the newspaper he was reading. "I'm going to the centre, I'll be back in an hour or two."
    "Ok" said her mother shortly, nodding again. Her father did not respond at all. After she had slammed the door between the living room and the hallway she could hear her mother clearly, but her words were not mentioned for Ailyna.
    "Can you not be, for once, happy for her?" she exclaimed.
    "Me? What about you? The only thing you're doing all days is playing games on the internet!" he responded in a loud voice.
    Ailyna was happy when the doorbell ringed. She doubted her parents had even heard what she'd said. She only used her as a stupid excuse to have fights with each other.
    Without caring anymore for what her parents were telling each other, Ailyna opened the front door and hugged Luhan who was standing in the door opening,.
    "I'm so happy for you!" she said with tears in her eyes.
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  13. Predebut for RP.jpg
    (Pre-debut Luhan for future reference)

    He didn't want to leave her, but he pulled himself away. "I'll see you this week then."

    On the way there, his mind was completely occupied with Ailyna. He had wanted to confess his feelings for her then, but he also didn't want to make situations more complicated and distract either of them from their separate lives. "We're here." His mother called, pulling him out of his thoughts. Taking the luggage from the car, he hugged both of his parents goodbye before kissing his crying little sister on the forehead. Bidding his family and old life goodbye, he left, turning to the terminal.

    After boarding the plane, Luhan tugged his cap down, covering his face as tears slipped silently down his face.

    As the flight landed, Luhan hurriedly gathered his things before walking out of the plane. Surrounded by Korean signs and language, he stood, bewildered as he attempted to navigate to find the entertainment agency.

    Laying there flopped on his bed, he wanted to go back to his comfortable and warm bed, but a promise was a promise. Blindly fumbling for the light in the bathroom before fixing his hair, smoothing it down. His manager had recommended he got another kind of haircut, and he had followed his orders. Along with multiple other trainees, he had gotten his ears pierced as well, his earlobes still sore from the piercing. Washing his face with some soap, Luhan changed his clothing into a simple black hoodie and dark colored jeans. Deciding that he looked good enough, he crossed the threshold of his small studio apartment that all the trainees shared with another, he perched on his bunk. Turning on his phone, he sent a request for a FaceTime call waiting for Ailyna to pick up. "How's college?" Luhan asked when she picked up.

  14. That day Ailyna was wearing her favorite jeans and a simple brown-colored shirt. She'd finally finished unpacking, however she had not started college yet. It would start next Monday. Also, she still had not met her house mates yet. Most of them were away, on vacation or at their parents home, Ailyna didn't know. The only thing Ailyna knew was that they would return next Sunday. Ailyna was just about to make herself a meal, when she suddenly heard her phone bleeping. "Oh my gosh, Luhan!" Ailyna exclaimed as she responded her FaceTime call. "What have you done? What happened to your hair? And..." Ailyna looked aside stearing at his ear. "Do you have piercings now?" she asked. She did not really like the changes, but she knew she had to accept them if Luhan was okay with them. It would take a long time to get used to his new look though.
    "Oh my god, what have they done to you!" Ailyna said after taking a second look to her phone screen. She wasn't really sure whether she had to laugh or cry.
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  15. He laughed quietly at Ailyna's reaction, "My agency didn't really like my hair, so they told me to cut it.. You'll have a bigger surprise next week when I call you." Luhan had thought about dying his hair a different color on his own accord. "Ah, the piercings.. You'll get a surprise from them next week too." While his parents didn't exactly approve of the piercings resting on his ears, he couldn't object currently due to his position. "Nothing really," Luhan replied with a chuckle, "everyone gets changed when they debut." His attention diverted as he heard his roommate wake up.

    "Hyung..?" Came a muffled voice husky from sleep.

    "Jimin, you're awake." Luhan said, ducking his head under to look at his roommate, and later on bandmate. "Meet Ailyna, this is Jimin, Ailyna. He's my bandmate when we debut, but you're not supposed to know that." He chuckled.

    "Settling down well?" Luhan asked Ailyna.
  16. "Noooo!" Ailyna exclaimed. "Dying it as well? What color? And what is wrong with your black hair?"
    She calmed down slightly upon seeing his room member. At least he made friends, sort of... In that sense Luhan was one step further ahead of Ailyna, who still yet had to meet her roommates.
    "Hi Jimin, nice to meet you!" Ailyna said. She felt the urge to shake hands with him, but at that point she remembered how they were seperated by two phones screens and a laggy internet connection.
    "I'm fine!" Ailyna responded at Luhan's final remark. "Just finished unpacking. Take a look!" Ailyna moved the screen of her cell phone around so that Luhan could see her room. "There is my bed" Ailyna explained. "And my dresser. And I've placed a couch there. And of course my desk... Pretty spacious don't you think?"
    "What about you? Is that room were you will be living for now? It looks... okay, I guess?" Ailyna chuckled. For her it seemed far from okay, but she didn't want to tell that to Luhan. But seriously, bunk beds? Ailyna would never be able to sleep on one of those, she was a lot more happier with her own comfortable bed.
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  17. ((I'm just going to pretend Ailyna said black hair to keep things moving ^-^))

    "My manager wants me to dye it blonde, because that's been the current trend in Korea, blonde seems like a big change, so I don't really know..." Luhan trailed off, running a hand through his thick black hair. Looking back at Jimin who looked at him in confusion at Ailyna's English, he translated it quickly into Korean, and Jimin smiled, waving at her through the screen.

    "That seems like a nice room." He commented, before turning back to Jimin, who had gotten up and had started to get ready for practice. Yelling back in rapid Korean telling him he would be there soon, he turned back to Ailyna, "Yeah, the room Jimin and I landed are pretty decent, a lot better than some of the newer trainees... It's only for a couple more weeks because we've been scheduled to debut in a couple more weeks, then we'll be moving into an apartment." Adding a small chuckle, Luhan could hear their manager down the hall, "I've got to go practice now or else hyung will get really mad at us and make us wake up at four tomorrow in the morning to practice. I'll see you soon, say hi to your roommates to me!"
  18. "It will probably take me a long time before I'm used to a blonde haired Luhan" Ailyna said, chuckling. "And I can't wait to see your apartment! If it is spacious enough, maybe I'll conscider to come to South-Korea one time!" Luhan said he had to to go, which made Ailyna kind a said. They were only talking for a few minutes and he already had to go. Luhan asked her to say hi to her roommates. Ailyna responded with a "Will do!" And after that their connection ended. Ailyna turned to her computer and searched for 'South-Korea'. As a good friend she had to know a bit more about the culture he was now living in.
    After some while Ailyna decided to continue to make herself a meal, just at that point the doorbell ringed. Did her house mates come back earlier?
  19. [​IMG]

    With a room full of other trainees, some moved gracefully while others moved in a more clumsy fashion following the dance instructors moves. Luhan followed, standing beside a flailing Jimin, he moved naturally from earlier dance lessons from when he was younger. They had rehearsed for a couple of hours so far, and his legs hurt from the quick movements, his arms even more sore from their usual lack of physical exertion.

    As the day progressed, Luhan grew more and more tired. After vocal lessons, he was sent to the manager's office where he found three others waiting for him. Taking a seat at the long table, Luhan looked around, recognizing only Jimin. "It's nice to see you all, I'm your new manager, Mr. Ng, and this will be debuting under the name Viva as a four member boy band. Now let's go around and introduce each other before we give you a label."

    Starting from the furthest of the room, a young man spoke first, "Hello, my name is Baekhyun and I am currently 18."
    Baekhyun (open)

    Next the only person Luhan knew in the room introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Jimin, and I'm 18 as well."
    Jimin (open)

    Third, "Hello, the name's Lay, and I'm the healing Unicorn." Chuckles resounded across the room as the other teen attempted to lighten up the atmosphere. "And I'm twenty."
    Lay (open)

    Looking around, Luhan spoke up, "Hello, I'm Luhan, and I just turned 19 last month."

    Now the group of newly introduced teens faced Mr. Ng as they each received their labels. Baekhyun had gotten an aegyo, sweet and manly image while Jimin received the sweet, adorable maknae image. Luhan and Lay had landed the sort of slight flower boy but manly and sweet image.

    After that had come with the physical changes that they would now need to make. Like his manager had promised, Luhan would have to dye his hair, and currently the stylist had recommended blonde since it had been in season, so with Lay the two dyed their hair, Lay becoming a brunette, while he became a blonde. The first time he had glanced at himself in the mirror with blonde hair, he had gotten a heart attack as he thought he had seen someone else. It would take a long time to get used to, Ailyna couldn't have said it better. Seeing both his hyung's dye their hair, Jimin had excitedly hopped into the chair as well, getting his cut slightly and highlighted with a russet brown shade, keeping Baekhyun as the only one who hadn't dyed his hair.

    Facetiming Ailyna back at their dorm, Luhan hide his face, hand covering it as he was exhausted. Laying on the bed, he held his phone in front of him. "Hey, you like my new hair?" He asked tiredly.
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