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Actually it has started already, but i think some people are starting after the holidays. But since it's open world, i just let people start when they want :P


Iron Giant

Presumed to be an adult.



His species has no form of gender dimorphosm

Home City:
All Mashin are born in Old Gearscrew.


In addition to the picture, he is about 3 metres tall.

History/Bio: Has to be at least a paragraph long.
Preferred weapon:
Notable features:
Other information:
I'll just join this.

Name: Cole S. Dragon
Alias: The Blizzard
Age: 203
DoB: 15. Jan.
Species: Dragonkin
Gender: Male
Home City: Iul
Skill/ability: Summoning a harsh, cold wind on breath, with huge range compared to breath. Said wind can in many cases freeze his target alive. Is a decent assassin, and is good at locating and approaching a target.
Appearance: In the place of scales, his body is covered in a thick carpet of white fur, some of which covers his eyes at most times. Other notable features include an undershot and two stalagmite-like horns. At two meters, he stands just below his cousin, Snap Dragon, but above most others. Other than this, he appears to be constantly shivering, and occasionally sneezing from a perpetual common cold.
Personality: Drawn back and quiet, yet not a trace of stealth. He's the kind of guy that just wants stuff done without extra talking. Won't raise his voice to most people, unless they're really getting on his nerves. He's the one in a bar that sits by the window alone, sipping his almost frozen water, and "would rather not discuss" most things. Is over his heels with justice, and is mainly aiming for great capitalists. In another contrast to dragons, he seeks equality over money.
History/Bio: Born in a family of fire-breathing dragons in Dragon city in a faraway kingdom, he was considered incorrect, mockery of dragons, and a monstrosity. Gaining friends was outright impossible, and having caused them major social issues, achieving the respect of his family didn't happen until later in his life, when he gained them great fortune by winning a fighting contest in the town. Knowing few that didn't despise him in his home town, he spent much of his time practicing battle and perfecting his equivalent of breathing fire.

Hoping to heal his reputation further, and being an only child without friends, he got his cousin Snap to join him in trying to banish an evil wizard, threatening Dragon city. Through extensive research and exploitation of Snap's large social circle, Cole learned in detail how to locate and get close to whichever target he set to mind. When finally facing the wizard, resulting in the cousin's victory, their opponent cursed them with his final breath, linking them together. Now, whenever moving more than five meters away from eachother, the curse pulls them back together with great force. It didn't take long before the little friendliness they had for eachother broke to pieces, leaving them either arguing or ignoring eachother at most times.

When eventually deciding to leave Dragon city, he and Snap eventually agreed for Gael, it tempting his cousin with technological advancedness, and himself with the to most unbearable cold of Iul. Snap was not all too happy with the choice of city, but, after extensive arguing, went with it, stating he'd "find a way to stay warm".
Preferred weapon: Breathing cold winds. Isn't, but is usually considered, magic. Combining this with a small container of water he carries around, goes for a strong attack.
Notable features: Has wings, but they're usually not capable of carrying him. A certain mechanic device currently in production would probably suffice to get him into the sky, as he's always wished.
Other information: He is constantly arguing with his cousin Snap, whom never can leave his side due to a curse laid on them both.
Don't mean to be impatient, but Cole still isn't added to the character list, can I ask of you, @Rauzi, to add him? Thanks in advance!
Name: Alyssa Mayors
Alias: Merrill
Age: 22
DoB: 06-16
Species: Human
Gender: female
Home City: Hazelton( port city)
Skill/ability: she has an ability that allows her to manipulate spiders and use them as her eyes and ears.
Appearance: average height, slim build, blonde hair to her shoulders, brown eyes
Personality: her specialty is information trading so she tends to be quite talkative. She is kind to ber friends and even more polite to her enemies.
History/Bio: Alyssa was a mostly normal girl who had a normal family. She spent her days helping her mother who would always talk about the town gossip with her. Creating a love for news alyssa orginally sent herself to be a journalist of sorts. Her career was very successful at first, no one wanted to hear boring news stories, that was when she started to add in some of the gossip she had heard. Suddenly people were flocking to her to buy or pay to get rid of whatever she was saying.

Realizing how her situation had changed she decided her new path could be her Preferred role. She later met Alistar and joined up in their guild as a place to sell her informtion without trouble. Every now and again she will help out, but usually not unless she is motivated by coin.
Preferred weapon: Poisons/ toxins
Notable features: none
@Shitsuji-Carty Welcome to the Guild Alyssa!
Just saying that it's not Hazelton, it's Haleton :P
Name: Rubina Naina Jenssen
The Lady of Shivers
March 7th
Elemental (Ice)
Home City:
Rubina's powers are very similar to those of Elsa from Frozen. She can conjure ice and snow from her hands at will, on a scale from something as small as creating light flurries to something as direct as conjuring a blast of ice as a fighting method. She has a complete tolerance to the cold, allowing her to endure extreme temperatures and harsh storms for a indefinite period of time provided her other needs (food/water, sleep, etc.) are met.

In her regular form, Rubina looks like a regular human. She is light-skinned, with blue eyes and long, straight blue hair. She is slender and tall, and she usually wears winter clothing because she spends much of her time in the cold region of Iul. When she leaves Iul, she typically wears trousers under an ankle-length skirt with a strapless corset. In her elemental form, Rubina looks like herself as an ice sculpture, but she retains all motion ability. Her clothing appears to pop in and out of existence when she transforms; she herself isn't even sure what happens to it. She also retains her speaking ability, though there's a slight whispering echo to her voice, and her powers are slightly enhanced compared to when she's in her regular form. There is nothing dramatic about the transformation - when she switches from form to form, it simply happens, with no flash or sparkles or anything.
Personality: Rubina never used to be cold. I mean, she was always physically cold, surrounded and powered by the ice and snow of Iul's mountainous region, but as a person, she was good. She was kind and friendly, always willing to help anyone who might find themselves struggling into danger. Now, however, she is cold and heartless, ruthless towards
Rubina didn't always have a name, nor did she always have a human form. She used to be a creature of the mountains, an icy spirit who existed in order to maintain balance, peace, and the natural order. Among her sisters, the other elementals of the mountains - elementals of ice, snow, wind, and stone - she had no name; there was no need for names when their paths crossed so infrequently, and when their paths did cross, it was never more than a few of them at any time. Simple nods and brief communication were the norm among the elementals.
Rubina was always curious about the humans of Iul, but she knew not to come too close. She was always warned that humans were creatures of greed, and that they would utterly destroy her if they discovered the existence of the elementals. Still, one fateful night when she stumbled upon a young man out in the cold, lost and shivering, the warnings of her sisters were not enough to stop her from saving his life.
She drew out the cold from within him to warm him and she led him back to the nearest human settlement she could find - a small mining outpost North of the city. They spoke on the way there - not much, but a bit - and she discovered that his name was Rubin Jenssen. He had a wife called Naina and he worked as a miner to support her while they tried to have a family. Naina lived elsewhere in the land - Rubina doesn't remember where he said she lived. In turn, she told him about herself and her sisters - the role they played in nature, all across the land.

Rubina delivered Rubin to the mining settlement and watched from afar. They were clearly pleased to see him returned safely, and Rubina, pleased that she had done well, returned to her work. Her delight would not be long-lived, however - only a few weeks later, a couple of her sisters called on her. They told her that the humans had somehow discovered the existence of the elementals and were now hunting them, and they had to retaliate in some way. Rubina, devastated that this was all her fault, was more than happy to help. The elementals called upon some of their sisters from elsewhere - warmer climates to the South, Rubina figured - and together, the group of them used their magic to create a new spell. The spell gave each of the elementals a human form that they could shift into at will, including elementals who had no part in the spell's creation, such as the water elementals in Haleton and the fire elementals in Q'revan. Using their human forms, a group of the elementals wandered into a mining settlement under the guide of cold, lost young women in need of sanctuary. The miners were quick to take them in, and in the middle of the night while all the miners slept, they came together and summoned a mighty avalanche to destroy the settlement. They began to do the same to any other settlement they came to, wanting to be sure that all humans who knew of their existence were eliminated. It seemed to be only the miners, who saw them as a threat to their mining operation.
It wasn't until later that Rubina discovered just what she had done - Rubin, who lived in one of these mining settlements, had been killed in the avalanche, as had Naina, who had been braving the cold of the mountains to visit her beloved husband. Heartbroken that she had taken so innocent a life, Rubina separated from her sisters and wandered away in her human form. She began to learn just how vulnerable her human form was, needing food and water and sleep to thrive, so she would frequently switch from form to form.
She moved into Iul, taking on her human form as permanently as she could and taking on the name of Rubina Naina Jenssen, to honour the couple whose lives she had destroyed - or perhaps they had destroyed her life, as it was almost definitely Rubin who had let slip about her existence. Either way, she found herself at peace in the city, but her strife was far from over.
In Iul, Rubina met a young blacksmith. He was an apprentice to one of the world-famous blacksmiths able to work with ice crystals, and he often told her how eager he was to learn the craft and pick up his master's mantle one day. Rubina found herself falling in love with the smith, whose name was Marcus, and they started seeing one another. Rubina was there for him through everything - when his beloved dog passed away, when he lost his apprenticeship because the blacksmith didn't believe that he had what it would take to learn the art of smithing ice crystal, when he lost his home because he was unable to pay for it without his apprenticeship bringing in coin... One evening, Marcus burst into Rubina's home where he'd been staying and announced that he had a solution for his problems - he was going to join the infamous Thieves Guild, and he wanted Rubina to join with him.
Rubina was stunned, but she loved Marcus and she wanted to see him do well, so she agreed. Marcus soon found a contact who could get them in, and before long, they were learning the Guild's secrets and working to make their way. Marcus seemed to be better at it than Rubina, though her powers were more than helpful in their ventures - they worked together, with Rubina using her magic to gain access to locked buildings and standing watch while Marcus looted the place. Marcus was also much more competitive than Rubina was, always wanting to be the best thief in the Guild, while all that mattered to Rubina was living comfortably with him - and, perhaps, one day saving up money and starting a family.
Marcus decided one day that he wanted to steal from the blacksmith who had fired him. Rubina wasn't so sure - the place was top security due to the smith's work with ice crystals - but Marcus was determined. So, after a few evenings of planning, the pair broke into the place. It seemed to be going well - the smith was asleep and Rubina kept an eye on his room to make sure that didn't change - but, while Marcus was working on cracking a locked safe, the smith awoke. He heard the sound of the safe, grabbed an ice crystal sword that he kept beside his bed and coming out. Marcus, panicking since nothing like this had ever happened, shouted for Rubina to do something, and Rubina, panicking as well, shifted into her ice form and shot a blast of magic at the smith's sword. The ice crystal blade shattered in something akin to an explosion, the shards blasting out in all directions. Marcus, Rubina and the smith were all hit. The shards didn't affect Rubina, instead absorbing into her icy skin. The blacksmith was gravely injured, but the town's healers were able to save him. Marcus, however, did not survive the blast. The guards pronounced him dead on arrival, and though Rubina had fled before they arrived, she watched the whole thing through a snow crystal she'd left on the table.
Heartbroken, Rubina returned to her home to consider what to do. It wasn't long before the guards arrived at her door, however, to inform her that her partner had died. They also wished to question her considering the nature of his death, the reports of the blacksmith, and his connections with the Thieves Guild and the notorious Lady of Shivers, who was still at large. Rubina, much to her own surprise, was able to convince them that she knew nothing about his ties with the guild or with the Lady of Shivers, and they left her alone.
Unsure what to do next, Rubina decided to continue where Marcus had left off. She couldn't just start over again, but she also couldn't return to her life as an elemental for fear of her family shunning her for abandoning them. So, she continued to function, operating as the Lady of Shivers and continuing with her involvement in the Thieves Guild.
Preferred weapon:
Her magic
Notable features:
When Rubina is using her magic - any aspect of her magic, from something as obvious as blasting someone with ice to something as minor and involuntary as resisting the effects of extreme cold - her eyes glow a light blue, the glow more or less obvious depending on how strong the magic she's currently using is.
Other information:
Nothing in particular.
Welcome to the guild Rubina!
Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
First update is here!

Update 1: World Military has arrived!

Hello guildies!
So, the World Military is here.

Update details:
- Added 2 new cities
- Added 3 military bases/forts
- Added character sheet for soldiers
- Sectioned cast list to 2 categories: Thieves and Soldiers
- Added activity lists:
Missing = inactive (haven't posted for a week without any informing), will be moved back to active after posting.
Rookie = character haven't posted anything yet

Soldiers that has finished their training are able to patrol at any town or hang...
Read the rest of this update entry...
Name: Janur Winsure
Codename: Capture Captain
Age: 35
DoB: 01/01
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Home City: Berowa
Fort/Job: Trained in Tel'rean/ Patrolling City of Sol / Leader of Special Ops.

  • Expert in Swordsmanship
  • Well Trained in small firearms
  • Has the ability to teleport short distances.


Personality: Janur is somewhat of a fatherly figure to subordinate and people in general. Seeking only the best interest for those besides himself. He is not totally selfless however. Not willing to sacrifice himself or his station for just anything. Nor willing to allow criminals to simply walk away. Filled with pride and honor, he takes his job seriously. Mentally strong and unyielding determination.

History/Bio: Janur was born in Berowa to a fisherman and a merchant at the beginning of the year. He was never just the normal fishing boy while growing up. He felt a duty to the people. Not knowing where this feeling came from, his parents were concerned. When he was thirteen he began fighting other boys in the harbor town that attempted to be thieves or practice criminal acts. Though due to the violence he was always in trouble with the security in the town. Guards throwing him to the side, telling him to stop doing their jobs. But he couldn't help it. He had to serve justice. Lawfully.
When he became old enough, he joined the Military and went to be trained formally in Tel'rean. It was there that he discovered his talents for leadership and potential for teleporting. Later down his career path, he was given the rank of captain and offered a position dealing with special missions. Taking the opportunity without a second thought, Janur's military career soon earned him more respect from his men. And notoriety from the criminal underground due to his string of successes capturing and arrested a number of thieves, murderers and other scum.
Preferred weapon: His standard issue sword and pistol.
Notable features: Bright, Icy blue eyes.
Other information: N/A
Does anyone want to RP with the lovely Rubina? She's in the streets of Iul right now, if anyone's free or happens to be in the area.
Well, Snap and Cole are both free and in Iul. There aren't too many characters so far, leaving most not in crowded places alone most of the time.
@Aura Welcome to the army, Captain
Thanks. Just hope I am able to entertain some folks with some cool chase scenes. Until more soldiers appear. ^^
@Aura Lol, looking forward to it, i'm going to make a soldier soon as well though, just have to figure out what kind of character i want him/her to be :P
Name: Stella Brook
Codename: Venom
Age: 23
DoB: 06/02
Species: Half-elf
Gender: Female
Home City: Kife
Fort/Job: Trained in Tel'raen as a pyro, Spec ops/Assigned to patrol Haleton when not under special orders.

Skill/Ability: Stella has mastered the creation and usage of poisons. This specific ability and knowledge allowed her to get into spec ops. As an addition to this ability, Stella has been slowly working up her resistance against poisons to someday reach immunity to them, currently she is highly resistant but not immune and she can easily be harmed with pretty potent poisons.

Pyro training: As a result of her training at Tel'raen as a pyro, she has above average understanding of demolitions and burning stuff. Because of her lack of interest towards the subject, she isn't really skilled though.


Personality: Lazy|Defiant, Stella has a bad habit of focusing on something else than necessary and she is often way too straight forward with stuff.

Stella grew up in Feul, her father worked in a cigarette factory and her mother worked in a world bank. Her both parents were always busy, which led her to being alone all the time. At the age of 15, she fell in love with an assassin of Thieves Guild called Phenne and as they began seeing each other more often, Stella learned about Phenne being very skilled with poisons and she got curious about the art of poison making. At first, Phenne had strictly declined to teach her about poison making but as the time went on, he eventually agreed on teaching her. Unfortunately two years later, Stellas relationship, as well as her whole life ground to a halt as one day, there was rather unexpected interaction. Someone knocked on her door and when she opened the door, she was greeted by two soldiers who didn't seem to be happy but total opposite. On that day, her both parents had been killed. Her father had been visiting the bank where her mother worked as a band of thieves had attacked there and her parents got killed to silence them.

On that specific day, Stella felt the need to stop Thieves Guild and so she enrolled to the army. She had been hoping to get to Magfort to join the navy, but instead of Magfort she ended up to Tel'raen, 'Hell on earth' as the soldiers called it. First everything was fun for her and she was rather motivated as the scorching sun of the desert didn't stop her. But what the soldiers had really meant was what was waiting for Stella later on. The day when the recruits were assigned to the specific squads, she realized what the 'hell on earth' meant. She got assigned to pyro squad. The training was indeed a 'hell on earth', the equipment weighted 40+ kilos and the intense flames of flamethrower had been too much even for her as the temperature could easily reach 70+ C rather quickly. Many tears was shed during the rest of her time in Tel'raen. Now at the age of 23, she has just recently joined the World Military spec ops, as a first woman ever in spec ops.

Preferred weapon: The usual pistol and sword as well as a needle gun that was given to her as a gift from Phenne
Notable features: Stella has some burn scars all over her body, being a result of her intense Pyro training, she usually tries to hide the scars by using long sleeved shirts and such.

Other information:
I am so sorry for not posting the last few days. Got busy with something and another thing happened and now I am just sad face :C
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