They're After Us

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  1. This rp starts like many others. A normal day of high school.
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Likes Cats"

    Phoebe Brandon was so sick of her brothers shit. "MARCUS HURRY UP! WE"RE GOING TO BE LATE" She yelled as she pounded her fists on the bathroom door of the families two story suburban house. "God hold on Phoebe jesus.." She heard from inside the bathroom. "I'm a girl and even I don't take that long!" She said with a frustrated look on her face. The siblings duo was always late for school and it was always because Marcus took way to long for any normal straight guy. Although Marcus would go to his grave swearing he was as straight as a line, Phoebe would disagree.

    'God girls are stupid'

    "What did you just say?" She demanded as she pounded on the door again. "I didn't say shit!" He yelled back. As Phoebe opened her mouth to reply she was cut off by a louder voice. "WHAT IS WITH ALL THE RACKET? God you two will wake the neighborhood.. AGAIN" Her mother said as she walked over to the door and tapped lightly. "Marcus, honey. Let's go." As if by magic Marcus opened the door and smiled. "Already to go mom" He said with a smile to her and a smirk to Phoebe. She mentally wanted to strangle him but refrained as she followed behind her brother and got in the two's shared car. "Jeez why do you always have to take forever Mar?" She asked him as he started the car and backed out of the driveway. "Well for one unlike you I actually have people who like me and pay attention to me." Phoebe rolled her eyes, as his rant about how he was God's gift to the human race began. 'Like I didn't already get enough of this from your thoughts..' She thought to herself as she looked out the window at the passing trees.

    Upon arrival Phoebe grabbed her back pack and hopped out of the car. Watching as a few jocks flocked to her brother. She sighed and began walking towards the entrance before she heard. "Hey Phoebe. I'll meet you at the car at 3:30" She didn't even bother to turn around before waving her hand as a signal of understanding. As she trudged though the crowded hallways she ducked into her English 101 class and took her assigned seat in the back next to her friend Ally. She gave her friend a smile and sat down, plopping her backpack on the floor next to her and greeted her and chatting before class began. ​
  3. Danial stood, stock still, as he watched his reflection in the mirror. He noted his green gaze, his long dark hair, covered by a dark red beanie. He stared at his delicate eyelashes and his slightly crooked nose, the aftermath of one of the many fights he had gotten into. Slowly raising his hand to touch the frosted glass, focusing as hard as he could small cracks formed were his fingertips touched the pane. As the cracks grew larger so did the pain on his right forearm a bruise allready forming. Suddenly the glass shattered into a thousand pieces and a fresh cut appeared upon his arm.

    He grimaced and turned away. They would say that he smashed the glass, then felt bad and cut himself about it. If only they knew the truth. It was always the same every home he lived him. His so called brothers and sisters would treat him like a freak, the people would bully him at the schools he would get into a couple fights and it was on to the next home. Well unfortunately for Danial he was running out of home to go to. Picking his backpack off the ground he swung it onto his shoulder, pushing the sleeves of his sweater down on his arms to hide the fresh cut. He quickly passed through the house, ignoring the other foster kids that were preparing to school and walked out the door. It was a short walk from the halfway house to the school but he prefered not to wait up for the others.

    It was only a few minutes later did he arrive at school. Passing several jocks and some cute girl he made his way into the building. The hallways were already crowded, Danial had to weave in and out of the way to make it toward his class. Either people looked right through him or they would grin and whisper to their friends. He was even pushed from behind as he made it to the room, fortuntly for the guy whoever it was Daniel was too tired to make a big deal about it. He sighed taking his seat in the back of the room, slipping his backpack off his shoulders and placing it at his feet. Pulling a notebook and pen from it to begin doodling as he waited for class to start.
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Mind Reading Freak"

    Phoebe was nodding her head in agreement with what Ally had just said. Unlike most of the other people in Phoebe's life, Ally wasn't fake. Since Phoebe could read the girls thoughts, she always knew what people were truly thinking. At first when Phoebe realized that the voices where the thoughts of others she felt like she was invading people's privacy. After all they did think they were safe in there own heads. Thinking whatever they wanted to, without the fear of being judged. As time went on though Phoebe learned how to use this to her advantage and so it was that she read thoughts just to understand people a little better.. and if she needed help on a test.

    Her eyes wandered slowly up to the door, where the last few students were wandering into the classroom. Her eyes landed on a boy in a beanie and sweater, which was weird for this time of year. 'Maybe he's just easily cold..' She thought as her eyes wandered back up his frame and setter on his shy eyes. She bit her lower lip and felt the edges of her lips tugging into her crooked half smile. As he took his seat her eyes followed him. 'Maybe this is why I don't have many friends..' She thought before she heard her name. "Phoebe? Did you hear me?" Her eyes darted away from the boy, whose name escaped her memory. As she focused back on Ally she gave her best friend an apolglietic smile in which she earned a small laugh and a head shake from Ally. "Oh never mind" Phoebe let out a soft laugh in response.

    As the teacher entered and the bell rang Phoebe yawned and leaned her head on the palms of her hands as she tried to pay attention though the whispered thoughts of the people around her. These constant voices made it hard for Phoebe to even focus let alone read them half the time, so she struggled to comprehend the material on the chalk board in front of her. After a few minutes she gave up completely and doodled down whatever words she could hear in her mind on the open notebook in front of her, glancing around every once in awhile.​
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  5. Danial Bayton

    Danial couldn't car enough to pay attention during class. As if it mattered to him anyway. Instead he continued to draw in his notebook, a beautful sketch of a flower coming to life. It took about half the period but the result was amazing, one of his better sketches by far. He folded down the edge of the page to mark it for later before slipping the notebook back into his backpack between his feet. With a small sigh he folded his arms on the desk and set his chin on top. Absentmindedly watching the door he slowly fell asleep in class a habit of his.

    It didn't last very long, like usual he awoke to the teachers words. "Danial, head up or you can leave the class." Opening his eyes he shifted in the seat bringing himself back from the dead when the door was suddenly opened. Everyone turned to look teacher was included. No one expecting what looked like a solder standing in the hallway. He marched straight to the teacher two more dressed in the same outfit following his lead inside. They made a beeline in his direction, surprised by their appearance he still didn't care that much, why would they be for him anyway?

    It wasn't till the solder grabbed his arm pulling Danial way from his desk did he realize that he was in trouble. He glared really looking at the solder for the first time. A quick glance up and down horrified him even more, not anywhere did he see a marking or flag saying that they were even with eh government. Danial tried to pull away, pushing the solder hard with both his hands, causing him to stumble and almost fall over another student close by. Unfortunetly a sudden movement from the side of his view and Danial found himself on the floor his right ear ringind were the solder had hit him. A knee was pressed into his back as his hands were cuffed behind his back.

    "Whats going on! Who are you people!" he tried to cry out, only being rewarded with another strike to the back of his head.
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Mind Reading Freak"

    Phoebe's attention was drawn as her teacher addressed a boy near the front and laughed along with a few other of the students as he straightened up a little. The boy, she noticed, was the one she had been checking out earlier. She glanced back down at her notebook before the door was slammed open and in walked some official looking guards. They went straight for the boy and grabbed him, forcing him up and out the door. The boy fought back and then was delivered a hard punch to his right cheek. The whole class was taken a back at the random outburst, but what Phoebe wasn't ready for was when two other guards walked in, heading right towards her.

    The big men quickly reached her desk and before she had time to defend herself they had already taken both of her arms and placed them behind her back and forced her to stand up. "Wait- What! Help ME! Stop!" She started screaming as the men began pushing her out the door. A male student got up and started to speak "Hey you can't treat a girl like t--" He was quickly silenced by a mans fist colliding with his jaw. "Excuse me! Stop!!" Phoebe said, her small frame twisting around to try and escape their firm grip on her. She noticed that not one person dared to speak up as she and the random boy were quickly forced into the hall.

    Phoebe looked up terrified as she tried to focus on reading the mens thoughts. She looked over to the random boy and silently begged him to help her. What the hell was this anyway? She hadn't done anything wrong! Ok so she'd smoked weed once with a friend.. but it was only once! Her bottom lip trembled as she was thrown against a locker. "OW!" She spit as she trend her head to face her capturer. "EXCUSE ME I"M A LADY." She said as she delivered a quick hard kick to his private region, sending the man down to his knees. Phoebe smirked, but was quickly pressed against the locker again. "Fuck you all.." She spat angrily. ​
  7. Danial Bayton

    All Danial could think while they pried him off the floor was why they were here. The only thing he could think of was his powers. There were no other explanation. Being pulled to his feet, it was even more of a surprise that they grabbed a girl as well. Dragging them both into the hallway. His eyes never left her. She was a mystery, if they were after him because of what he could do then why would they take her? Did she know he was a freak, or were they just interested in another hostage. If that was the case then they picked the right girl. She was beautiful even screaming at these armed solders it was obvious that she was beautiful.

    The moment they all entered the hallway the girl tried to escape, nailing one of the men were it hurt. He winced for the guy but it was no use, she was shoved right back against the lockers, Danial shoved right into them next to her. Behind them both the guards handcuffed their wrists but he wasn't paying attention to them. All his focus was on that girls face and the gut wrenching look. Pleading for him to do something anything at all to free them. All he could think was..

    God dammit it girl stop fighting and give me a chance to think of a way out.

    Once they were both secured they were marched right toward the front of the school, students and staff looking but saying nothing as they passed eventually making their way to the front doors of the building. They marched over the front grass toward a heavy duty vehicle, more of a bank truck then anything else. The lead man opened the back doors of the van and the two teenagers were shoved into the back. It was all metal including two metal benches on each wall of the large space. Like a mobile prison cell. One of the solders stepped in shutting the doors behind him as he took a seet nearest to the doors. The other two sat in the front cab, a large metal wall separating them from us, with only a small reinforced glass window to peer into the back with. Soon the sound of the engine rumbled as they pulled away from the sidewalk and started moving down the street.
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Mind Reading Freak"

    'God dammit it girl stop fighting and give me a chance to think of a way out.'

    Who the hell did this kid think he was? Superman? Phoebe's pleading look of help changed to a look of disgust. "Oh please, I'd love to see you get us out of this" She hissed softly to him before the clanking of metal handcuffs felt heavy on her wrists. "H-Hey! Is that nessacary?" She asked as the man pulled her roughly along. "Someone call my parents! I'm being kidnapped!" She screamed helplessly. It was no use, it only inflicted more pain on her as she got her blonde locks pulled roughly, causing her head to jerk back. "OW!" She hissed again at the mean guard and shot him a devilish glare as she kept walking.

    As the two were shoved into a car she took this time to look at him, and she really looked at him. She noticed he had serious cuts and bruises up his arms and she winced slightly at them. Jeez was this kid depressed or what? It really wasn't her place to judge though, after all she could read his thoughts at any given time. Speaking of which, Phoebe let her eyes close as she leaned her head back against the seat, narrowing in on the driver of the cab. His mind was easy to pick though and she easily picked up the coordinates of the location they were headed, and it didn't seem pleasant. "Well fuck.." She whispered as she opened her eyes.

    Her blue eyes again narrowed in on the man sitting next to the driver. Staring intently at his wrist she watched delightedly as his hand flew up and punch the ceiling. "OW! Shit!" He said quickly. Her eyes flickered to his face and his wrist followed suit as it slapped him hard across his right cheek. "What the fuck is happening?" He asked in shock as his wrist flopped and then slapped the driver. Phoebe's eyes, a light gray colored intensified her glare on his wrist. Her mind began to get foggy and she let the mans wrist drop back to normal as she let her head fall against the back of the seat. Her newly discovered power freaked her out but she had been practicing a bit. The downside was that her mind became foggy and she had awful headaches. She held her head for a moment before letting an eye open and flicker over to Danial. ​
  9. Danial Bayton

    Danial had been chewing on his lip, his head still spinning from the right hook to the side of his head. He kept glancing at the armed solders and the girl, wondering why they were taking them both, why they were taking her. Most important of all however he was thinking of a way out. Soon as they were dragged into the van, an idea came to his mind. If he could get the handcuffs off both their wrists he could go for the lever at the back of the van and jump out.

    He sat their still as he focused more on the lock holding the cuffs in place, thats when, out of the corner of his eye, Danial noticed the girls look, shifting his gaze toward were she was looking, he saw the solder slap himself and his friend. His eyes lit up as they darted from them to the girl. That's when he knew he wasn't as much as a freak as he thought. He shifted on the bench coughing loudly to get the girls and the guards attention. The guard only glared crossing his arms in his lap and ignored the both of them. He grinned widlly at the girl, amazed absolutely amazed that they might have a chance to get out. Boy this was going to hurt though.

    "I'm sorry I don't know your name, mine is Danial. Your going to have to trust me you very special girl ." He said it as his grin slowly melted off his face replaced with a face of absolute concentration. Wincing as a large bruise formed on his lower back , not knowing the inside of the cuffs well enough it was a little hard to force them to unlockk. But after a moment both his and the girls emitted a soft click as they were freed. The guard had heard it to, he quickly went for the side arm at his side, but Danial was prepared and faster. His hand shot out grabbing the girls wrist as he pulled her along with him, throwing himself into the guards chest knocking him off balance. His other hand slapped down on the lever at the back of the van and the two twin doors flew open, all three of them falling out of the van together. Danial pulled the girl against his chest and at the last moment slowed their decent to lightly stop in the middle of the street, the weight and velocity he was not use to. The toll on his body was great. Twin gashes half an inch deep and 5 inches long ripped open on his upper back, he screamed in pain as they hit the ground.
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Very special girl"

    'I've gotta remember not to push myself so hard.. god my migraines only get worse with age'
    She thought, wishing for nothing more then to rub her aching temples. As if on cue the boy next to her coughed loudly as to get Phoebe's attention. Her blue eyes fluttered open to look at him though the light irritated them. His brownish hair was swept to the side and his smile was mesmerizing. He wore it in a large goofy grin which looked rather out of place considering the current situation they were both in. Still, he was rather adorable. Which made Phoebe reply with a small half smile to him.

    "I'm sorry I don't know your name, mine is Danial. Your going to have to trust me you very special girl ."

    Phoebe's smile faded to a confused look as the boy's face twisted into a loo of absolute pain. His face admitted a focused yet highly unpleasant look and before Phoebe could process what was happening, her hands were freed with a the sound of a satisfying 'click'. That's when shit seriously went down and suddenly the guard turned on them. It seemed Danial was one step ahead though and had pulled Phoebe from her seat and close to his chest as the two tumbled out the open door. Phoebe's head was pounding now and she coughed drily as the stinging pain from her hands brought her back to reality. The truck's brakes could be heard as they squealed to a stop. Phoebe looked over quickly on saw that the boy had some serious injuries. "FUCK!" Phoebe said as she shook her hands and watched terrified as the men came after the two. Scrambling to get to her feet she looked at the men, focusing on their eyes and watched as they halted, weapons aimed at the two kids.

    Phoebe's eyes were wide and clear. Her pupils enlarged as she did the only thing she could think to keep herself and Danial safe. A voice, not her own, spoke out and commanded simply. "Aim the gun at the other... and pull the trigger." All at once the two aimed and shots rang out across the road as they fell in piles of fresh scarlet blood. Phoebe's mind was now throbbing in pain but she pushed on. "Come on superman.. we have to get out of here" She whispered to him.​
  11. Danial bayton
    aka Superman

    The world was a ball of spinning lights and noises that Danial couldn't quite make out. It was like everything was mixing together making it one jumbled sound. For the life of him he couldn't remember why he was on his back or why his head hurt so much. He tried bringing his hand to the back of his head to check if he was bleading but he didn't realize how quickly his hand had moved and smacked himself in the face. It was a shock that snapped everything back in perspective. He remembered, kinda, falling out of the van and hitting his head hard. He shook his head when he head her voice calling to him.

    Groaning he opened his eyes enough to look up at her beautiful face. "You know, has anyone told you how beautiful you are?" He said it with half a smile as the pain throbbed from almost every part of his back centered around the twin gashes along his spine, bleeding openly. Already there was a small puddle of it developing where he laid. It only made him giddy laughing a bit at the situation. "See told you I could get us out. Did I? I dont remember right now." Confused slightly he pushed himself to his feet wobbling as he tried to stay balanced. He gingerly grabbed her arm putting it around his shoulders so she could lean on him.

    Pulling her along he made his way to the oncoming traffic, unsung a free hand to wave down the nearest car. The women inside rolled down their window confusion writeen on their face. "Whats going on, are you guys are allright?" Danial puased for a moment using the shock and the pain to apear convincing. "N-no maam. Me and my sister was in a car accident. We need to go to the hospital right now, can you help us?"
    She nodded several times very quickly. "Of course get in we are only a few minutes away. " With that she unlocked the back door, danial moved to pull it open beofre have shoving half helping the girl inside before getting in himself. ​
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    Phoebe Brandon
    "Very special girl"

    Her smile broke out as he complimented her and she laughed. "Come on Superman." Se said as she helped him to his feet and let him lean on her as the two started towards the high way. She couldn't help but laugh at him, which was possible the worst possible thing to do in this situation. "Yes you technically did get us out.. for how long.. who knows.." She said as she thought over what had just happened. This was some seriously fucked up shit. What was join ton and why was she suddenly joining up with a guy she didn't even know. What was his name? Did she even know his name? What was it again.. Danial?

    "Your name is Danial right?" She asked as he flagged down a car. "My names Phoebe.." She whispered quietly as he convinced the lady that they had been in a terrible accident. She was so sweet and allowed the two to climb into the back of her car. As they drove in silence to the hospital Phoebe forced some fake tears and quietly hide her muffled cries. Reading the women's thoughts about how awful the accident must have been. She bit her lower lip to stop from the smile from forming. As they pulled up to the curb of the emergency room she quickly thanked the women and left a 10 dollar bill in the back seat as she helped Danial out and quickly rushed him inside.

    "Please help us!" She said upon entrance and soon nurses were surrounding Danial as they helped him onto a rolling bed thingy, Phoebe couldn't remember the name of that thing. She herself was taken to be evaluated. Obviously her injuries weren't nearly as severe as Danial's but still she worried about him. What had happened back there. Phoebe's mind was still pounding as she tried to think on how the hell Danial had managed to snap those handcuffs off just like that.​
  13. It was two hours and twenty stitches later when Danial finally had a moment of peace. The sun had just begun to set, the suns light washing into his room, turning the place into a beautiful shade of orange. He found himself laying on his stomach, laying on his back kinda was not an option right now. His back bandaged in clean white linen. His pants were still belted around his waist, but he had lost his shirt between being worked on by the ER doctor and being brought up to this private room on the fourth floor by one of the nurses.

    Outside his room there was a small sign naming the patient inside as Danial Theadore. They had yet to ask for insurance or an ID, the nice people here caring more about making sure he didn't bleed to death then figure out if he might be lying. His head was tilted to the window, away from the door when it finally did open, the girl calling herself Phoebe walking in, quietly shutting the door behind her.

    He had been thinking about what he would say to her. He doesn't remember much after they had gotten out of the van. However, he did see her do some crazy things. It was both scary and comforting to know that there was someone out there who was special like him. He amusingly wondered for a moment if she cut herself when she used her powers or was it just Special old Danial who had that special gift. He shook his head slightly before grunting in pain as he shifted around to look at her. The pain reliever they had given him was already starting to wear off. "So, what makes you special enough to be kidnapped by people with guns and the balls to take us in the middle of a school?"
  14. Phoebe Brandon
    "Very special girl"

    Once Phoebe was left alone she saw the oputinity to go check on Danial. She hopped off the exam table and closed the distance between her and the door. She peeked though the curtains and saw a few nurses chatting at the entrance of another patient's room. Seeing her chance, she slipped thought the curtains and walked quickly down the hall. The hospital's hallways seemed endless to Phoebe as she navigated her way to a wing called the "surgical wing". She calmly walked up to the nurse's station and asked. "Is there a patient named Danial..." Her voice trailed off as se tried to remember his last name. Thankfully the nurse chimed in and said "Danial Theadore? He's in room 43. Right down the hall here on the left." She answered. Phoebe smiled and thanked the women as she tried to walk away calmly.

    When she found his room she quickly let herself in and shut the door. Hoping she didn't wake him. He had heard her come in though because he shifted himself to look at her. She pulled up a comfy chair and sat near him. "Holy shit.. you look like crap.." She said softly as she checked out his wounds. "You're lucky you didn't kill yourself.." She said before sitting back down, inches from his pain filled face. "Should I get a nurse? Are you comfortable?" She asked the boy with a concerned look. It wasn't until a few seconds later she finally heard his question. Her face flushed as she looked away from him.

    Nobody had ever asked her the before. Her breathing increased as she softly mumbled to him. "I.. I- er.. I have special.. abilities.. that.. let me read people's minds." She said before looking him in the eye. "But.. lately my powers have been.. expanding.. I can.. kind of.. control people though mind control.." She said as she itched her arm nervously. How would he take this news? "But.. Unfortunately I get these major major headaches.. Well you can't really call them headaches.. There more like crippling migraines. They kill my and twist my mind and sometimes I can't move for days. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't function. Just lay there and scream in pain.." She said as she looked over at his wall before everting her eyes back to him. "what about you wonder boy?"
  15. Danial Bayton
    Wonder Boy

    As the beautiful girl in front of him spoke, it only plummeted any hope that this was over. It confirmed the suspicion he had the moment he was put in handcuffs. He gazed trailed off as he thought things over. He wondered to himself if he could even go home. Would he want to go back to that hell hole? No, this was a chance to leave and never come back for him. Unfortunately it meant sharing what he knew with her. His eyes caught hers once again, a dark look on his face. "From what you say, any power hungry group of people who didn't mind doing the wrong thing would be after you, and me for that matter. They would love to be able to do this."

    With that Danial looked across the room to a plain flower vase sitting on a small table in the corner of the room. He lifted both his arms facing his palms out toward it. The machines he was connected showed his heartbeat increase as bruising began to appear on both his palms. Slowly the flowers within the vase floated into the air, landing delicately on the table beside the vase. The vase itself once removed of the flowers exploded inwards into a thousand of tiny fragments before the mess laid in a small pile beside the flowers.

    Finally Danial aloud his hands to flop back onto the bed, grimacing slightly as he looked away from the vase he showed off with back to the girl. Danm her eyes.... he couldn't help but think to himself. He shook his head slightly dismissing the thoughts. "You are not the only one with powers, and I don't think we are alone in that. I have telekinises. It use to be a lot worse on my body if I did something like that. Still it hurts if I use my powers." He flashed her another smile before continuing. " Not that it stops me from saving our lives. Listen, those people, however they found us. Do you think they are going to stop? They might try capturing us again, or they might find it too much trouble and kill us. Whatever the case we need to leave." His voice trailed off after that knowing the news would be hard on her."