Thicker than Thieves

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  1. Wenrty was not enjoying this at all; she was not one to stray from her home, but, then again, it wasn't her choice, now was it? Gold eyes narrowed, the half human-half snow elf glared at the muddy looking surroundings. There were no rolling hills of white crystals, no chilly breeze, no large stone cities cut from the sides of mountains... Ah! Her beautiful Maddelphra..! This place was nothing hut brown, dirty, and full of green! The place made her stomach I'll simply by it's looks. The smells were far worse. Wentry sat atop her new horse (affectionately named Ploddy by his old owner) and groaned remembering just how she had gotten into this mess.

    It had been during one of easier missions: a wealthy woman had wanted her cheating husband and the gold amulet he had given to his lover returned to back into his wife's hands. Simple enough, no? It would have been, if not for that bumbling, inept Clyde! All he needed to do was to take care of the husband. Instead, he had got himself caught, meaning that the man's personal guards had gotten a hold of their correspondences. He had then tried to take down the Vinterfall section of Saldra's Hand, but lucky for her, she had managed to steal the letters back, and no one outside the criminal underworld had known of their blunder. Unfourtunately, the branch leader, whom wasn't thrilled with Wentry and Clyde's mess up, punished them both; Clyde was no longer a full member, stuck to menial labor for the group, while she wasnbeing sent to the mainland!

    She shivered involuntarily; Vinterfall was so cold, mountainous, and beautiful compared to Middastra, ammud ball of a country.
    Wentry had finally made it to the front gates of Cairborn; it was no better. It was so hot and messy, much like the land outside the city's stone walls. Honestly, how could someone live in such wide open spaces with only a little wall tomprotect them?

    Ploddy plodded down the cobblestone street at the directions of his sweaty, cranky ridernuntil they came to a tiny shack. Wentry raised one silver- white brow in question. She dismounted the aged horse and set him free before entering inside (at least that was one annoying thing she didn't have to deal with now. She had never liked horses..) There was nothing there until she saw a small, well hidden trap door. "Oh," she murmured, opening it and climbing the latter down. "At least this place isn't too bad." Still, the large room was bare except for a table, a few chairs, and two beds. At least she could finally sleep... Wintry hadn't caught a wink of sleep since setting foot on her new home land, and, her at last she locked the trap door, took off her heavy fur-line cloak, and ignored the thick layer of dust on the covers as she nodded off. At least she wouldn't have to deal with anyone intruding on her nap.

    That is, until the other members of the new group would arrive from the other branch groups. Too bad her
    Master forgot to mention that she would be working with others....

  2. Ana looked over at the two people and scoffed wondering if these two were to be here allie, her Master did not mention there would be two. She crushes her cigarette outside before sliding behind the two of them. "Perhaps it would be prudent to check the entry's for more possible... guests... seeing as I got in here so well myself".
  3. Desmond had his hood up, awaiting his next order. He took out his HTC and scrolled through his contacts. His finger hit his old boss, the one that he had while he was still an assassin. Now he has to resort to being a thief. What did he do to deserve this. He was angry. He slipped his phone back into his left pocket the turned around. He hopped up the wall he was leaning on and climbed up the window sills until he got to the very top of the building. When there he sat and awaited the thieves he would be joining.
  4. Ana glanced up immediately sensing the shift, "how many of us does he truly require to do a one man job?" she sneers finding this to me an immense wait of her time and just wanting to get the job over so she can go back home. "Are you two dense?"
  5. Wentry, enjoying her slumber for the first time in days, woke up. Needless to say she was not happy about. Getting off the bed, she mOved to where the noises could be heard. ... Outside? She climbed the ladder up to the trap door and opened it slowly. Maybe she was wrong. After all, she had been tired...

    "Are you two dense?"

    Wentry froze. Damn! What were people doing here?! After such a long trip she had to deal with intruders?
    A girl's voice, and apparently there was someone else here as well. The thief slowly moved out from under the trap door, cling to the shadows of the shack until she spotted the speaker.
    'But where are the others?' she questioned herself. She saw no one with her, though Wentry supposed that they could just be out of her sight or around the edge of the building. Maybe her master wasn't joking when he had said to be watchful. Though she had doubted she needed to worry about thieves and intruders. This was nothing more than a beaten up shack to most eyes.

    Wentry's pale fingers moved to grip the hilt of her knife. Best to be safe rather than sorry.
    Walking as silently as she could, she moved behind the girl before bringing her blade up and speaking.
    "Who are you and what are you doing in MY shack?"
    She queried, golden orbs narrowing into slits.
  6. Ana laughed not afraid of this girl, "perhaps you should have guarded it better then. I would sheath that before you regret it, master sent me to help with your little.... mission. How many of us have been assigned this task? It is insulting." She removes her cloak revealing short spiked blue hair and bright yellow eyes, her ears full of peircings and she looks at Wentry bored.
  7. The ride had been quite long. She had become bored, and had even considered asking the driver to hurry up. Of course, she could do no such thing, for he was not even conscious of her presence. Briyl had already asked the driver if she could have a ride, but he insisted on charging a fare. So she had marched away, only to sneak back on the caravan. She was a thief! There was no way she would pay for such a simple thing. So she sat on top of his roof, as she had been for the last ten hours, and a whole five feet and three inches shorter than she had been before. Briyl was, after all, a Fairie, which allowed her to shrink down to a miniscule size of two inches and hide easily on top of the vehicle. She had come a long way to reach the mainland, and was far from her hidden home, as well as the nearby town that this particular caravan had originally been in. And, she was quite mad about this.
    She had no wish to travel to the mainland! No Fairie ever did! She wondered if this marked a first in history, for the Fairies all resided in the hidden town of Hollowillow and it’s neighboring human (and other specied) cities. And yet the small thieves guild of Kilardeen, the guild she belonged to as there was none in Hollowillow, had forced her here! Apparently she had a mission to do.
    Flying off of the caravan once she was near enough to her destination, she flew a little bit before re-growing to a height of five foot five, her wings furling and disappearing into her back as she did so. Mentally following the directions she had been given, she came across a shack… a quite run down one to boot. She sighed, annoyed, and checked the entire place, before concurring she was alone. Shrinking down to a comfortable size, she flew up and sat upon the windowsill. There she waited.</SPAN>

    After only a few short minutes, a snow elf arrived. She watched curiously, but the creature quickly went down for a nap, so she decided to not disturb her. She waited some more, until two others arrived. She watched curiously once more, amused by the ruckus the cloaked woman was making. Certainly she was not subtle enough to be a thief? She acted as brutally as a common mercenary! She could not help but laugh at the woman’s words, and stealthily flew down, until she was level with the woman’s ear.
    “If you are so curious as to the number of people, I suggest you count. I see four, how about you?” She questioned, knowing she would confuse the lady since she was so small. Fairies were rare occurrences, and those that interacted with other species were even rarer.
  8. Ana grins seeing the fairy, " ah a Fey, in the mainland? Interesting. I visited your people last year in the enclave." She nods respectfully truly aggravated with the situation but less so now that there was another, intelligent, being with her.
  9. [​IMG]

    -The viper and the piper.-

    Stories abound of orphans taken against their will as their flesh and souls were twisted by vile sorcery and alchemy. Giving birth to a new mutation or evolutionary chain descending from man's own. In the eyes of most such monstrosities were abominations and were at best tolerated. Though often they were greeted with bigotry and much hostility. This town proved no different; for as Ulfric made his way through it's weather worn cobble streets. The eyes of many would barrel on him, snotty comments defamatory by nature would be uttered against him. Conceived out of ignorance and fear toward the unknown. A title had been adorned upon him against his will. "The silver eyed demon." They called him. A rather insulting title considering he slew demons, apparitions and all manners of monsters for a living.

    Now one might ask themselves; what is it that brings a monster slayer into such corrupt streets riddled with con artist and thieves? The answer was simple...He hunted the worst of all manners of beast. That being the blighted and corrupt hearts of men who bore a blacken soul. Though they possess the flesh of man, in their hearts lingered the mark of a demon. There was little difference between such a man and a demon in his own eyes. And to ignore such monsters would in turn pin him against the code by which he walked.

    On his back nested two blades; each baring strange marking. Each blade told a different tale and served a different purpose. The sheathed blades strapped to his back would clank against his mail armor as he made his way through the streets. Heeding not the populace and their sneers. For contrary to many beliefs; a silver eyed demon possessed many skills. Branching into more darker vocations then that of his own. With face void of expression he would weave in and out of the alley ways and roads. His amethyst and silver hues focusing not on the vermin which stained this city. Rather on his goal.

    With a wide and purposeful stride he would make his way through the settlement. Until such a time as he found himself standing just in front of the mouth of the home where many convened. Gently his leather gloved hand would grasp the knob of brass. Twisting it's knob as he pushed the door open. A creak resonated within the walls as his dust stained boots passed the threshold. "Thud...thud...thud." The sound of his footsteps piercing the normal clamor of the home. His nostrils widening as he picked up the scents of many. Their idle bantering and commotion tickled his ears. Making them easy to pin point.

    From the swarthy embrace of shadows he would step forward, melting into the light as his bi-colored feral eyes galloped from one to the next. "Five..." He corrected the woman who either miscounted or was completely unaware of his sudden appearance. Abruptly Ulfric would come to a halt; standing firm before all to see as his face remained as emotionless as ever. "Ulfric of Iron wood, But most refer to me as "The Silver eyed demon." Whichever you prefer to refer to me as will suffice." Ulfric concluded...offering a delicate bow which contrasted his beastly appearance.
  10. She threw her hands up in annoyance, "five? We are all obviously above petty thieves, why five of us to steal one item??" She looked him over and instead of repulsion her eyes glinted with actual attraction but she quickly buried it, she was a professional after all.
  11. Yes, that was the question, wasn't it? The snow elf-human hybrid did not move her blade, be reevaluated the situation. Multiple people- five- had appeared at the same small shack, around the same time, and most were unperturbed in regards to the others' appearances. Wentry's irritatation grew. Though she had trouble believing some ( the woman who stood before her in particular) were one of the shadowy sibling of her little family. The little group that assembled was... Interesting at best...

    The faerie, oddly enough, she could believe. After all, they were small, crafty folk. However, she had neer seen one in reality. They were always nestled away in their home, much like she had been; they were strange, with (Wentry guessed) more abilities than other species even knew of. The woman before her was too loud mouthed to be a thief; it took a certain talent: the ability to be silent. And so far it she appeared to lack that. Still, she supposed the girl had some talent - or confidence- if she wasn't afraid of an unknown assailant. That, though, remained to be seen. The other unknown being remained a mystery,Keeping to his hiding place. There were only so many places to hide, but he or he was quiet enough that her ears could not pick up even a guess to where or what he was. As for the new comer, this man that appeared before them was puzzling... Despite his size and fearsome appearance he seemed civilized and quiet. This Silver Eyed Demon was still unsettling though. She didn't envy though who earned his ire. Someone so calm and cool normally tended to be truly terrifying when enraged.

    Wentry sighed as she sheathed her knife. "I take it none o you came here on a whim." She moved to one of the dusty crates that sat around the room; aparently her Master neglected to tell her some rather important details. "Wentry Vinterdrau of Maddelphra. And if you have a reason to be here, I suggest you tell me now. This is no empty house for the homeless.".
  12. a raises her brow letting herself calm down and tilts her head, she could on occasion loose her cool when she wasn't on the job. "Ana Revarre. I do believe I have been assigned to retrieve an item with you." Her appearance immediatly grows cold as she shifts from her off duty atittude to her work attitude. "I usually work unlocking doors and recon. I can hear a mouse twitch from a mile away." She looks at the elf her eyes dimming cold. She usually worked as an assassin, She could steal tho she supposed.