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    • In the world of Gael, criminals are part of everyday life. Only reason for this is one man named Kaern Pelmos, the leader and founder of the global criminal network Thieves Guild. For the last six centuries it has been making life of the governments as well as civilians difficult. As the governments try to hunt down the criminals, the members of the guild are having the endless competition of who will have the highest bounty in the guild.


      The Guild

      Founder: Kaern Pelmos
      Current Leader: Kaern Pelmos
      Officers: None at the moment

      Thieves Guild is world wide network of outposts that allows members to quickly move between the outposts via portals. All of the outposts are connected to the guild headquarters, The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is located deep under The Fort and only way to get there is through the outposts.


      Kharle: Kharle is city of arts, many of the great artists have born here for some strange reason. Usually people who comes from the Kharle are naturally very artistically talented.

      Iul: Iul is very cold country, average temperature around the year is -22 C. Iul is very rich country because of their high quality mineral called ice crystal, which is used to worlds greatest weapons. There is currently only four blacksmiths capable to use ice crystals.

      The Academy: Is a city where the World Council is located. World Council has a represantative from each city to lead the world.

      Berowa: Berowa is the biggest and most important harbor town in Gael, it's under heavy security because of precious items that are handled there.

      Feul: Is industrial city, it mostly has great factories and is the home for Gael World Bank.

      Trygh: Is a town of rich people, which is the reason why criminals loves to wander around the town, trying to find great opportunities to make some good money for themselves.

      Forbu: Forbu is largest city in Gael, it hosts about 30% of the civilization in it.

      Loeb: Who knows what secrets does this island hold in it, second most heavily secured locations in Gael. (Not available as a Home City)

      Haleton: Your regular harbortown, Haleton makes money through fishing and transportation.

      City of Sol: If you thought Trygh was a great place for income because of it's rich people, then Sol is the El Dorado for criminals, with well executed plans and successful thefts, you're able to climb that ladder in no time.

      Jeila: Great prison town, heavily secured and located in the middle of the lake mostly. (Not available as Home City)

      Mevlen: Has the greatest quarry in the Gael.

      The Fort: Gael's most heavily secured location, World Council's great army is located here. (Not available as Home City)

      Q'revan: Desert city, there is very hot all around the year, average temperature 40 C.

      Bacca: Tropical island, lot of rich people lives here, population higher during summer than winter.

      Kife: City built on the mountains, the city has very strange architecture as all of the buildings are built along the mountain walls. The city has very complex suspension bridge system that is used to move around the city.

      3 Military bases (Army recruits are trained at these locations):

      Tel'raen: Desert fort, like Q'revan, average temperature is 40 C. Tel'raen trains pyros, engineers, pioneers and other similar jobs on top of infantry.

      Magfort: Navy fort, all of the navy soldiers are trained here.

      Veloglen: The whole archipelago is under ice age, average temperature - 25-30 C. Veloglen trains snipers, pilots and soldiers specialized on artillery and vehicular combat on top of infantry.


      The world of Gael uses the currency called Akel (A) and just to give you a perspective of it's value it is 1A = ~ 0,50€

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    • Thieves:
      Alistair "Machine Herald" Trigg
      Age: 26
      Race: Elf (M)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Iul
      Character Sheet
      Goe "Gray Ninja" Hikiri
      Race: Human (F)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Iul
      Character Sheet
      Cole S. "The Blizzard" Dragon
      Age: 203
      Race: Dragonkin (M)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Iul
      Character Sheet
      Alyssa "Merrill" Mayors
      Age: 22
      Race: Human (F)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Haleton
      Character Sheet
      Rubina Naina "Lady of Shivers" Jenssen
      Age: 24
      Race: Ice Elemental (F)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Iul
      Character Sheet

      Janure "Capture Captain" Winsure
      Age: 35
      Race: Human (M)
      Home City: Berowa
      Fort/Job: Trained in Tel'raen/Leader of Spec ops
      Stash: 200A
      Stella "Venom" Brook
      Race: Half-elf (F)
      Home City: Feul
      Fort/job: Trained in Tel'raen/Spec ops
      Stash: 200A

      Rikka "Bellona" Lorde
      Age: 23
      Race: Human (F)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Forbu
      Character Sheet

      Age: 19
      Race: Human (M)
      Stash: 200A
      Home City: Iul
      Character Sheet

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  1. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    Alistair sat down at the bar counter, he had been having a talk with Kaern before. It hadn't been a nice conversation, being accused of murdering a fellow guild member really wan't good for him or his reputation. "I'm sure it was that coward.... i know it" he says to himself and the bartender glances at him. "Something wrong Alistair?" the bartender asks to which Alistair shakes his head, he had to keep this conversation a secret for as long as possible. "Give me a whiskey" he says and bartender pours him a glass. He takes a sip from it and sighs, "If i'm going to see that coward, i'm making sure he will suffer for making Kaern think it was me, i wont forgive her" he thought.

    The competition in the guild was brutal, thieves trying to sabotage and set up each other as they eliminate fellow guild members. Killing fellow members was strictly forbidden, but most of the members are assassins after all, they always tried to set up some kind of trap to take down yet another competitor. Alistair checks his surroundings just to make sure there was no one eavesdropping him nearby, even though he didn't have anything important to say. A small robot crawls out of his sleeve and climbs up the pillar that was located at the end of the counter, the robot stops to the top of the pillar and was apparently scanning the area in case of any suspicious behavior.
  2. Goe Hikiri
    She had listened to the conversation between Alistair and Kaern. She was sighing in her head because it already sounded so so stupid to her. She appeared behind Alistair as she whispered in his ear
    Let me guess. That you killed that fellow guild member is total bullcrap and now you want to kill the real murderer? I could help you
    She sat on a stool next to him and ordered a beer as she chugged it down in a few seconds.

    Goe looked like a toddler or middle schooler depending on the person seeing her but she was very very short and had childlike features. She took her hat off laying it on the bar
    So how have you been doing Ali? Got a new job yet?
  3. Rikka Lorde

    Rikka entered the bar in a fashion one might use the old saying 'like a bat out of hell' to describe. The door actually slammed into the wall when she threw it open and when the bartender shot her an irrigated glance she just gave a boisterous laugh and sauntered up to a section of the bar. "Hello my fine fellow. I'll have the strongest thing you have. Machine oil, if you stock it." And then she threw him a wink to top it all off. She didn't recognize him. Then again she was new, and she didn't hang around the sanctuary a lot on top of that. Too many places to go. And conquests to woo. A suspiciously colored glass was slid her way and she finished it off quickly. It burned pleasantly on the way down. "Keep them coming."

    Although the woman appeared in good spirits she was anything but. The moon had gone through it's full lunar cycle twice since her last real job. Sure she could start picking pockets and filching things from the market like a common criminal, but where was the glory in that? She wasn't just going to be a thief. She was going to be a legend. Unfortunately it was just about as easy as it sounded. And that was not very easy at all. The job had to be something to draw attention- and more importantly gossip. The common folk needed to know her name just as much as the law did. Of course the job couldn't be too big a job too soon or the coppers would be so heavily on her tail that she wouldn't be able to build her reputation. No, she had to calculate this just right. When the barkeep placed another drink in front of her and knocked it back without so much as a swallow.
  4. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    He looks at Goe as she mentions the killing "You were eavesdropping the conversation? Yeah, i'm going to kill that bitch for setting me up" he says, there was nothing he hated more than someone setting people up. "What comes to jobs, no i haven't got any, all there is some minor stuff like pick pocketing and stuff like that, for some reason i haven't gotten any hints about any good places to visit" he says and at that moment Rikka stormed in to the bar, he looked carefully over his shoulder at her, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible. "that girl is going to be trouble" he whispers to Goe, he just could feel it, she had this strange monk-ish style but she was definitely the more aggressive type.

    Alistair knew that she was new, he hadn't seen her before, and he afterall hanged out a lot at the Sanctuary. She seemed to be a person who took the competition way more seriously than anyone else, getting bounties was tough job and only big heists or assassinations were a way to get a bounty on your head, at least that was the way Alistair thought. He then looks back at Goe "Doesn't it seem strange that no one has gotten on the board yet? Well the board was set up just a couple weeks ago but anyways, i'm sure Kaern has a plan for it, even Sanctuary has become more dangerous place ever since Kaern gave the speech about the board and the competition" he says, he had been thinking about it for a while already because he found it rather strange, setting up a leaderboard for highest bounty without a meaning, it just wasn't the way Kaern usually worked.
  5. Cole slowly wandered through the tunnels leading to The Sanctuary, his cousin Snap a bit in front. "For the seventh time, Cole, speed up!" He was annoyed at Snap's complaint, but couldn't do much but keep walking. "If you really wish to make a career as an assassin, we've got to see the other thieves here before they've all gone to theirs!" Shrugging it off, that was all he could do at the moment.

    Eventually reaching the heavy steel door, Cole did but wait for Snap to open it. After all, he was the closest thing they had to muscles. They both stood there for a moment, expectantly looking at eachother. "What? Aren't you gonna break up the door?" Cole sighed. Snap was referring to a technique he had been using earlier in emergency situations, where he spread water in a door's lock, then froze it, based on natural withering. "Snap, we can't break open every door we face. That's no good way to make friends, is it?"

    This specific comment was not what Snap wanted to hear. All his life he had gotten friends easily, usually because of his abrupt and sudden nature. People seemed to like that. He did realize he couldn't go breaking down doors everywhere, but just wanted to make a suggestion. He shrugged. "Fine, I'll just... open this door normally." He didn't like going with the "boring" alternative, but this time it'd have to do.

    Unlike Snap, Cole took nervous steps into the bar, seeing little behind a lock of fur covering his eyes. The floor was, however, enough to see in order to not crash into about everything. They both made their way over to the bar counter, and Cole requested a big glass of water. Snap interrupted him, ensuring the bartender he's just joking. "A glass of water, are you serious? We want these people to fear and respect us, not mock us." Having his wish neglected, Cole just silently sat down at an empty spot. Water was his favourite drink. In fact, he didn't drink much else than ice cold water. "Fine, let's just sit down then." The seat he had picked was, to Snap's further annoyance, far away from the other people there.
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  6. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    Even more people arrived to the bar, this it was was two... dragons? Actually Alistair remembers seeing the exact pair at Iul long ago, he never met them but he has definitely seen them before, the arguing only confirmed this thought. "So they began thieves as well?" he asked himself. This was beginning to seem rather intriguing, usually Sanctuary was rather quiet because all the assassins were on jobs. Alistair's thought was interrupted as he heard a small group of thieves discussing about a big heist on a nearby table "It's going to be big, we're definitely going to get to that board and we will be known as first thieves to break into Loeb" one of the thieves said, he seemed to be the leader of the group. Alistair chuckles a bit as he hears this, no one has ever survived breaking into Loeb and those who had "survived" never reached the island and most of them had lost some of their limbs, it was just crazy, Loeb had second best security in Gael. Thinking about that, Alistair didn't even want to know how hard getting into the Fort has to be then, since getting to Loeb was already "impossible" since no one had made it alive. "Poor rookies, well... that's less competition to us since they'll never manage to do it" he thought.
  7. Rikka Lorde

    Rikka gave a side glance to the two dragonkin who had just entered the bar. One of them was either having a seizure or just really cold. She had never seen them before, so maybe they were new. Maybe they weren’t. It wasn’t like she could tell. Rikka knew approximately one person here and that was, not surprisingly, the bartender.

    Her attention towards the two was stolen away by a group thieves. Now they were definitely new, not just to the guild but thieving in general. They were talking about breaking into Loeb, a feat few would even joke about. Their leader practically spit as he talked, banging his face on the table with each new sentence. She should just stay in her seat and keep her mouth shut. She should.

    Rikka set her drink down and strolled over to the group. They all gave her startled looks as she slammed her elbows onto the table. “You idiots are going to break into Loeb? Really. Are you crazy?” The leader's already grotesque face grew even uglier with rage. "If anyone is getting into Loeb, it's me!" Not that she actually had any intention of trying- not for a long time anyways- but she was curious to see how much redder the guy's face could get.
  8. The two cousins noticed the attention of the other people in the bar, if only for a brief moment. "Yes? What are you waiting for, Cole? Get to know these people!" Cole's facial expression didn't change, but he muttered quietly: "Would you keep your voice down? And you know building relations is your thing." He was rather angry under the surface; Snap had complained about him since they entered the tunnel here, he just interrupted him ordering his favourite drink, and now he would force him to TALK TO PEOPLE? No, he wasn't leaving his chair.

    Snap was about to respond, before being interrupted by the loud chattering from the group of thieves on the nearby table. How they and Rikka talked about breaking into Loeb sounded interesting, but dangerous. How convenient, just what Snap liked. Without thinking he rose up and walked a bit, before turning to Cole.

    "You... You wanna help me over here?" Unwillingly, Cole followed him, sighing deeply. If there was a way to just lift this curse already. Now gaining a bit bigger range of walking, Snap joined the group at the table. "Hey there, I heard what you're talking about, how can you not, and I'd be really interested in joining you! Would you be interested in one, er..." He glanced at his cousin. "...two additions to your team?"

    Approximately the entire group pointed their attention towards him, with great distrust, before the leader answered with a still angry tone. "And why exactly should we just let two of ya dragon-humans join us on the greatest heist of all?" Cole knew he'd regret ever asking. When something catches Snap's interest, he's not to convince of anything else. "Well, first of all, your entire group is human, leaving you without the benefit of..." He proceeded to breathe a large burst of fire onto the stone roof, leaving it with a large black stain when he finished.

    Cole facepalmed. Couldn't Snap just stick to not making a complete fool of himself? Besides, he didn't want to go to Loeb. Danger wasn't his thing. He wanted his targets alone from all and everyone. Snap didn't even know, for one, what they were coming for in Loeb, and why it was so seemingly heavily secured.
  9. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    The conversation was getting totally out of hands and turning into dumbest arguments ever heard. Alistair was about to burst into laughter when Rikka said that if someone could get to Loeb it was her, did all of these people have a death wish? After the dragons joined the conversation, Alistair really couldn't resist the urge to shoot down the dreams of this group of idiots, the conversation was just getting that absurd. "Does every single one of you have a death wish? Does any one of you have any idea how idiotic you sound like, talking about breaking into Loeb... not a single person has ever gotten in and those who survived, didn't even reach the island" he says his back still facing towards the group and he takes a sip from his whiskey that had been sitting on the counter rather untouched till now.

    "I can tell you that even Kaern isn't stupid enough to try getting in to the Loeb, what makes you people think you're any more better than he is?" he adds and takes another sip from his whiskey. This group of people had already made a problem by talking about such a taboo as breaking into Loeb afterall.
  10. Rikka Lorde

    The two dragon-humans walked over and asked to join their group and Rikka gave them a surprised look. They couldn't Be serious? The conversation picked up again before she could even respond another man at the bar started criticizing them for how dumb their plan was. She had to scowl at that. She didn't appreciate being called an idiot. "Oi, watch it. I have no intention of going along with these idiots. Any thief worth their salt wouldn't team up with the likes of them. I just wanted to rile-" She pointed at the leader "Rocks for brains up." 'Rocks for Brains' shot to his feet.
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  11. "Snap, can you please come over here?" He ignored Cole's request. "No, I'm not giving up until I've become a part of this team." Cole sighed yet again at the idiot he had been so lucky to be linked with. "You heard the man over there, going there is flat out suicide, and you're waging me with this stunt of yours as well." Snap took on an aggrevated face. He really thought this could be exciting, ridicolously dangerous or not. Upon hearing Rikka's comment as well, he turned his attention towards her instead. Calling him an idiot, to which Cole fully agreed, was just enough to tip the glass.

    "Ok, just so you know, I'm no rookie either! Two words: Fighting. Experience. Don't just come here and underestimate me, alright?" Now Cole was outraged. Couldn't Snap just stay out of trouble for one second? And now the leader of the group, Rocks for Brains it seemed his name was, stood up as well. He turned to the leader. "My apologies, my cousin is a bit much up front at times." He'd have to get Snap out of there, before he got involved in a fight. As soon as a battle would start, Snap was not to stop, and killing fellow guildmembers was NOT something he wanted. "Snap, step away. We DON'T want trouble." Without even thinking about his comment, Snap just kept standing there, trying to talk to the infuriated Rocks for Brains.

    "That's it. I'm standing pretty far from you already, if you won't step away, I will." Now that was something to catch his attention. He turned around, seeing his cousin standing ready to jump backwards. His mind was at struggle, he really wanted going on this heist, or any for that matter, but he knew what would happen if Cole took another step backwards. "Time's up."

    Cole took to his feet and plunged himself backwards, landing with a crash about seven meters away from his cousin. The whole room was filled with a loud noise, of inexplainable origin and tone. Suddenly the two was abruptly pulled towards eachother, as if two invisble hands have grabbed them both and now attempted to clap. They smashed into eachother, leaving them both sinking together on the floor in pain.
  12. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    When Snap mentioned fighting experience, he was about to lose it. But his train of thought was soon interrupted as the dragons suddenly slammed to each other in a rather intriguing fashion. "Well that seems interesting... anyhow, listen up kid. No one cares about fighting experience here, you're a thief now, you steal and assassinate people, you're not fighting, you'd probably just get caught and that would be end to your career." He says, that was clear for almost any thief, of course most of the members could fight, but Alistair had learned that fighting was pretty much only a last resort, at least for himself. "And could we all just calm down, the last thing we want is Kaern to arrive here and do something about it.." he adds, it wouldn't be first time that would happen, last time wasn't pretty.
  13. Rikka Lorde

    As the two dragonkin started arguing, Rikka continued to stare rocks for brains down. She was just itching for a fight, she could feel it shivering underneath her skin. She curled her nails into her palms to restrain herself. Her gaze was ripped away however by a noise that she could neither pinpoint or describe. She turned just in time to see the two slam right in to each other. What in the hell had just happened? Rikka raised an eyebrow, not sure whether it was safe to approach. The dark haired man at the bar proceeded into another lecture about how fighting wouldn't do a thief any good. She presumed that it was aimed at her, which was fair enough. But Rikka didn't let fighting interfere with her jobs. Sometimes a girl just needed to throw some punches. His final words were about Kaern 'doing something about it' and Rikka had to shudder a bit. Even she knew that Kaern wasn't someone that she wanted to tango with. She wasn't a complete idiot.

    The few others in the room had gotten over the surprise of the two dragons collision and gone back to their business. Rikka crossed the bar to where they lay in a heap in apparent pain. She stretched out a hand to neither on in particular, causing the gold hoops on her wrist to clang together. Her thick dark hair was in it's usual braids. "You two alright? What even happened?"
  14. The impact had knocked Snap flat out, but Cole was still capable of noticing Rikka asking them what just happened. Waiting with answering, he took out a metal flask and poured out a little water on his palm, the only spot on his body not covered in fur, none of which was visible under his big coat. He breathed loudly at it, freezing it into a small, irregular piece of ice he immediately held against the place of impact on the back of his head. "Ugh... Yeah, I'm... Gah, ok. Snap over here, he'll be up shortly. What concerns why we ended up here, I'd rather not discuss." He left her hand hanging, insisting on getting up on his own. "I must apologize for my cousin, he's quite the moron." He proceeded to mutter under his breath how he wished he could just leave him.

    What was he even doing in this bar in the first place? It was only his 23rd day in Gael altogether, and he certainly didn't see the need for getting rid of people so far. Originally he was going down to the Sanctuary, he thought people called it, only to get to know about fellow members of the Guild, but Snap had managed to turn it into a nightmare. But, he guessed, it wasn't all ruined either. No one had started fighting so far, nothing was on fire, and people wasn't exactly making fun of them. Against her posture's intended purpose, he stretched out his cold hand, shaking hers. "Cole. Assassin in training and top-notch loner."
  15. Goe Hikiri
    She kicked Cole in the back of the head and then Alistair in his back. She was pissed about these two idiots fighting about such a dumb thing. She however seemed very calm
    Can all of you idiots stop argueing?! No one can go into that fort if you don't have any way of good stealth. If you're small like me or have my power, then it's doable. But I am not stupid enough to try it!
    She let out a soft cough and glared at all the people in front of her. She ordered another beer chugging it down
    Can we now keep the peace so we don't attract so much attention?
  16. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    He barely could stay up when Goe kicked him, he was taken totally of guard by this, even though he knew well how much power there was on that little girl. "Stop talking nonsense Goe, even you wouldn't be able to break into that place, you'd probably run out of energy before you would even find a place from where to get in" he says and smacks her to the back of her head with open palm. "And you should already have learned to not kick me just like that, especially after daydreaming for last fifteen minutes or so" he adds and walks over to the dragons and Rikka.

    "Well anyways, i think we set off on a wrong foot here" he says and extends his arm as the robot he had sent to scout the area on the pole at the corner of the bar counter jumped to his arm and crawled under his sleeve and seemingly disappeared. "Name's Alistair, and that little girl" he points at Goe "Is Goe, i specialize in efficient breaking and entering, undetected of course. Assassinations is also something i do, not as efficiently though... my power doesn't really give me ability for that." he says.
  17. Goe Hikiri
    She gave a small nod but kept quiet for now. She sat on a table with her legs crossed as she began eating an apple. She then laid on the table not really doing much else
    Goe is indeed my name. I have known Alistair for years and we won't ever betray each other. And I might bhe small but I am 24 and can probably still hit harder then you sissy pants
    She yawned and ordered a few more beers and began chugging them down one after another. She was very bored and wanted a job

    After a while she sat up again with a big smirk and began spinning a little knife around in her hand
    Also, Alistair loves me but he just denies it hehehe~
    She gave a cute grin and stuck her tongue out at Alistair
  18. Rikka Lorde

    Rikka took Cole's hand and gave him a hearty handshake. "Rikka Lorde. I'm a thief, obviously. But my methods are unconventional. The way I see it, if they don't know who stole from 'em there's no point in stealing from them at all" she said and laughed good naturedly. If one didn't know Rikka was a thief they would have suspected that she was a mercenary. She actually had been, for a while, but had grown tired of doing other people's dirty work. The man from the bar joined them, introducing himself as Alistair. A wee thing of a robot launched onto his arm and scurried into his clothing. Rikka shuddered. It too closely resembled a bug for her liking.

    He pointed out his companion, who Rikka was shocked to see looked like a little girl. Even more shocked when she found out that 'Goe' was actually a grown woman. The two seemed to have some teasing dynamic going on, and the kid- woman- even suggested that Alistair might be in love with her. Rikka watched with amusement. There really were so interesting people in this guild.
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  19. [BCOLOR=#800000]Alistair Trigg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Sanctuary[/BCOLOR]

    He glances at Goe when she says about Alistair being in love with her. "Immediately telling lies, aren't we?" he asks from Goe before turning his attention back to Rikka and the dragons. Rikka's mention of her methods being 'unconventional' was pretty clear to Alistair, Rikka even looked like monk, on top of that her behavior when she arrived gave Alistair pretty mercenary-like picture about her. He then looked at Cole, now noticing his shivering for the first time, "So, are you three new in the guild by any chance? I've never seen Rikka around and the drakes, well i've seen you two before, when i was a kid" he says.
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