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  1. Name: Avery
    Age: 21
    Appearance: RP Image Crim.jpg

    Avery crossed her arms over her chest, trying to get warm as she walked down the quiet street. A light snow was falling and she was now regretting leaving the house without a coat. Still she didn't think she'd need it, she was only going for a quick trip into the bank. She sighed happily as she stepped into the bank, the staff had set the heater right up.

    While she waited in line she took a look around, it was pretty quiet. There was only a few people, three tellers and only one security guard. She thought that was a bit unwise, but it was a quiet little town and the bank didn't hold a great deal.

    Avery began to search in her purse as she neared the front of the line, she was only here to make a few deposits. She could have done it tomorrow but she needed to get out of house, it wasn't doing her any good to sit around moping all day. It was rather boring not to mention lonely, "maybe i should get a room mate" she thought to herself absently.

    (( I hope this is okay to start off with, and I'll put the picture in spoilers as soon i work out how :D))
  2. (Oh man, you caught me at a creative time :o WHOOO >:D)

    Name: Logan Anderson
    Age: 24
    Personality: Inventive, curious, intellegent. He's very diciplined and organized under his own rules, he's an introvert, and can sometimes be unkind. He's got a sense of humor, though it doesnt show much and he's confident.

    Logan picked a bench to sit at across from the bank, waiting. He did that a lot. It seemed more like a lot or running, but waiting was high on his list too. It felt like so long since he'd started. That first bank, back in the highest corner of the States. He remembered being so nervous, but trusting enough in his plan to go through with it. He remembered when the adrenaline hit and the excitement when realizing he was 5 thousand richer. He didn't need much, if he followed through with his plan exactly he'd do just fine. Just a little from each place, and with enough banks hit, no need to worry about the amount.

    He had to keep reminding himself that was only a few days ago. Now, he was an expert. He zipped up his jacket and tightened his hand around the gun in his pocket. He lifted his left hand to check the time. Five minutes until closing. He stood then, and crossed the empty street.

    The perfect time, he'd established, was right before closing. He never wanted to kill anyone, and it was better if he didn't have to. Just before closing time, less customers to deal with, and the employees ready to leave. Everything was just a lot easier. Thing is, the longer he was out robbing banks, the harder it was. It's why he was sticking to small towns. All the big city banks anticipated a robery since they realized he had a pattern. Not the time at which he robbed--the day was never the same as before, not consecutive, not a certain amount of days appart. It was random. The pattern was the locations. No design in particular, just that he was moving south west from where he first hit. Logan could be sure most big cities in California must be waiting for him. His advantage, nobody knew what he looked like. Just that he was coming.

    He slowed just as he watched a girl walk through the doors and grunted. Damn civilians. He didn't care anymore. Last bank. He was finished tonight. He took a breath and pulled the mask out of his back pocket and onto his head. He pulled out the gun, then pushed through the doors. "Nobody move!" He called out as he cocked the gun.
  3. Avery was just about to approach the counter when she heard the shout "Nobody move!" She slowly turned around, her heart beat speeding up at the sight of the masked man. She suddenly had an idea, her mobile phone was in her bag. If she could get it without the robber seeing, then she could call the cops.

    The bank was completely silent, everyone standing perfectly still, watching the gun. A few people eyed the door, wondering if they could make a break for it. Some were looking afraid, others were just looking stunned. Avery glanced towards the security guard, who was slowly stepping towards the robber.

    "Son lets all stay calm here okay?" The guard spoke barely above a whisper "your not going to use that gun now are you?"

    Avery decided to go for her phone while the man was hopefully distracted by the guard, she kept her eyes on him as she slipped her hand into her bag. She didn't think the man was listening at all, "he looks perfectly calm to me." She felt surprisingly calm herself, though she supposed that was just shock.
  4. Logan took a look around the small bank even as the guard spoke to him. He didn't care much, he'd be done before anyone would even get the chance to try and take him down. There was two men, and old lady and a lady with a kid there, just finished talking to the teller. Two tellers and the guard. Then there was that girl who'd just arrived before him. Bad luck for her.

    When he glanced over her, he noticed her hand inching into her bag. He tilted his head and shook it at her. As if saying what a shame she ever even tried. At that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he caught one of the men dialing a number descretely into a phone. There wasn't much that got away from him. He paid attention to detail. He saw all at the same time, the man dialing, the girl reaching and the guard moving closer.

    Logan pointed the gun at the man. "The slightest movement and I shoot," He said simply, taking care of all problems. The guard froze, one arm reaching out towards him in an attempt to get him to hand over the gun. Logan gave the girl a quick warning glance and walked a few steps to the nearest teller. It was a girl. "You have exactly one minute to fill the bag before I shoot the man," He said, giving her a look. If the girl even wasted time on calling cops, they wouldn't be there within one minute. This prompted the girl to hurry and stay on task. She hurried right off and Logan took a look around again.

    The little boy was clinging onto his mother. Kids were his weakness. Who the hell took kids to the bank at night? They should be home in bed. Logan Took the time again to look between The guard, the girl and the man. His biggest threats. Then a quick glance at his watch. "30 seconds!" He called out to the teller.
  5. Avery slowly removed her hand, letting it rest at her side. She felt absurdly irritated by his head shake, it seemed quite condescending. "Sure Avery, why don't you go over to the gun wielding bank robber and give him a lecture on his attitude." She actually giggled a little before she could stop herself, she didn't think anyone had noticed.

    The guard stopped and simply stood there, unsure what to do next. The robber was so calm and sure of himself, he hadn't had any experience with thieves like him. He silently prayed one of the tellers would trigger the silent alarm, although the police would take a while to arrive. He stayed where he was but looked at the robber, "Son how do you think your going to get out of this?" "When the police get here, they'll surround the entrance and you'll be trapped."

    Avery listened as the guard continued to try and convince the robber to leave, she was worried it would only serve to agitate him. She glanced around at everyone else, the man had abandoned his phone and was looking subdued. There was an older woman, another man and a woman with her son.

    The poor kid looked terrified and his mum wasn't even trying to comfort him. Avery caught his eye and smiled reassuringly, "Its okay buddy everything's going to be fine." The boy smiled back cautiously, and loosened his grip a little. Avery glanced at the robber, hoping it would be.

    ((I think a good way to get Avery to see Logan's face is maybe him using her as a hostage to sneak out the back of the bank? And she accidentally pulls of his mask or something? I can't really think of another way, unless you can :D))
  6. (Yeah, I was thinking something like she follows him out and sees him take it off when he thinks he's far enough. Then he sees her watching him or something. THEN he takes her ostage haha xD What cha think? I kinda just did it that way, I realize now ._.)

    Logan looked from the girl to the kid holding onto his mother. When Logan looked at him, it wasn't the same threatening look he gave all the others. He would hate to be the reason of this kid's fear of banks. Though, not much to do about it now. Logan then looked over at the guard and shrugged, "Do not worry about me, sir, I know what I'm doing," He said confidently. He could really annoy himself with that confidence sometimes.

    "15!" He called out to the girl. Poor civilians. Must be the longest minute they've ever been through. The man Logan's gun was pointed at looked worriedly to the counter, waiting for the girl. Logan could practically see the man sweating to call out for her to finish. None of these people knew, but when the minute was over, he wouldn't shoot. Logan's never killed. He's a robber, not a murderer.

    He looked at his watch and started counting down. "5, 4, 3, 2..." He re-cocked the gun, and right on cue, the girl yelled "Stop!" And the the bag out towards him. Logan smirked slightly and picked up the bag, backing up towards the door. "Thank you for your time," He gave the teller girl a small bow and released the gun, turning on the safety just as he pushed through the doors and sprinted towards the treeline. He could hear the sirens now, good he was a runner.
  7. Avery sighed with relief, she actually thought he was going to shoot. She looked around at the others, they were all just standing around looking stunned. She didn't want to wait around for the police, it would be pointless. No one had seen his face, and they wouldn't be able to identify him by his voice alone.
    She'd just be dragged down to the police station, and have to sit there for hours while they took her statement.

    With an another quick glance at the others, she quickly stepped outside. She was planning heading back home, maybe taking a hot bath and calming down. However she happened to catch site of the robber heading into the trees, she debated whether or not to follow him. She'd be putting herself at risk, but she wouldn't have to get close. Just close enough to see his face, so she could describe him to the cops.

    She decided she couldn't just do nothing, so she waited until he was a fair distance away then followed him. It was getting really dark, and the snow was starting to fall harder. She hid behind a tree and watched him closely, she crossed her arms to stop from shivering.
  8. Logan was sure he was safe in the woods. Should the police even come to look, he'd be ready. Either to run or point a gun. He found a nice big boulder to sit at and took a breath. He was smilign to himself. He was finally finished. He could go home, finish everything off.

    He opened the bag and took a look inside. It was fairly heavy. The girl must have been scared enough to give him more than he wanted. Perfect. Now going, home, that was a whole new plan to go through with.

    Logan stood up and took off his mask. He ran a hand through his hair and started walking. But about after four feet, he heard a soft noise in the woods. He pulled the gun out and turned around quickly pointing it towards the noise. This wasn't good. Nobody's ever seen him, nobody should. "Who's there...?"
  9. Avery was surprised, he looked only a few years older then her. She tried to memorize every detail of his face, as she turned to leave she stepped on a twig.
    "Who's there?" She cursed under her breath and pressed her back up against the tree, trying to stay as still as possible.

    She had no idea what to do, she could try and make a break for it. However they were pretty deep in the woods, and she was worried she might not be able to outrun him. She couldn't just stay here though, she could already hear him getting closer. If she ran he might panic, and shoot her in the back.

    She sighed and decided she didn't really have another choice, "don't shoot I'm coming out." She slowly emerged from the tree, and stood facing him.
  10. Logan started moving close, sure he'd heard something. He would have let it go if it was an animal, but an animal would have run away. This wasn't an animal. Just as he got closer to a tree, he heard a voice. He let her walk out. And there she was standing before him. First victim to ever see his face.

    All his confidence seemed to have disappeared now. What was he supposed to do? Oh, let her go, she wont tell a soul. Yeah, right. He scoffed and shook his head, lowering his gun. If she even tried to run, he could just raise it. For now, no need to tire his arm. "Fuck," He muttered, looking away. He put a hand on his head and looked back at her. "Why? Why would you..." He groaned and dropped his hand.

    He started pacing right there, thinking what he could possibly do to take care of this. Leave a body in the middle of the forest? He wouldn't let that be an option. "Why'd you have to follow?" he mumbled, shaking his head again.
  11. Avery remained still, though she felt ready to faint. She watched him pace, wondering if there was any point in talking to him. She could swear she wouldn't tell anyone, but she knew he wouldn't believe it. So that left only one thing, she was going to die.

    She sat heavily almost collapsing, onto a large boulder. Her friends weren't expecting to hear from her until Friday, and she didn't have any close family to worry about her. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down, she should at least try and face this with a bit of dignity.

    She looked at him, "if you..." Her voice was unsteady, and she struggled to speak "i mean when you..." She cleared her throat and continued, "at least make it quick okay?"
  12. It made Logan's stomach turn just thinking of what to do. He had a fully loaded gun that he never used at his disposal. He could do this, leave her body in the woods and finish his mission without complications. But he couldn't kill, he'd sworn it.

    Logan groaned loudly and threw his head back. He cursed and took a deep breath. Then he got an idea. "Do you have a car?" He asked her. He wanted to seem threatening still. He didn't want the girl to know he was such a wuss. He doubted she cared as long as she got to live, but it was for his own sake.

    "Answer me, do you have a car?" He secretly begged she did. Reason to let her live, and better for him as well.
  13. Avery looked at him, a little confused. A car? "Yes" she said quietly, "its at my house about ten minutes from here" Did he plan on taking her car after he was finished with her? If that was what he planned, why didn't he have his own car?

    She felt a little bit hopeful, if he planned to take her car she'd have to show him where her house was. Maybe she could get away from him closer to the street, or if she was luckily they'd come across someone.

    She got unsteadily to her feet, "i could show you." She whispered tentatively, afraid he'd laugh or just shoot her.
  14. Ten minute walk. That wasn't much, he'd walked a whole lot more than that. He puled the gun out again and pointed it at her, "Don't move," He said then turned to the bag of money. He moved towards a tree with a pile of leaves and burried the bag, with his mask inside, underneath. He backed up to make sure it wasn't noticeable then took in his sorroundings. He had incredible memory.
    He backed away towards the girl and put his gun in his other hand then took her hand with his right. "Let's go then, lead the way." She was the only one who knew what he looked like. No problem in walking home with her.
  15. Avery instinctively tried to pull away when he grabbed her hand, she wasn't expecting it. She was surprised by the warmth of his hand, it made her own feel like ice. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, "sorry." She said softly, barely above a whisper.

    She started to walk, leading slightly but keeping pace with him. She kept her eyes ahead, trying to keep herself calm and find her way. "can i...." "Can i know you name?" She asked quietly, trying to make him more familiar. Perhaps then he'd be less inclined to kill her, though that was probably a false hope.

    They started to emerge from the wood, and she found herself thinking of her warm apartment. She longed for her wool jumper, her arms were getting a bit pale.
  16. He walked alongside her as they made it out of the woods. He laughed. "My name? You really think i'm giving you my name?" He asked. "It's like you have no reason to live..." he muttered that last part and shook his head. Why would she ask for his name? couldn't she see that just by knowing what he looked like, she was in trouble. she really had some nerve.

    Logan could see the flashing lights in the distance. He wasn't nervous. Except for then he realized he waswearing the same thing the robber had been wearing. "Shit..." He muttered. He gave her a warning look and let go of her hand for a moment to take off his hoodie. "Here," He threw it on her shoulders and took her hand again before continuing on their walk.
  17. Avery frowned, "its not such a ridiculous request." She looked longingly at the lights for a moment, but knew it was pointless. "I know what you look like, and a first name wouldn't make much difference now would it?"She glanced at him for a moment, "its not like your letting me go anyway is it?"

    She knew he was simply changing his appearance, though she was still grateful for his jumper. They emerged from the woods, the bank and the police were just visible around the corner. The street was pretty much empty, as everyone had gathered to see the commotion at the bank.

    She pointed to a small country style house, at the end of the road. There was a black car in the driveway, "that's mine."
  18. She was right. If he wanted to seem in control at all, he'd have to pretend anything she did from now on didn't matter because she'd die anyway. Even though he'd never kill her, he'd like to think she was scared of him. It meant he was safe and undercover as long as she respected him out of fear.

    He still didn't speak for a long time. Not until she raised her arm to point. It was a nice car. it would get them far. "Where ar the keys?" He asked, turning to watch her.
  19. As they arrived at the car, she turned to look at him "in my bag." She reached into her bag with her free hand, and pulled out a set of keys. She held them out to him, hoping he'd let go of her hand. She wasn't going anyway, and he was squeezing it to tight.

    She found it slightly amusing that she was facing almost certain death, and yet she was worried about her hand. She supposed she was simply looking for anyway to distract herself, she decided it wasn't such a bad thing

    She glanced at him, "what now?" She asked softly, her voice calm and steady.
  20. Logan took the keys from her and lead her to the passenger side. He motioned for her to get into the car and took her bag while she did. He didn't want her calling anyone, or trying to. He jogged around to the driver's side and jumped in, throwing her bag in the back. He turned on the car and quickly pulled out of the driveway.

    He didn't say a word to her, he just drove. Not towards the bank, or the forest where he'd left the money. He drove in the opposite direction. Things needed to die down first. He drove to the farthest edge of town. The whole time, not speaking a word to the girl.