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Welcome to the guild buddy!
Here we will register you as a member of our criminal family, we just need some information and you're good to go, so please just fill this application.

Alias: This is the name used on the wanted poster.
Home City:
Skill/ability: Go wild, magic is totally allowed here.
History/Bio: Has to be at least a paragraph long.
Preferred weapon:
Notable features:
Other information:

Soldier sheet:

Home City:
Fort/Job: Where are you being trained/Where were you trained at? What are you trained as?
Preferred weapon:
Notable features:
Other information:

Roleplay (You can find towns and the map from here):
OPEN SIGNUPS - Thieves Guild |

In Character:
Thieves Guild |
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Name: Alistair Trigg
Alias: Machine Herald
Age: 26
DoB: August 4th
Species: Elf
Home City: Iul
Skill/ability: Alistair is able to conjure different machines that he can utilize in movement as well as other stuff like lock picking, he can't use the machines in combat.
Personality: Alistair is a mysterious person, while hanging out in the guild, he loves to talk with people and is rather joyful person, but the moment he steps out of the guild he is like completely different person, he doesn't trust anyone and he is very careful, almost paranoid to some extent.
History/Bio: Alistair was an orphan in the Iul, his parents had been killed by an assassin as they tried to stop her. He was only two when this happened. After eight years at the age of ten, he made his first theft as he stole some food from a merchant because he was hungry and poor. He learned to conjure machines at the age of 20 and he is still learning to control his power better.
Preferred weapon: Dagger
Notable features: Cog tattoo on his left cheek
Other Information: High cold resistance because of living his childhood on Iul, is up for any job as long as it makes him at least some coin.
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Can I just make up a city name?
Oh... sorry, i've made a map, i'll add a link to the roleplay where you can find the towns. :P

Name: Rikka Lorde
Alias: 'Bellona"
Age: 23
DoB: September 15
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Home City: Forbu
Skill/ability: Hand to hand Combat, adept in various weapons
Personality: This firebrand is all about punch first ask questions later, and her temper is notorious. Her penchant for starting- and winning- fights earned her an alias after the goddess of war. Generally she is boisterous, outgoing and jovial. And incredibly blunt. She can be a bit rough at times but she has a soft spot for children and animals and has been known to nonchalantly help and protect others. If you mention this to her she will become flustered and dismissive.
History/Bio: Growing up Rikka was the fourth eldest of seven children. Although their financial situation was never dire money was always tight and her parents struggled to put food on the table. Rikka was fourteen when her mother lost her job. With an older sister who was too sick to work and three younger siblings, Rikka knew that supporting their family would be increasingly hard. She began to steal little things here and there to make ends meets. When she was on the cusp of turning sixteen Rikka left her parents a substantial sum of coin and skipped town. She's turned to a life of theft ever since, escalating the audacity of her heists as time went on.
Preferred weapon: Although she can use several weapons she prefers to fight by hand
Notable features: Multiple ear piercings, always painted in scars and bruises
Other information: High threshold for pain, could drink virtually anyone under the table. As far as thieving goes, she more for big heists rather than small crimes. She also tends to leave a calling card to let her victims know who's responsible. The only reason she isn't rotting in prison is because no one can connect 'Bellona' to 'Rikka'. That's not to say that she's a household name. Other than a few scorned law enforcement officers here and there, not many have even hear of 'Bellona'. Rikka's got a mind to change that, however.
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I'll watch this.
Welcome to the Guild, Rikka!
Hope you enjoy your stay.
Name: Goe Hikiri
Alias: Grey Ninja
Age: 24
DoB: 25th of December
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Home City: Iul
Skill/ability: Ultimate Camouflage: she can blend in with any object that is around her. She also is almost completely soundless because of her power
Appearance: She is a very short girl who appears way younger then she actually is. She is around 1,45 meters tall and weighs 30 kg. She has short white hair and a slim figure. She wears a short black kimono with some chainmail under it. She wears a black hat with a green bandana under it. She wears stocking for pants and has 2 metal shin plates.

Personality: She is a mostly quiet and trustable girl who keeps her head cool. She is very helpful and kind to people she likes.
History/Bio: She was born in a mountain area somewhere in the North of the world. Her parents left her for dead not really caring about her but she did however not have no one. No. There was a man who lived in that area. Many people called him the Mountain Giant but for Goe he was known as Daniel. Daniel was a tall and kind guy who cared for anyone who he deemed in need of care. She saw him as an older brother and they had many fun times together. But at the age of 18 Goe decided to become a ninja. She still hadn't grown much which made that a funny statement but Daniel helped her out. She became very skilled in the arts of ninjitsu and was ready to leave. But she stayed with Daniel 2 more years because he was dying. He died on her 22nd birthday which they luckily were able to celebrate together. She was determined to become the best and make Daniel proud. She left the cabin but destroyed it not wanting anyone there. She did however take some money and such with her and traveled to the city of Iul
Preferred weapon: Short katana. She has 6 throwing knives which she might use as daggers and she also has 5 smoke bombs with her at all times
Notable features: Very very short. When speaking she sometimes bites her tongue which might make for funny things.
Other information: Nope
Welcome to the guild, Goe!
Hope you enjoy your stay.
What is the maximum number of characters per individual roleplayer?
2 atm, 5 after a week of you being active, and unlimited after a month
Name - Unknown ( Literally, Unknown. Legally changed to 'Unknown' when he was 17)
Age - 19
Gender - Male
Species - Human
Location - lul



- His very average appearance grants him a low presence.

-Unknown uses stealth but a different kind. A good phrase to describe this is " A tree is best hidden in a forest," Most of his stealing is done in plain sight as it's not what you'd expect.Within this method there are more methods to which he has made names.

- The moustache is when you make a sound elsewhere to divert there attention, i.e trowing a rock.

- The fliberdy-stick is a specially designed stick that, with enough time, can open any door or key hole resembling that of a door. Unless a door was specially made to prevent this.

- Duck driving is when you anger someone so much that they don't think as logically as they once did, giving you room to try something that wouldn't have worked otherwise.

- The frolicking hiccup is a last resort, best used in public an example of a frolicking hiccup is " Oh so it's because I'm half Lithuanian ? You racist, racist scum ! " the goal here is to turn a crowed against a person to give you enough time to escape or perhaps ' finish the job.'

There are more techniques that haven't been tested at all, or not enough times to be called techniques.

Weapons - Unknown doesn't have any weapons, partly because he doesn't want to kill anyone but mostly because it defeats his purpose. His whole style is take and go, if he had a weapon it would give him to much confidence, he works much better knowing that if he got caught there'd only be a slight chance of escaping.

Like Unkown his Bio is a very simple.
Born into an almost impossibly average family he had very average views and thoughts. At the age of 9 Unkown dedicated all his free time to what he thought could only be the best job. A theif. ( admittedly not a very average thought, but whatever xD) In his opinion one of the most noble jobs. And from there on stuck with it.
Welcome to the guild, Unknown!
Hope you enjoy your stay.
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