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  1. Hello there and welcome to my little thread! Anyways, I really have been wanting to do a thief roleplay lately, it's likely because I have been playing the video game 'Thief' I absolutely love! ^.^

    Anyways, I would really love to do something maybe along the lines of royalty x thief, assassin x thief, or business man x thief, supernatural x thief, or bounty hunter x thief, or perhaps even thief x thief, or guard x thief, or if you have any ideas feel free to share! I would really like to play the part as the thief though. :3

    Finally, here are something's you should know about me and what I want from you:

    1) I am obviously looking for a seme/top/dominant if you haven't read the title.

    2) I am a descriptive rper, I'd like at least between 1-4 paragraphs, but more is definitely welcomed! ^.^

    3) I only rp in third person, please do the same.

    4) I do not mind making and starting the thread.

    5) I do plan on having a mature romance in this, though in some cases it might develop slower depending on what kind of pairing we do. :)

    6) If you have any ideas or questions, do hesitate to contribute them or ask! I like hearing them!

    7) Comment below or pm me if interested! :D
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  2. Looking still! :bouncy:
  3. If you are still looking I'm interested in this.~
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  4. I would be interested in either doing royalty thief or bounty hunter thief :P PM me if you are still looking
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  5. Pm me! ^~^