GROUP RP PLOTTING Thief Roleplay Idea

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I just had an idea strike me after I woke up this morning. I was thinking about something like this:

In a city where criminals run rampant around the streets and law enforcement are just barely able to keep them under control, there is an election going on for mayor. The story revolves around a thief and his/her many heists in the city. At first it just starts out as him/her stealing these objects to sell to other thieves for some money. It's all to make a living. He/She has help from their hacker friend who sends information to the thief through the head gear he/she wears. The hacker friend makes all the gear the thief uses. They are both highly against killing, so all the attack gear is mostly sleep darts and gas.

Then there is the police. There will be two main police officers that try to hunt down this thief and his/her partner. They study the thief and try to predict where he/she will strike next. They usually show up right when the thief makes his/her escape. They get better and better at figuring out where the thief will strike next, and start showing up when the thief is still getting out of the building.

And then there is another thing to add to this. A rival for the thief. This thief will kill anyone who gets in their way. They are also always after the same things the other thief is after.

The 'good' thief turns out to be stealing items with evidence that could expose one of the mayor candidates for the scum they really are. And the 'bad' thief was hired by that candidate to steal the evidence back.

If any of you have some ideas to add/change, then they would be appreciated. I'll mostly play the guards of the buildings, the candidates, some minor police officers, etc. The thieves, hacker friend, and police officer team can be any gender you want. I was also thinking that the 'good' thief falls in love with one of the police officers that are trying to capture them.

Well tell me what you think about this. After we get everything plotted out and stuff, I'll get the sign up thread going (or move this to the the sign up section).

And if you want the love between the thief and police officer to be straight, gay, or lesbian..then I don't really care. I don't want to hold you guys back.
Sounds interesting. I would be down for this.
Excellent! Now let's see if anyone else would be game for joining in on this.
I'm feeling a bit impatient about this... I really want to get it started. Do you think you can help be recruit people for this?
How would you like me to go about it?
Well I was just thinking about sending PMs to people I think may be interested.
Sounds good. I might know a person or two would be interested
Great! We just need about 3 more people to join in. That or I can play one of the main parts, so we would only need 2 more.
I'd be up for it, sure. I'm a sucker for police officer/security types.
Yay~ I got someone to join ^^
Now we need one or two more...
Ooh! Thank you, Chrona for this Invite!

I'm in-- I'll send you my Chara sheet for Chom [the devilishly handsome man with a few tricks up his sleeves. ; D] here in a bit! just need to locate it.
Yay~ I win! We have enough people. Now we just need to figure out who will be who. I'm guessing Jovian would want a police officer part so we're saving one of those for her. I'll just take whatever part is left over ^^
I don't mind playing either the good or bad thief.
Hm...!! I can't tell if I want Chom to be able to kill or, to just be beneviolent!
I can probably do whatever youthrow at me, so....ohh, I wanna be the techie :D
Alright, I'll get the sign up sheet started sometime today if I have time.