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  1. Current Quest (I will post these above the beginning of each new quest.)
    Name of Quest: Bad Bandits
    Name of Quest Giver: City Guard of Yorstein
    Quest Description: Over the past week there has been a high number of bandit attacks going through Ulmer Pass. Aside from innocent bystanders passing through, traders are also being affected. Most refusing from crossing now so their wares aren't stolen. If this isn't dealt with soon then production on trades will be halted. With that being at a stand still the rest of the town will suffer and it will cause a domino affect of supplies running low.
    Quest Objective: Get rid of the bandits.
    Total Union Members Allowed: 5
    Wanted Union Members: N/A
    Rewards: 10% off of all stores for a week
    Additional Info: You can kill the bandits or capture them and bring them in getting you 15% off instead. Though it may be hard and we are unsure of the number of bandits at the pass.

    Just another day in the city of Yorstein. Ana like usual went to the union to see what available quests there were. Everyday people posted new quests for many different reasons. Some for escorting, other's exploring a location or tracking down a person or target. The one's she was after involved killing. There wasn't much fun in escorting a trader, or finding a target, although it could lead to killing but she preferred to get straight to the point. The young woman walked down the stoned street's passing a few shops on the way. The area was less busy as usual and she was curious as to why? Not like she cared but if she needed supplies she would have to find a store that actually had ware. Again and again she saw low stock and prices were higher than what they were the day before. Eventually she grew bored after the fourth store and kept her eye's in front of her. Once the union building got into sight she entered and went straight to the board. Escort, no. Trades, no. Track a few wolves, no. Get rid of bandits, maybe. Anastasia read the paper stuck to the wooden board, a small faint smile came across her lips. One of the options was to simply just kill the bandits which was her style. "Pfft capture, not going to happen. 15% off sounds good and all but it isn't as good as killing." Her eye's looked at the number of other members that could come along. "Damn.." If only it were a solo job. No doubt she would get stuck with someone who would want to capture the bandits. She stood there thinking a moment wondering if it was worth the time when she felt hand's cover her eye's. She gave a simple sigh before she heard the voice she knew oh so well.

    "Hey Ana what are you looking at? What quest are you going to take? Can I tag along?" Estelle spoke quickly as she peered over her older sister shoulder to see which quests were in sight. Trades, not her sister's type of quest. Escort, nope. Ah bandits. She got half way done with reading it when she felt her arms being flung off and her sister huffed and walked away. "Sourpuss." The thief grumbled. She followed Anastasia. "Did you see all the stores? I wonder why they are going out of business."

    "Did you even read the damn quests?" Ana's expression could be seen as holding back anger as she tried to not blow up on her sister.

    "Well I was half way done with the bandit one until you pushed my arms away and made me lose my focus." Estelle moved back to the board and skimmed the quest once more trying to be quick so she stay on her sister. Though the second she turned the brunette was gone. shrugging the young blonde moved over to the counter looking at Ivan. "I would like to fill one of the spots for the quest Bad Bandits." No words came from the middle aged man, simply a nod as he opened a book and marked Estelle down. "So uh... can you tell me what quest Ana took?" All she received was no as Ivan shook his head. "Fine, fine. I get it. Confidentiality." One of the rules she hated about the union but hey it was mandatory and if broken Ivan could be fired. She waved to the man and headed out of the building. Now where did Ana go?

    Part way home Anastasia was glad she lost her sister but if she put two and two together she would find her easier. A scythe as a weapon not only was big, she being 5'5", and drew attention but it also was heavy and not needed in the city. Sure crime's happened but she could still cast magic with her hands. Not as strong or accurate but still very usable. Plus carrying a weapon like that often had her stopped by the city guards. So she found it was easier and quicker to leave it at home and to only get it when she headed out to do a quest. The scenery changed from stores and community buildings to homes, small and large. Her house was one of the larger one's and the woman started up the steps. The simple two story home looked like the rest on the outside but inside it was elegant. Her mother decorating it, maybe too much, with many items she bought from auctions. Once inside she headed to her one, the dark theme matching her black dress, and quickly grabbing her scythe off it's hook she headed back out. No need to dilly dally and to just go straight to the rendezvous point, Ulmer pass. Here she would meet her team members and they would proceed to take out the targets. Hopefully in the deadly way.
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    QUEST ONE - BAD BANDITSEgatha just got home from doing her last quest, easy money. She only needed to bring an old fairy back to her house harmless. The old fairy was super rich that she would pay high only to escort her. Egatha smiled brightly at the pouch of golds in her hand then put it on her bag so it would be safe. The sun was still shining so bright, indicating that Egatha couldn't slack off before the sun set. Placing her quiver on her right shoulder, Egatha walked out from her room and out to the guild.

    Upon her arrival, there were already mercenaries here and there, looking on the quest board. Egatha marched her way to the board and slightly pushed other mercenaries from looking at the board. Some of them grunted, some just stayed silent, either way no one really wanted to mess with her. It was not because she was so almighty or whatsoever, they were just lazy dealing with this wingless fairy. She was nothing good, but trouble, an egoist materialistic fairy.

    Egatha smirked and waved her hand as they left her alone. Her shady blue eyes ran through the paper tapped on the board, "Bad bandits, huh? What a dull quest title," she continued reading the rest of quest info before rolled her eyes lazily, "Only 10% off? What a greedy, hmm I can get 15% off if I bring them alive... Still not that worthy, but whatever, I'll take it since I don't have anything to do."

    The only thing she needed to do to accept the quest was tell Ivan, so that was she did. Egatha rested her arms on the desk while pointing at the worn book that Ivan was holding, "Write my name for the Bad Bandits Quest," as usual no words came out from that old man, "And seriously, Ivan, you should find more interesting quest title," again nothing came out from his mouth, so Egatha just waved her hand and exited the guild.

    Outside, Egatha stretched her body before crouched down and jumped as high as she could. Thanked to her training, she could reached Ulmer Pass in no time. When she arrived, Egatha actually didn't expect to see someone already there, she forgot to ask who was already listed their name. More or less, Egatha preferred to work alone seeing a party could slowing her down. However, when she saw the black-haired girl, she seemed can handle herself better, "Are you assigning yourself for Bad Bandits Quest too?" Egatha threw a question, not in a rude way, but also didn't sound anywhere near friendly.
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  3. "Ivan! My lovely friend how are you?"
    Gladadore asked throwing his arms over the desk and crumpling the poor man into his foreced embrace. Ivan, of course did not respond. Yet if one looked closely, in Ivans eyes there was a slight hint of emotion. It was despair.
    "I am here to see the current quests! The last one I went was rather dull." His eyes turned to scan the advetisments.
    "Bad bandits eh Ivan? You really should let me name these things you know, I'd do so for a low price as well."
    He pulled a red rose out of his bag,
    "That being, a date."
    Ivan did not respond, but if one looked closely into his eyes, one would see a small hint of... disgust.
    Gladadore was well used to Ivans cold hearted affection.
    "It's just as Gladadore the first always said, love is like good shopping for good hoof polish from a expensive dealer. Sometimes you need to cheapen their hopes and standards before swooping in for the kill!"
    He tucked his rose away, there would be a later use for it he was sure.

    His expert eyes landed on a pair of girls, they were rather far away, but they were girls none the less.
    "Ivan! Ivan! Do you see her? That one over there talking to her friend!" He pointed in the direction of the two girls.
    "Yes! Yes! That's right Ivan, that's her." Gladadore continued to Ivan's silence. His limbs were flailing about all over the place in excitment.
    "She saw me! Ivan I swear she saw me!"
    Gladadore jumped.
    "Put me down for the bad quest Ivan, girls adore heros."
    He called over his shoulder, already headed in the direction of the girls.​
  4. Kabalyelo hasn't accepted nor recieved any quests ever sinced he entered. The cold emptiness is gaining up on him every minute. He followed a girl to the board where quests could be accepted.
    "Bad bandits...?" He read silently, "This could be good for a little warm up. But how do you..?" Since he didn't know how to even join a quest, he wanted to ask around..
    "Write my name for the Bad Bandits Quest,"Words he heard from the discussion near him, "And seriously, Ivan, you should find more interesting quest title."
    I see, so writing your name means you're qualified to a quest. Finally noticing a pen, he wrote his title, the kabalyelo. He took his rusted blades, snow, glacier, and his ice charm, and left the vicinity.
    "Ulmer pass..Ulmer pass..." He wondered, seeing a satyr pass by, he stopped to ask, "Kind sir, do you know where ulmer pass is?"
  5. Ana looked at Egatha as the woman approached. When the other asked the question she nodded. "I am. I would guess you are also assigned to the quest?" She leaned against a rock and crossed her arms. "So are you here to kill them or to capture them? I plan on slaughtering every single one and don't plan on sparing any to take back." She looked up the small trail that stood between the mountains. It looked dead, no one passing through, no animals, nothing. The bandits weren't even out, yet. There were a few places that the targets could hide but the pass was only one way in and one way out. "So do we wait and see if anyone else signed up or do we go in?" Anastasia looked back towards the woman. She frowned as her eye's focused behind Egatha and she saw Estelle. "For fucks sake.. really?" Ana groaned and her hand smacked back on the rock.

    After Estelle left the building looking for Ana she eventually gave up and decided to head to Ulmer Pass. Which was the best choice as she saw her sister.. and some other woman. She approached the two and smiled. "Hey Ana looks like I found you. You disappeared and I couldn't find you but I was hoping your took this quest." The blonde looked up the pass. "How many do you think are up there? This place is dead." She took a few steps and looked over at Egatha. "Hi I'm Estelle, you are part of the team huh?" She held out her hand to the fairy.

    "Why do you torture me? Why did you even.. no I know why you signed up.. Little brat. Can't you just leave me alone for once. It seems I can't even take quests anymore without you following like a lost puppy." Anastasia sighed. "If you mess this up I am going to beat you to a pulp." Estelle just shrugged. "I just like to have fun and well messing with you is pretty hilarious. Seeing you get so ticked off. Priceless. But I think I am safe from you, you have a witness in the vicinity." She stuck her tongue out and Ana balled her fist up. "I am sorry she tagged along. Don't you just love sisters?" She spoke with sarcasm as she stepped off of the rock rolling her eye's and grabbed her scythe.
  6. After being completely ignored by the satyr, he gave up in finding directions,The Kabalyelo headed straight to a random area. Luckily, there were young ladies talking; with one holding a scythe.They were talking about the quest that he had signed. Looks like he's in the right place. Now to find those bandits. He took out his axe and ran after them. Upon getting near, he asked a single question, "Greetings, did you three sign up for this quest as well?" Without realizing it, he released a cold breeze upon them.
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    QUEST ONE - BAD BANDITSEgatha rolled her eyes and folded her arms, "Nah, no can't do, I will take them. Even 10% more worth like diamonds," They could just go into arguments, but then another girl came over. Smiling and looked so cheerful, they seemed to know each other, either they were siblings or friends. The fairy reached the girl's hand briefly, but not giving any warm smile to her, "I'm Egatha. Yeah, you can say that. But if this woman wanted to take the bandits in corpse bag, I won't work together with you." The scythe woman then said that they were sisters, what a 'good' opportunity. Sisters caused problems more than anything.

    The problem hadn't finished yet and then another one came. A man in heavy armor, greeted them in a friendly manner and releasing a cold breeze which made Egatha shivered a bit, "Yes, why do I want to hang out here if it's not for the quest," she said. Egatha was not the friendliest person you will see, but she actually could do better than that if she knew people better.
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  8. "In that case, then i do apologize." Kabalyelo said, finally knowing that this is, indeed, the right place. Ulmer pass. This familiar setting brings back various memories..Something about passing by here once in a while...The Kabalyelo wonders why he didn't know this pass' name. "Shall we get going then? The foes might belittle us." Pointing to the road with his axe. Wondering how much destruction they would make..
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