They're MEAT!!

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  1. One of my favourite things of all time!!


    SOURCE!! Meat
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  2. Incredible. That just made my day.

    "Flapping their meat at each other." oh man
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. This made my night.
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  5. "Did you guys hear!? Humans beat the shit out of each other for sport! They're fucking savages, the lot of them!"
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  6. @Seiji that was the most amusing thing I've seen all week.
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  7. I like HFY threads when i see them. Makes the human race look awesome.
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  8. We ARE awesome!! And when you think about it, the true Space Orks...

    ... IS US.
  9. What even is a space ork?
  10. Us. In space.


    Actually yeah, that's pretty fair to say.
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  11. Omg lol I love it
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  12. ME.
    Ya git...
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  13. If humans are space orks, what does that make the space orks?
  14. Urrr... wot? Zog if I know.
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  15. I love this short story.

    There's a lovely short film version of it too:

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  16. Warhammer 40K. Praise the God-Emperor!

    I will note that part of the reason why humans tend to be weak is that it's much less fun designing aliens that are weaker than us than is to write aliens that are stronger than us, for the same reason giving a character a super power is usually more fun than giving them a disability.
  17. Expect it's been done to death at this point. What I want to see now are species around our level expect culturally wise aren't that advanced. Imagine if we come across a sexist race of Lamias(just roll with it) that are roughly equal to us and discover that we consider male and female equal while they might not.

    And thus Lamia feminists rise.
  18. Imagine a massive galactic community consisting of the most advanced life forms, all of whom have reached their peak due to cooperation and peace. These ideals are so common their seen as the only possible way life can advance. Then imagine them seeing us, and everything gets thrown out the window. Where literally every species in the past has followed the same growth, stone tools, metal working, combustion engine, nuclear technology, yet Humans are the only one depraved enough to go and make weapons all the time. Think of a galaxy where nobody ever thought to make a nuclear bomb before we showed up. Like, imagine that advanced species set up warp gates next to the main planets of new species for them to join the larger galactic community, but they check up on us and see the fucking crusades, and are like; "you know what, fuck it, we don't need these crazy fucks out here." Only to watch in horror as we develop out own methods of space travel, not the clean-energy anti-gravity tech they all use, oh no, instead we strap gigantic fucking rockets to small metal ships and shoot them straight up into the sky.

    I really want to see a fiction where every time Humanity achieves something the collective galactic community is shitting themselves out of terror.
  19. Time to make people feel old!!!

    @Seiji thanks for posting this, I showed the meat story to my dad and he absolutely geeked out cuz he had the OMNI magazine it was first published in. Welp, guess I know what I'm getting him for father's day now :P

    Also oh my god @Astaroth I had a feeling that bald guy from the short film was familiar so I looked it up and he's the guy from cash cab. Idk if anyone watches that but I died.
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