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  1. I was thinking of doing a thief x prince rp I am looking for a dominant and this will be a yaoi.He would need to be sarcastic and a bit cold, not the lovey dovy type but kind at times.

    Something along the lines were the thief (you) would be friends with the prince (me) when they were younger. However the whole time your character thinks mine is a girl because of the way boys were dressed when they were small in royalty. Eventually the thief has to move with his family so they won't be discovered. The prince marries and has a child, but the mother dies in childbirth. Intending on isolating himself out of greif, the prince takes off with the child and goes to sea to escape to a nearby island. Along the way he is kidnapped by a bunch of thieves led by none other than his old childhood friend. This now cold hearted leader of thieves has a few questions though.
    1. why was the princess a male?
    2. what's with the baby?
    3.could he get money for the thief's small hidden community deep in the woods?
  2. *expresses interest*
  3. *walks towards your interest happiky*
  4. *wonders more about the setting*

    Fantasy, I presume? High, or medieval?
  5. Fantasy, yes. It would be more high than medival.
  6. Alright. Magic? If yes, restrictions? Area names? etc.?
  7. Yes. I don't like when people 'god-mode' , making their character easily fix things with their powers. In this roleplay I haven't really thought about area names. The place where the theives take him could be named by you. The sea he travels across to try to get to the island would be the Opal Sea. The kingdom he comes from would be named Myan.
  8. So, would I, the thief, and his merry band of bandits, be on said island? Or in the forest on the way to it?
  9. A forest on the way to it.
  10. Excellent. Character sheets, or no?
  11. Yes please. Minimum is name, age, and looks. You can add more if you want.
  12. Redcloak Archer.jpg

    Name: Ardas Verin
    Age: 27

    That work?
  13. Yes it does! I will make the thread and send you the link. Thank you very much for being interested in roleplaying this with me.
  14. Just for the record:

    Alternate Appearance (open)

    Traveller.jpg Crimson-colored eyes, white hair when grown out
  15. Oooo. I like. Thank you :)
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